100+ Ultimate Date Ideas Bucket List for the Perfect Date

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Get inspired to plan a date you will both enjoy, cherish, and never forget with our ultimate bucket list of date ideas, suitable for all occasions. It’s the ultimate couple’s bucket list!

Ultimate Date Ideas Bucket List

Date Ideas Bucket List

Don’t let the pressure of a date going well for both of you work you up into a tizz. Be it for the first time or a landmark relationship goal, or an inch or a thousand miles between you, there’s a perfect date for every couple and every situation.

Our ultimate date ideas bucket list, complete with over 100 ideas, can help give you plenty of inspiration and positive vibes to plan something that both of you will love and remember.

And if you’d like to try lots of ideas, download our free printable, and check each date idea off once you have tried it.

Unique Date Ideas

Try something a little different and out there, and dive into new experiences and adventures with these unique date ideas.

1. Go ziplining

2. ’Say yes’ day

3. Do an Escape Room

4. Visit an aquarium

5. Road trip to random place

6. Casino night

7. Invisible ink calligraphy

8. Vintage board games night

9. Visit a waterfall

10. Ride a ferry somewhere

11. Murder mystery night

12. Rent your dream car

Romantic Date Ideas

Can’t resist the allure of classic romance? Pull a date straight out of a beloved romcom with one or more of these romantic ideas.

13. Rooftop dinner and drinks

14. Rowing boat on the lake

15. Write your couples bucket list

16. Watch the sunset from a hill

17. Spa-day and couples massage

18. Kiss atop a Ferris wheel

19. Hot air balloon ride

20. See a famous musical

21. Champagne and bubble bath

22. Ice skating at an outdoor rink

23. Learn a dance together

24. Overnight luxury hotel stay

25. Recreate your first date

26. Read favorite books to each other

Free and Cheap Date Ideas

Dates don’t have to be extravagant and expensive to be intimate. Keep things simple and inexpensive but memorable with these free and cheap ideas.

27. Volunteer at a dog pound

28. Have a pizza and wine night

29. Watch your favorite childhood movies

30. Complete a coloring book

31. Free outdoor concert

32. Bar crawl

33. Movie marathon weekend

34. Bike ride

35. Evening at the fairground

36. Photography in the park

37. Try on clothes at the mall

38. Drinks at the barcade

39. Blackberry picking

40. Go to a barn dance

First Date Ideas

Help quash the nerves and make a good impression by throwing yourselves into one of these super fun first date ideas, and hopefully have so much fun a second date simply has to be on the cards.

41. Play mini golf

42. Visit a planetarium

43. Rent electric scooters

44. Go bowling

45. Frozen yogurts on the pier

46. Watch a new band

47. Cocktails masterclass

48. Go to a farmer’s market

49. Coffee and cupcakes

50. Dancing at an arcade

51. Photobooth challenge

52. Scenic train ride

Long-Distance Date Ideas

Even if you can’t physically be together, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a date that both of you enjoy so much. Give some of these long-distance ideas a try.

53. Virtual game night

54. Cook the same meal together

55. Candlelit dinner over Zoom

56. Movie night

57. Learn a new language

58. Play ’20 questions’

59. Happy hour cocktails

60. Online AirBnB experience

61. Painting evening

62. Online board games

63. Adopt an animal

Keep the romance electrified long distance with more virtual date ideas here.

Fun Date Ideas

If you’re both looking for fun, laughs, and adventures, ditch the cliche date ideas and try some of these activities and experiences for a super fun time.

64. Go salsa dancing

65. Tubing down the river

66. Paddleboarding at the lake

67. Sunrise silent disco

68. Dress each other in costumes

69. Play Twister

70. Go zorbing

71. Stargazing from a rooftop

72. Play laser tag

73. Graffiti art bicycle tour

74. Monster trucks show

75. Make a time capsule

There are plenty more super fun date ideas to inspire your next date night here.

Outdoor & Adventure (Spring & Summer) Date Ideas

If the sun the shining and the feel-good factor is high, make the most of the season and use these date ideas to get inspired.

76. Wine tasting at a winery

77. Water gun fight

78. Be tourists in your local town

79. Kite flying at the beach

80. Beach sand sculptures

81. Play frisbee in the park

82. Sand dune sledding

83. Visit a ghost town

84. 5k color run

85. Bonfire at the beach

86. Picnic in the park

87. Nerf gun wars

88. Take a canal boat ride

89. Day at a theme park

Get inspired with some more summer date ideas here.

At-Home (Autumn and Winter) Date Ideas

If the weather outside is a little too cold, you can still plan a date filled with fun, joy, and laughs indoors with these at-home date ideas.

90. Make piles of leaves and jump in them

91. Bake pumpkin pie

92. DIY at home spa day

93. Cook a new recipe

94. Make a den

95. Quilt stairs slide

96. ‘Marie Kondo’ the garage

97. Face masks and Netflix

98. Scrapbook photographs

99. Home obstacle course

100. Yoga and meditation

101. Backyard volleyball

102. DIY home project

And here are some more at home date night ideas to inspire you.

Whatever your situation, and whatever you love doing, there’s always a date night that both of you can enjoy, and help you grow closer.

Hopefully our ultimate list will inspire many dates to come. And feel free to let us know if you have any super ideas you think would be awesome on our list!

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100+ Ultimate Date Ideas Bucket List

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