16 Super Fun Date Ideas for an Amazing Date Night

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Use these fun date ideas to inspire a night of laughs, fun, and passion with your beautiful date, partner, or spouse.

Fun Date Ideas

16 Super Fun Date Ideas

Eager to try something new and exciting for an anniversary or an upcoming celebration, but stuck for ideas? You’re not alone.

Often with dates, we put so much pressure on them to perfect that we overthink and can’t decide what to do. The best dates are the ones in which we can be ourselves, have fun, and simply enjoy being in the moment.

Use our list of 16 fun date ideas to craft an evening or day of joys and laughs that you will both remember for years to come.

1. Road trip in a fancy car

Hire a luxurious, expensive rental car for the day, and go somewhere new and exciting with your partner or date.

Choose somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Or print out a map and throw a dart or roll a dice to let fate decide your fun, four-wheeled adventure.

2. Go stargazing

Use the weather forecast to help you choose a night with a clear sky, and pack yourself a rucksack of blankets, clothes, and snacks.

You can either lie out in the back garden together or drive to a nearby clearing, field, or wooded area.

Gaze up at the night together, and share dreams, swap stories, and kiss beneath the moonlit sky.

3. Watch both your favorite childhood movies

Make your front room cozy with blankets, pillows, and be sure to prepare a big bowl of popcorn or snacks.

You can each choose a film from your childhood that means a lot to you and watch the films back-to-back with each other on the couch.

You can set up a home projector to create even more of a cinema-feel. Laugh, cry, and share all the feels, watching movies that mean a lot to both of you.

4. Have a sunset picnic

Prepare a rucksack or basket of sandwiches, snacks, and other delicious foods, and choose a spot with a glorious view of a town, river, or countryside.

Take a cycle or car drive there, and find a secluded spot together. As the sun sets, you can share memories, stories, and eat comforting food as you watch one of nature’s most glorious acts of beauty.

5. Watch a drive-in movie

A drive-in movie gives you the fun, thrills, and spills of a night at the movies, but with the intimacy of being snuggled together in your car.

Be sure to make the road trip fun with car games, a great playlist, and plenty of drinks and snacks for the journey and the movie.

6. Learn a Tik-Tok dance

While thrilling and passionate, dancing can be really intimidating for novice dancers or those who just have two left feet.

So take the pressure off and make it loads of fun. Watch a poplar tik-tok dance, and record yourselves dancing together.

Tik-tok dances are meant to be fun and silly, so there’s no pressure to replicate the iconic scene in Dirty Dancing!

7. Volunteer at a dog pound

Dog pounds are always looking for people to help spend time with and walk their dogs, and they rely heavily on volunteers.

Walking a dog with your partner can be lots of fun and a great way to spend some fun, romantic time outdoors. Plus, you’ll both be doing your bit to help a good cause.

8. Dress each other up in funny costumes

Nothing beats a fun, goofy date night. Find a local fancy dress store, and give each other a budget.

Find the most hilarious costume you can, but don’t show your partner until you get home. Trade bags, get changed, and enjoy a fun evening at home in your entertaining attire.

9. Make cocktails together

Google one or two of your favorite cocktails, and find some great recipes. Order in or take a trip to the supermarket, and gather all your supplies.

Once you’re home, spend your evening mixing some exotic and glamorous drinks, with plenty of music, shows, and snacks.

10. Go tubing down a river

Looking to bring out your wild sides for date night? If the waters are safe and the weather is great, tubing is a fun and thrilling way to spend time on the water together.

You could also try paddleboarding or kayaking if you live near a lake or the ocean. You’re sure to have plenty of fun together.

11. Recreate your first date

Whether it was an awkward encounter or a magical evening, recreating your first day, step-by-step, can be a powerful way to connect emotionally on a date.

Don’t hold back. Try to recreate everything, like for like. Drop in memories and moments when they come to you, and let the nostalgia and happiness take over.

12. Go on a bike ride

Bicycle rides can be a fun and joyous way to spend your date time. Choose a scenic route with quiet roads and little traffic.

Take in the scenery, chat, and joke together, and pack a bag of food and drinks for a romantic lunch or picnic in a nearby field or park.

13. Draw or paint a portrait of each other

This fun date idea does not have to get as steamy as the one in the movie Titanic! But if you both call yourself ‘bad at art,’ this idea can be so much fun.

Get some pens, paints, and a drawing pad. Pull goofy poses, and just have fun with it. It’s all about letting go and being yourselves around each other.

14. Create a bucket list of things to do in your local town or city

Always told each other you’d visit a certain place or landmark but never seem to find the time? Why not do it all in one go?

Find the top 10 or 20 things to do in your local town or city and write them down.

Once you have your list, road trip, cycle, or walk your way through the list swiftly, taking a selfie at every spot as you go. The goal is to visit all the spots in one fun date!

15. Cook a brand new recipe together

Regardless of your skills, cooking can be a fun way to spend quality date time together. To make it enjoyable for both, choose a new, exciting recipe.

Be sure to do everything together. Source the ingredients, prep them, and cook together. Make sure one of you doesn’t take over in the kitchen.

Divide the tasks, put some fun music on, and whip up a hearty feast. At the end of it all, you get to eat your delicious meal with wine and other goodies.

16. Spend an evening at the coast

There’s something calming and joyful about coastal air. If you can drive to the coast, you should plan a date there for the two of you.

Make it a fun day out. Walk on the sand with no shoes. Splash each other in the sea. And lie on the grass of the neighboring hills and watch the sunset.

Time spent at the coast is romantic, quality time, at all times of the year.

Don’t let your date nights become routine and uninspiring. Try something fun, exhilarating, and new that both of you can do together.

Ignore over-the-top movie romances, as it can put too much pressure on the date. Make them simple, creative, fun, and most importantly, memorable.

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16 Super Fun Date Ideas

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