Teen Bucket List: Best Things for Teenagers to Do

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Struggling for things to do? Use our teen bucket list to help inspire you to fill your free time with fun activities and intriguing adventures with friends, family, or on your own.

Teen Bucket List: Best Things for Teenagers to Do

Things for teenagers to do (ideas 1-14 listed below).


1. Make a Time Capsule

Time capsules are supposed to capture a specific memory or moment in time. Create a time capsule full of memories of your teenage years to be opened in 20 years’ time. You’ll have fun putting it together and give yourself something to look back and reminisce on in the future. 

Want to make a joint time capsule? Enlist friends or family for help and store things in the capsule that represent your relationship!

2. See Your Favourite Band in Concert

Attending a live music performance is a great way to spend an evening, so go with your family or friends to watch your favorite band in concert.

You’ll have the chance to boogie to their best tracks and belt out your favorite lyrics – yes, the ones you’ve been singing into your hairbrush!

3. Start a Blog

Have you got opinions on politics, fashion, celebrities or sports? Share them with the world via the medium of blogging! If you’re an aspiring journalist, writing a blog is a great way to get noticed and hone your skills.

For the least camera-shy amongst us, vlogging on YouTube or other social media sites is another great way to document your thoughts.

4. Go Thrift Shopping

Your teenage years are the perfect time to start exploring your sense of style – so save money doing so by visiting the thrift store.

Thrift stores and vintage stores are typically full of hidden treasures, so grab a couple of your besties and start sifting through the rails of clothes for your next fashion purchase. 


5. Dye Your Hair

If you want to express your personality without committing to anything too permanent, experiment by dying your hair a new color.

Our teen years give us the license to experiment with beauty looks, so invest in a temporary hair dye kit and go wild: with the permission of your parents, of course!

6. Have Fun on an Inflatables Obstacle Course in a Swimming Pool

If you’re in the market for a challenge, take the plunge (pun intended) and take on an inflatable obstacle course in a nearby swimming pool.

Some pools will arrange such activities in the summer or during school holidays, but if not, you could also hire the pool for a private event, get your friends together, and rent the inflatables for a truly fun afternoon.

7. Take a Surfing Lesson

Combine a day at the beach and a new challenge all in one by learning how to surf. There’s no better adrenaline rush than riding a wave and no better skill to impress your best friends with!

8. Travel to a Nearby City

Do you live near a city you’ve always wanted to visit? Grab your pals and take a day trip there, exploring the cafes and culture it has to offer.

Capture the memories in picture form by having a tourist photoshoot around the city, striking poses next to the most famous landmarks.

9. Try a Quirky Food

Being a teenager is the perfect time to experiment with new experiences and discover your likes and dislikes.

Try unique and unusual food such as oysters, caviar, or haggis, and give your tastebuds a shock! You never know, you might discover your new favorite food.

On a Budget

10. Bake a Cake

If you’re looking for fun on a budget, spend an afternoon baking. Whether you bake an old classic or something you’ve never tried before, you’re guaranteed hours of fun with a delicious creation to show for it at the end.

11. Read a Classic Book

Are you a literature lover? Don’t let school put you off classic novels. There are plenty out there for teenagers, exploring themes such as romance, politics, and crime.

Look for a classic book in your preferred genre or try something completely different. You never know, it might become your new favorite book!

12. Cook Dinner for Your Family

You’ve likely enjoyed years of homemade dinners cooked by your parents, so why not return the favor and cook dinner for your family?

If you’re new to cooking, follow a straightforward recipe to fool your family into believing you’re a gourmet chef. Cooking is an important life skill, and learning how to do it in your teenage years will have you set for life.

13. Have a Digital Detox

It’s unlikely you’ll remember a time before mobile phones, but they did exist, I promise! And believe it or not, you can survive 24 hours without a phone too. Have a digital detox day and take time away from your various screens.

Not only will it improve your mental health, but it will also give you the chance to indulge in some self-care activities such as going on a nature walk.

If you want to be really old-school, you could even take the time to write some handwritten letters to your friends.


14. Organize Your Wardrobe

Being productive doesn’t have to be boring. Organize your wardrobe into clear sections that will make it easier to grab your favorite clothes and put a trendy outfit together.

You can organize by occasion or color, whichever way will make your clothes more accessible.

Re-arranging your wardrobe is also an excellent opportunity to get rid of any old clothes; you can support those less fortunate by donating them to a charity shop or benefit the planet by recycling them. 

15. Learn a Foreign Language

Speaking a second language is an incredibly useful skill to have. Not only does it come in handy when traveling, but it can also improve your future job prospects and improve cognitive function.

Learning a foreign language may seem taxing, but future you will thank yourself for starting to learn early. Start simple with an app such as Duolingo, and work your way up to one-on-one conversation.

16. Decorate Your Bedroom

A great way to challenge your creativity and switch up your space is to redecorate your bedroom – with the approval of your parents, of course.

You can try your hand at painting and basic DIY to create a space that is unique and tailored to your interests. 

17. Create a Vision Board

A vision board, also known as an inspiration board, is a visual medium to help you set out your goals and hopes for the future and daydream with no limits.

You can create one using a noticeboard and pinning photos, clippings, and writing to it to represent your future goals.

Setting out your goals physically like this can keep you motivated to achieve them and allow you to reflect on your plans for the next few years. 

18. Fundraise for Charity

Your teenage years will be full of opportunities to have fun, don’t forget to give back to your community too.

Raise money for a good cause by hosting a bake sale, running a race, or taking on a tricky challenge. 


19. Go Camping

Looking for a way to spend time with friends around a cozy fire whilst staring at the stars? Add camping to your bucket list!

Camping is the perfect summer activity, as it allows you to get out into nature and enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family. 

20. Visit the Beach

A visit to the beach is the ideal way to spend a hot, sunny day. Put together the perfect beach playlist and pack the essentials before heading to the sandy shores with friends and family.

No beach day is complete without summery snacks, so be sure to treat yourself to ice cream.

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21. Go Berry-Picking

Summer is berry season, so enjoy the fresh air and pick up some sweet treats by going berry picking with the family. You can use your berries to make smoothies, French toast, or pancakes for a tasty seasonal dish.

22. Make a Mocktail

You may still be too young to go out for cocktails, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

Assemble your nearest and dearest for an evening making mocktails. Tantalize your tastebuds with an alcohol-free mojito or a margarita without the booze.

23. Go Hiking

A summer full of outdoor activities is a summer well-spent, so be sure to add hiking to your bucket list of summery days out.

Hiking is the best way to check out breathtaking scenery while experiencing the health benefits of exercise and fresh air. Find a local beauty spot to hike up and take your camera to document your ascent to the top!

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24. Model in a Fall Photoshoot

Everybody knows one of the best things about fall is the beautiful colors. Grab your best pals and take a visit to a nearby forest for a photoshoot amongst the orange leaves!

Make sure to pack jumpers and beanie hats for the perfect cozy aesthetic.

25. Make Toffee Apples

Toffee apples are the quintessential fall and Halloween-themed treats, so why not try making your own? Enlist the help of friends and family to create these sweet treats, then devour them alongside other spooky favorites.

26. Host a Halloween Party

Celebrate Halloween with a twist by hosting a costume party (or dinner party) with your closest friends. You could even task one of your parents with the job of picking the best costume – the winner gets a spooky prize!

27. Make a Pumpkin Recipe

Pumpkin is in season during fall and is a typical mascot for spooky celebrations. Go one step further than carving your pumpkin this year by making a pumpkin recipe.

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, and pumpkin chili are all delicious and easy to make. Plus, they’ll look great on Instagram!

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28. Try a Winter Sport

Learn a new skill and have fun doing it by trying your hand at a winter sport. If you don’t live somewhere traditionally snowy, locate your local indoor ski slope or outdoor ice rank and experiment with skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating.

29. Make a Memory Book

Winter is traditionally cold and gloomy, so make the most of your time indoors by cozying up with your favorite photos and indulging in a bit of nostalgia.

Create a scrapbook using old photos, ticket stubs, and cards, preserving your favorite memories to look back on in years to come.

30. Make a Festive Playlist

Get into the festive spirit by creating a playlist complete with your favorite seasonal or winter-themed songs.

Whether you prefer to sing along to Mariah Carey’s Christmas classic or take it easy with some classical, making a festive playlist is the ideal way to get into holiday mode.

31. Go Sledding

When it’s snowing outside, and you’re feeling adventurous, grab a snow sled or toboggan and go sledding!

This fun winter sport is an activity that almost anyone can do. You just need a little courage and the right wintery conditions.

32. Have a Festive Movie Marathon

If it’s snowing outside, get cozy in front of the TV with a winter movie marathon and a mug of hot cocoa. Transform your front room into a cinema by turning down the lights and grabbing a tub of popcorn.   

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33. Do a Spring Clean

Spring marks the perfect time to spruce up your space by clearing out items you no longer need and treating your house to a deep clean.

Once you’ve spring cleaned your bedroom, offer to clean the other communal areas in the house, a surefire to earn some brownie points!

34. Run a 5k

Spring is the ideal time of year for starting new healthy habits, such as taking up a new form of exercise. Running is known for wielding excellent physical and mental health benefits, making it a great new hobby to try your hand at.

Setting yourself a specific goal like running a 5k will give you something to work towards and a sense of achievement afterward. You could even try a color run to make things really fun and interesting.

35. Have a Picnic

The weather starts to warm up during springtime, making it the ideal time of year for a picnic with friends! Pack your favorite picnic foods and must-have picnic accessories for a day of fun and laughs with your loved ones.

36. Watch the Sunrise and Sunset

When Spring arrives, the skies start to clear, and the days get lighter. Learn to appreciate nature by picking a clear, sunny day to watch the sun rise and set in the same 24 hours.

You’ll enjoy some precious fresh air and gain a whole new appreciation for Mother Nature. 

37. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Giving back to your community through volunteering will teach you valuable life skills, and you’ll also have fun along the way.

Spend time with some sweet and loving animals by helping out at your local animal shelter – you’ll gain valuable work experience and maybe even come away with some furry friends!

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There are endless possibilities out there when you put your free time to good use. You can learn new skills, discover new opportunities, and make some truly wonderful memories.

These things to do for teenagers are a great place to start, helping you come up with fun, creative, and exciting ways to spend time alone, with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or your best friends. Go forth and make the most of your evenings and weekends!

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Things for teenagers to do (ideas 1-14 listed above).