100+ Things to Do at the Beach (Bucket List)

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Gear up for thrills, fun, and some unforgettable moments with these amazing things to do at the beach.

Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, games or romance, there’s so much on this bucket list to help you make the most of your upcoming beach trip.

Things to Do at the Beach (Bucket List)

Ultimate Beach Bucket List Image

Want to download and print off this ultimate beach bucket list and spend a lifetime ticking off all the activities?

Scroll to the bottom of this article to find the download link, and may your beach trips forever be epic!

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and see all that the beach has to offer for a wonderful visit.

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Make some truly epic memories at the beach with some of these super fun activities you can do in the sun and the sand.

1. Build a sand sculpture and decorate it with shells

2. Write a message in the sand and photograph it from a high point

3. Go surfing

4. Fly a kite

5. Host a game of sand soccer

6. Let the waves break against your body and roll you along the sand

7. Try paragliding

8. Have a water pistol fight

9. Go bodyboarding

10. Play Pictionary in the sand


Let everyone’s competitive spirit catch fire by organizing one or more of these beach games with your adult friends, and may the best person or team win!

11. Beach volleyball

12. Bocce ball

13. Cornhole

14. Ladder Toss

15. Frisbee

16. Rounders or Baseball

17. Spikeball

18. Hot potato in the water

19. Catch with a waterproof football

20. Twister

With Friends

Turn up the fun factor as well as the SP factor with your closest friends by giving some of these awesome beach activities a try.

21. Rent segways and explore the beachfront

22. Organize a private boat tour

23. Limbo dance

24. Go on a happy hour cruise

25. Rent a pedalo

26. Go snorkeling with GoPros and see who gets the best footage

27. Have a dance party and play music with a Bluetooth speaker

28. Play some fun board games

29. Bury one of you in the sand up to the shoulders and take a photo

30. Play beach hide and seek

With Your Partner

While the beach is a place of sun, fun, and games, it can also be an incredibly romantic place to spend with your partner or significant other.

For a date you’ll both remember for a very long time, give some of these romantic activities a try.

31. Have a beach picnic

32. Watch the sunset on the beach

33. Have a fun beach photoshoot

34. Do sunrise yoga

35. Sunset sail

36. Hold each other in the water and share a kiss

37. Give each other massages under the sun

38. Rent boards and go stand up paddleboarding together

39. Write a love message in the sand to each other

40. Sunbathe and listen to your favorite music


Riding solo? No problem! There’s so much fun and adventure to be had at the beach when your by yourself. Try some of these activities.

41. Draw something that inspires you at the beach

42. Hula hoop

43. Read a book

44. Go for a beach run

45. Have a beach photography day

46. Fly a mini drone over the water

47. Go on a coastal trail walk

48. Look for crabs and starfish in rock pools

49. Take a water sports class

50. Take a kayak out onto the water

With your Kids

Beach days with your kids can be truly magical. Give them plenty to experience and enjoy by trying some of these things to do.

51. Organize a beach scavenger hunt for the kids

52. Look for sea glass

53. Look for the most beautiful seashells

54. Build a sand castle with a moat

55. Tic tac toe in the sand

56. Go snorkeling

57. Jump rope

58. Go for a swim with armbands and kickboard in shallow water

59. Host a race to the edge of the water and back

60. Get some instant cameras and let your kids take photos

At Night

Under moonlight and a starry sky, the beach is a completely different place, full of wonder and opportunity.

If you venture to the beach after the sun has set with friends or your partner, make some magical memories with some of these things to do.

61. Light a bonfire (if allowed in your area)

62. Eat s’mores

63. Lie on the sand and stargaze

64. Go on a nighttime scavenger hunt

65. Skinny dipping (with caution!)

66. Bring an acoustic guitar and have a merry singalong

67. Have a dance-a-thon under car headlights

68. Camp on the beach (if permitted)

69. Look for glowing animals and fish on the sand and in the water

70. Try nighttime photography with a camera with low light mode

In the Fall or Winter

Cold evenings and blustery winds? The beach can still be a wonderful place to visit even without the summer sun.

In the fall or winter, if you’re looking for a fun adventure, give some of these activities a go.

71. Go for a polar plunge

72. Look for gold with a metal detector

73. Stand facing the wind on the beach and try not to be pushed back

74. Go winter surf fishing

75. Take some timelapse videos of the crashing waves

76. Go surfing in a winter wetsuit

77. Have hot cocoa in the car overlooking the shore

78. Take binoculars and go bird watching

79. Go for a Christmas day plunge in fancy dress

80. Wrap up warm and hike along the coastline

Crazy and Adventurous

Appeal to the adrenaline junkie within you, and give some of these crazy and adventurous activities a try if you really want a beach trip that will live long in the memory.

81. Cliff jumping

82. Try boogie boarding

83. Take a windsurfing class

84. Rent a jet ski

85. Go coasteering with a group

86. Run and jump into the water fully clothed

87. Search for caves

88. Go looking for crabs

89. Try out flyboard flying

90. Get your scuba diving certification


Give yourself and whoever is with you at the beach a truly unforgettable day or evening, and get inspired with some of these truly unique beach activities.

91. Have a game of tug of war with a rope made of beach towels

92. Cut out patterns or your initials from card and sunbathe with them on your skin

93. Try horse surfing

94. Rent an underwater scooter

95. Draw mandala patterns in the sand

96. Volunteer at a charity and organize a trip to the beach for everyone

97. Collect pebbles and shells and make a beach mosaic

98. Reenact and film the iconic beach running scene from Baywatch

99. Have a dinghy race with paddles in safe shallow water

100. Host a giant game of human chess

101. Host a giant game of ‘stuck in the mud’

Beach days or weekends are always a time of adventure and enjoyment. With a little planning and some great activities planned, you can truly make the most of your time there.

Use our beach bucket list to help make sure every beach visit is one that will live long in the memory, no matter what time of the year it is!

Download our ultimate beach bucket list ideas printable here.

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