Over 60 Camping Activities and Games to Make Your Camping Trip a Super Fun One

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Going camping but not quite sure how you’re going to stay entertained the whole time? I’ve got you covered with this mega list of activities!

With the activities, you can be more adventurous and really enjoy the great outdoors. If you’d rather stay close to camp and amenities, or need to entertain the kids, try some of the games.

printable list of 60 camping games and activities

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Activities to Try


You can fish by a riverside, take a boat out onto the lake, or, if safe to do so and you have the right equipment, try fly fishing. With the last one, make sure you do research thoroughly and that the water is safe to do so.


At night, look up at the sky above you. You can lie there for hours, finding constellations and watching the great galaxy above us!.


While it may seem boring at first, birdwatching is actually a great activity for all ages, especially if you’ve got the chance to spot a rare bird.

Other Animal Watching (if Safe)

There are plenty of other animals you can try spotting, like fish or deer. However, be sure to stay close to trails, take extreme safety precautions, and do not seek out dangerous animals like mountain lions.

Catching or Photographing Fireflies

When it starts to get dark, these little critters are like starlight just floating before your eyes.

Bug Collecting

Poke some breathing holes in the lids and collect up all the weird and wonderful critters you can find.

Make Nature Art

If you’re not a fan of bugs, how about making a miniature terrarium out of pinecones, moss, rocks, and flowers? 

Treasure Hunting

You’ll never know what you may find out in the great wilderness. Keep things casual, or try using a metal dictator for more serious hunts.


It’s very important you research beforehand what is safe and not safe to eat in the area. Fruit, berry, and mushroom picking, especially with someone who knows what they’re doing, can be a lot of fun.


If you know anything about geocaching, you already know what a thrilling hunt it can turn into. Locate caches hidden all over the world by fellow geocachers.

Relaxing or Reading in a Hammock

Set one up between two trees and enjoy a good book or some peace and quiet.

Listening to Nature

If you live in the city, you may have forgotten just how beautiful nature can sound. Babbling brooks, the wind in the trees, the call of birds, and the chirrup of insects – take it all in!

Singing Campfire Songs

This one is even better if someone has a guitar for accompaniment! 

Roasting S’Mores

Who doesn’t love s’mores? Camping is the perfect time for them!

Relax Time on the Water

If safe to do so, break out the inflatables or a rowing boat (if you can get one) and do what you would in a hammock, but on the water.


Most campsites will mark bodies of water that are safe for swimming or water activities. Take advantage if the weather is nice.

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Canoeing or Kayaking

If you don’t have your own, look for campsites with rental options. A day out on a lake in a canoe or kayak is a day well spent.


This is one to unleash your inner child! Find a nice lazy river, inflate the tubes, and enjoy some fun and games on the water.

Reading Aloud to Each Other

If you’ve got a family, especially with small children, reading aloud (around the campfire) is a great bonding activity and the perfect way to unwind.


Getting out in nature and winding down is the perfect time to explore your creative side. Try drawing or painting a beautiful nature scene, or pass the time by knitting.

Telling Ghost Stories

Gather everyone around, and aim the flashlight up under your face for that extra spooky effect!

Making Shadow Puppets

Shadow puppets are great when you’re in a tent with a torch and a vibrant imagination. Encourage kids to tell stories and make characters.


Find trials that are just right for your ability. See what beauty you can discover, and take plenty of photos when you stop for breaks.

More ideas to consider:

  • Nature or Wildlife Photography
  • Gas Stove Cooking Class
  • Star Mapping
  • Catch Sunrise or Sunset from a Viewpoint
  • Writing
  • Build a Shelter (if Allowed)
  • Make a Rope Swing
  • Volunteer at the Campsite e.g. Litter Picking, Trail Clean-Up
  • Mountain Biking
  • Draw or Painting Wildlife
  • Chasing Waterfalls
  • Practice Hand/Survival Skills
  • Identifying Birdsongs
  • Yoga or Meditation in Nature

Games to Play

Games are a great way to pass the time when camping. Especially if you want to stay on-site, you can have lots of fun near or by your designated space. Some of these games need equipment and more space, while others just need your imagination.

Skipping Stones

If there’s a river near by, have fun taking turns skipping stones and see who can get the most skips.

Disc Golf

You can set up your own course at the site or around clearings. Make your own ‘holes’ using buckets, nets, or using the environment around you – bushes and clearings among trees work well.


All you need is two cornhole boards and an area where you can set them up with some distance between them. Then, play by taking turns with your opponent to try and throw cornhole bags into the hole on the playboard.

5-a-Side Soccer

All you need are jumps for goal posts, a football, and some willing players. Soccer can provide hours of fun.

Baseball or Rounders

Make sure you have a clearing or field to play. You’ll need a bat and ball, and can either play American baseball or European rounders.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is an energetic game. You need quite a few players, but it’s well worth gathering everyone together for. It can be a good way to meet new people at the campsite too. Here’s what you need to play: 

  • A large group of people (10 or more is best)
  • Two flags – can be anything! A t-shirt works well
  • A length of rope to divide the area of play
  • Something to mark jail areas – ropes or hoops work well

To play, each team hides their flag somewhere in the playing area. The other team has to try and find it and return it to their base in order to win. When a player enters the opposing team’s half, they can be tagged and sent to jail. If a player sees their teammate in jail, they can tag them again to free them.

Hide and Seek

When you’re out in the endless beauty of nature, there are so many places to hide. However, it might be a good idea to set up a designated play area, so that no one strays too far.


So often you can’t beat the classics, right? You don’t need any equipment for tag, and it can be a great way to tire out the kids for the evening.

Card Games

If the weather’s bad, or if you feel like taking it easy, card games are a wonderful fun bonding activity for family and friends alike.

Board Games

Classic board games like Monopoly, Risk, Game of Life, and so many more are a must-have on any camping trip if you’re not convinced about the weather.

Flashlight Tag

After dark, as long as you set safe parameters, give flashlight tag a try.

“Truth or Dare” and Other Question Games

Some more camping games you can give a go:

Hot Potato

Stand in a circle and throw the ball to each other with a set time to throw the ball to the next person. If you drop the ball or pass the allowed time, you’re out.

  • Sack Racing
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt
  • Water Balloon Toss
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Tug of War
  • Campfire Charades
  • Put up the Tent Time Trial
  • Nature Bingo
  • Continue the Story
  • Mini-Olympics
  • Quiz Night
  • Simon Says

Whew, what a list! Get it for free below.

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There really is no end to the joy and discovery you can have on a camping trip. Sometimes, being at one with nature is enough. But often, especially with a large group of kids, you’re going to need some prompts and ideas.

These activities and games can help you plan a weekend that runs smoothly, keeping everyone active, entertained, and engaged the whole time.

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