Couples Bucket List: 100+ Fun Things to Do as a Couple

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Live a life of fun, challenge, and happiness with your partner in crime, and use our couples bucket list ideas to dream big, have fun, and make lifelong memories together.

Couples Bucket List Ideas (Things to do as a Couple)

100+ Couples Bucket List Ideas - Things to do as a Couple

Want to take your relationship goals to a whole new level? Scroll to the bottom of this bucket list to download our ultimate couples bucket list printable for free.

Download it, print it off, laminate it, and stick it in a special place. Then, set about ticking off as many as you can over days, weeks, months, and years!

Fun Activities for Couples

Fill your evenings, weekends, and free time with plenty of laughs and joy with these fun ideas for couples, ideal for making memories and spending quality time together.

1. Have date night at least once a week

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2. Plan an adventure at least once a month

3. Design a treasure hunt with clues about your relationship and important spots and places

4. Fill and bury a relationship time capsule and open it in the future

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5. Hike a famously tall mountain

6. Try a martial arts class together

7. Create a new food or crafty item and sell it at a farmer’s market

8. Run a sporting event and raise money for charity

9. Rent a sports car and go for a sunset drive

10. Host a couples game night

Romantic Activities for Couples

Make your date nights and alone time rom-com worthy with some of these fun and fabulous romantic things to do – who says romance is dead in the 21st century?

11. Drink champagne on a hot air balloon ride

12. Write a giant love message to each other in the sand on the beach and photograph it from a nearby hillside or viewpoint

13. Create your relationship playlist, including all the songs that hold special meaning to you as a couple

14. Kiss atop a ferris wheel at sunset

15. Make love somewhere other than your bedroom or home

16. Spend a night in a field stargazing

17. Recreate and photograph your favorite rom-com scene

18. Take a couples photo once a day for a whole year and scrapbook the photos

19. Relax by having a couples massage or enjoying a bubble bath together

20. Write love letters to each other to open in 5 years

Unique Activities for Couples

Get inspired to do some truly creative and radical things together with these unique things to do, and take your couple goals to wild and whacky places while you’re at it.

21. Pose as a Neanderthal man and woman in a history museum

22. Take a road trip to each other’s high schools and make out on campus

23. Start a musical duet and perform at an open mic night

24. Rent a hot tub and host an outdoor movie night watching the movie ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’

25. Re-enact the famous scene from Titanic in as many places as you can for a whole year and photograph it each time

26. Dress up and pose as a celebrity couple in Hollywood

27. Book a hotel room for date night and order everything on the room service menu

28. Rent a beach house for the weekend and invite all your best couple friends to come along

29. Have drinks at an ice bar or book a night at an ice hotel

30. Plan a sailing trip and have drinks while watching the sunset from the boat

Couples’ Life Goals

Dream big and aspire for a better tomorrow together, and set high-level goals now that you can start working towards today. Do a little bit every day, and slowly work toward these awesome life goals.

31. Buy your dream home together

32. Do a weekly activity together to keep you both active

33. Adopt a pet from an animal shelter

34. Start a family (if that’s in your plans)

35. Visit all the continents together

36. Take up a hobby you’ve always dreamed of doing as a couple and practice every day for a whole year

37. Learn a new language together

38. Visit every single town and city in your home state or country

39. Apply for your dream jobs once a month until you retire or until you get it

40. Establish a new tradition as a couple

Travel Activities for Couples

Stop putting off those vacations you think about every day, and make positive moves to have more travel in your life. From road trips to paradise islands, a life full of travel together is a life well-lived.

41. Take a cross-country road trip together

42. Visit at least one of the Seven Wonders of the world

43. Go on a food tour in your favorite country (other than your own, of course)

44. Visit 50 countries or 50 states

45. Throw a dart at a world map and take a vacation there (if safe to do so)

46. Follow your favorite band or musician on tour for several dates

47. Go on safari together

48. Travel to watch a famous sporting event such as the summer Olympics

49. See a country by train or car for a whole month

50. Put a customized padlock on one of the famous love lock bridges such as Pont des Arts in Paris

Couples’ Finance Goals

As much as we can often bury our heads in the sand about it, money matters. As a couple, managing finances and working toward a financially independent future is important both in the immediate, and the long-term.

Use these financial couples goals to help you both start getting on top of your finances, together.

51. Setup a joint savings account and contribute to it every month

52. Learn how to invest and start a friendly competition by seeing who made the most each month

53. Write a monthly budget together and stick to it

54. Pursue FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) together

55. Pay off all student loans

56. Pay off all credit card debt

57. Save for your dream trip to an exciting destination

58. Set a retirement date and work toward it every month

59. Create a 6-month emergency fund together

60. Start a side hustle together

Summer Things to Do as a Couple

Make the most of the summer sun with these awesome things to do, and spend your time having fun and making memories, together, in one of the most enjoyable seasons.

61. Jump in the water fully clothed at the beach

62. Spend a weekend at a lakehouse

63. Enjoy a weekend at a summer festival

64. Go tubing on a nearby river or lake

65. Host a sangria summer party

66. Spend a night stargazing at a national park

68. Host a giant water fight in your neighborhood

68. Go on all the rides at a water park

69. Have an island-hopping vacation in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean

70. Have a silent disco camping weekend in a rented field

Spring Things to Do as a Couple

A time of growth and new opportunities, spend quality time together throughout spring with these fun and creative things to do.

71. Ride a well-known trial on your bicycles

72. Plant a fruit tree in the garden and photograph its growth

73. Go fruit picking and bake a pie together

74. Have a romantic picnic in the park or at the beach

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75. Spend all night talking about your dreams and goals

76. Set up an outdoor cinema in your backyard and binge watch your favorite TV show

77. Go on a tandem bike ride by the beach or in the park

78. Try a workout class together such as Pilates or cycling

79. Have a double date and play tennis doubles

80. Sign up for a fun challenge such as the 5K color run

Fall Things to Do as a Couple

A time of gorgeous color and unique events, make every fall you spend together a truly memorable one by giving these fun and exciting things to do a try.

81. Host a Thanksgiving with both of your families

82. Host a Halloween fancy dress party

83. Brew homemade apple cider and brand it

84. Visit a ghost town or haunted house for a day

85. Create a calendar of woodland fall photographs and sell copies for charity

86. Enter a barn dance competition as a couple

87. Play pumpkin-themed food and drink bingo

88. Host a pie baking competition with friends and family

89. Do a skydive or run for charity

90. Win a couples costume competition on Halloween

Winter Things to Do as a Couple

The weather may be colder and the nights longer, but that doesn’t mean winter can’t be a productive, enjoyable, and magical time for you both.

Strive to make the most of your time during the winter months with these fun and creative winter things to do, and prepare for plenty of smiles and memories along the way.

91. Visit Lapland over the holidays

92. Have a Christmas movie marathon in onesies

93. Go ice skating on a frozen lake

94. Host a snowman building competition in your neighborhood

95. Apply to be Mr. and Mrs. Santa at a nearby mall

96. Volunteer at a gift box appeal for the day and donate unwanted clothes and items

97. Decorate your car like Santa’s sleigh and drive around your neighborhood playing Christmas songs

98. Rent a snow machine and make a Christmas music video at home with family and friends

99. Host a Super Bowl party

100. Go on a skiing vacation for the holidays

101. Have a craft and knitting day and make something for a loved one

Grow, learn, and make memories as a couple, and commit to a life of exciting adventures and new opportunities. This couple’s bucket list is an amazing place to start to inspire you to live in the moment, while also working toward and brighter and happier future.

Download our ultimate couples bucket list printable here.

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100+ Couples Bucket List Ideas - Things to do as a Couple

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