100+ Halloween Bucket List Ideas for the Best Spooky Season

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Use our 100+ Halloween bucket list ideas to inspire you to plan a Halloween packed with thrills, laughs, and unforgettable memories that everyone involved will love.

Halloween Bucket List Ideas

Halloween Bucket List Ideas (list Image)

Halloween is a time to get creative. But with day-to-day life already busy enough, sometimes Halloween can become an afterthought, rather than a true celebration.

So, get inspired to embrace this beloved holiday and do something fun and memorable. No matter where you are or who you’re with, our list can help you.

And if you want to try plenty of these ideas, scroll down to the bottom of this article and download this ultimate Halloween bucket list as a printable PDF.

Halloween Bucket List Ideas (list Image)


Host a night to remember that really challenges your creative skills with these unique ideas for Halloween.

1. Plan a Trip to a Ghost Town

2. Run a Halloween-Themed 5K

3. Organize a Halloween Hayride

4. Book a Halloween Photo Booth

5. Wear Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton Costumes

6. Host a ‘Potions and Cocktails’ Evening

7. Play Tag with Broomsticks Between Your Legs

8. Try an Escape Room in Costumes

9. Become Ghostbusters

Dress in overalls, and take turns using the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner to suck old blankets, cloths, and clothes, cut and decorated as ghosts, hidden around the house. Collect ghosts by putting them in a laundry basket against a time limit. Whoever has the most ghosts after everyone has played wins.

10. Have a Picnic at an Abandoned Landmark or Place


Make your Halloween full of fun, laughs, and thrills with some of these awesome bucket list ideas.

11. Attend a Costume Contest

12. Have a Spooky Movie Marathon

13. Play Scary Bingo

Don’t have the time to get creative? This beautifully designed Scary Bingo set can bring joy and thrills to your party or gathering.

14. Carve and Decorate Pumpkins

15. Throw a Halloween Barn Party

16. Play Tag with Silly String

17. Bake and Decorate a Haunted Gingerbread House

18. Record a Glow-in-the-Dark Dance with Glowsticks

19. Play ‘Hide and Seek’ in the Dark

20. Play Volleyball/Swingball with a ‘Carved Pumpkin Painted’ Ball

For Couples

Have a night to remember with your significant other with these super fun Halloween ideas you can do together.

21. Wear Halloween Couple’s Costumes

Classic duos and partnerships are a great idea for couples’ costumes. Think Adam & Eve, salt & pepper, loofah & soap, and Bonnie & Clyde. Let your imagination run wild, there are so many amazing couples’ costumes you could wear together!

22. Solve a Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle Together

This murder mystery jigsaw puzzle, complete with 500 pieces, is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening this Halloween.

23. Cuddle on the Couch While Watching Scary Movies in the Dark

24. Visit a Local Pumpkin Patch

25. Book a Murder Mystery Dinner

26. Surprise Each Other with Small Halloween Gifts

27. Go Camping in Your Halloween-Decorated Backyard

28. Wrap Each Other in Toilet Roll and Become Mummies

29. Go for a Moonlight Stroll

30. Host a ‘Haunted Board Games for Couples’ Night

For Friends

Spending Halloween with your best friends? Make it a night you’ll look back on for years and give some of these spooky-themed activities a try together.

31. Go to a Haunted House Together

32. Get Halloween-Themed Temporary Tattoos

This temporary tattoo kit on Uncommon Goods is packed with plenty of cool designs, perfect for showing off this Halloween.

33. Gift Halloween-Themed Jewelry

34. Bake Halloween Cookies

35. Have a Spooky Story Contest

36. Have a Halloween-Themed Dance Party

37. Have a Halloween Bonfire

38. Host a Classy Halloween Dinner

39. Make Spooky Cocktails

40. Have a Halloween Trivia Game Night

For Families with Kids

There’s no end to the thrills and excitement of Halloween when you’re celebrating it with your kids and family. These ideas can help you plan an evening everyone will love.

41. Have a Family Photoshoot in Your Halloween Costumes

42. Plan a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

43. DIY Halloween Slime

44. Go Trick or Treating

45. Plan a Spooky Obstacle Course

46. Color Together Using Halloween-Themed Coloring Books

47. Make Halloween Pancakes for Breakfast or Brunch

48. Paint and decorate pumpkins together

49. Watch Monsters Inc.

50. Have a Candy-Tasting Contest


Celebrating on your own? These Halloween ideas are ideal for anyone who is on their own for the evening and still wants to join in with the fun.

51. Have a Halloween-Themed Spa Day at Home

Spooky decorations, Halloween-themed candles, and Halloween bath bombs are just three of so many ways you can give your relaxing at-home spa day a ghoulish touch, while still creating a calm, relaxed environment.

52. Wake up with Coffee Served in a Cauldron Mug

53. DIY Halloween Nails

54. Cuddle with a Ghost Pillow

55. Get a Spooky Hairdo and Dye Hair with Temporary Color

56. Watch a Season of American Horror Story

57. Play ‘Alone in the Dark’ and Other Scary Video Games

58. Decorate the House to Entice Trick or Treaters

59. Record a ‘Halloween’ Make-up Tutorial

60. Watch a Scary Movie Alone


Turn your humble abode into a haunted house and have a night to remember with these awesome indoor ideas for Halloween.

61. Watch Hocus Pocus

62. Host a ‘Gummy Bugs’ Eating Contest

63. Decorate the House with Faux Spider Webs

64. Play ‘Murder in the Dark’

65. Play Cluedo

66. Have a Game of Twister in Halloween Costumes

67. Play Apple Bobbing

68. Make Ghost Costumes from Old Bedsheets

69. Watch a Classic Scary Movie

70. Spell Words with Glowsticks in the Dark

Halloween Foods

If you’re hosting Halloween this year, keep your guests well-fed and in the Halloween spirit with these super creative themed foods you can make at home.

71. Halloween Cake Pops

72. Carved Pumpkin Pie

73. Halloween Monster Popcorn

74. Pumpkin Spice Lattes

75. Candy Apples

76. Candy Corn

77. Pumpkin Ale Beer

Can’t find pumpkin ale beer? Why not get your own brewing kit, and serve this delicious ale to your friends and family at your Halloween party or gathering.

78. Spider and Bug Gummies

79. Cobweb Candy Floss

80. Crimson Punch Bowl

Halloween Decorations

Turn your house into a place for all things frights and ghouls, and use these Halloween decorations to create an atmosphere like no other.

81. Party Invitations

82. Wine Bottle Labels

83. Ghost Ice Cubes

84. Cobweb-Covered Centerpiece

85. Paper Lanterns

86. Candles and Candlesticks

87. Eyeball Tableware

88. Wreath with Insects

89. Carved Pumpkins

90. Halloween Cards

Halloween Costume Ideas

Struggling for costume ideas on the one night of the year where costumes are everything? Give some of these ideas a try and prepare for plenty of Instagram shots!

91. Cast of Twilight

92. Zombie Apocalypse

93. Undead Boyband or Girlband

94. Witches and Wizards

95. Ghostbusters

96. The Addams Family

97. Buffy and Vampires

98. Horror Movie Villains

99. Scientists and Monsters

100. Skeletons and Mummies

101. Animal Onesies

Excited about this winter? Feel free to download our fun Halloween bucket list ideas checklist and check off as many as you can!

Make your next Halloween one to remember, and use these ideas to inspire you when Halloween is approaching.

Be you with your kids, partner, family, friends, or on your own, there are so many fun ways you can celebrate one of the most creative and unique celebrations of the year.

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100+ Halloween bucket list ideas (image)