100+ Winter Bucket List Ideas to Try This Year

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Plan a season of fun, thrills, and magic with our super fun winter bucket list, loaded with 100+ ideas to make the most of winter, no matter how cold the weather is!

Winter is a beautiful time, even if you’re more of a hot weather person. Be it indoor, outdoor, with friends and loved ones, or on your own, there’s so much to do in this season of wonder.

If you’d like to download this bucket list and challenge yourself to do as much as you can this winter, scroll to the end of this article. You can download it as a PDF and print it off at home. Get busy, and get ticking those boxes!

Unique Winter Bucket List Ideas

1. Buy funky festive socks

2. Learn a new online skill

3. Get DJ software and remix a classic Christmas song

4. Learn phrases in eskimo-aleut language

5. Host an ‘ugliest winter sweater’ online contest

6. Drive to and photograph a frozen lake

7. Hold a ‘fondue and mulled wine’ night

8. Write and hand out Christmas cards to strangers

9. Adopt a pet from the shelter

10. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway

Fun Winter Bucket List Ideas

11. Cut and hang paper snowflakes

12. Make syrup snow candies

13. Warm up in a heated outdoor pool

14. Dress your pets up in reindeer costume

15. Wrap up and go on a winter walk

16. Play ‘winter coffee menu’ bingo

17. Go outside in your swimwear

18. Organize a flash mob in a mall

19. Go ice skating in fancy dress/costumes

20. Partake in a Santa fun run

Holiday Winter Bucket List Ideas

21. Spend 24 hours in New York

22. Bake and decorate Christmas cookies

23. Host a holiday Christmas movie marathon

24. Prepare a Christmas playlist

25. Wrap presents while listening to dance music

26. Decorate the house like Santa’s grotto

27. Drive around and rank the Christmas neighborhood lights

28. Make a wreath for the front door

29. Take pictures with a polaroid camera and hang them in the living room

30. Buy and decorate an authentic Christmas tree

Winter Bucket List Ideas for Couples

31. Have drinks at an ice bar

32. Host a board games for couples night

33. Write your bucket list together

34. Rent a rustic cabin for the weekend

35. Go sledding in onsies

36. Make snow angels in the snow

37. Ride a ferris wheel under moonlight

38. Try a winter sport together

39. Cook a candlelit dinner together

40. Buy matching pajamas for each other

Winter Bucket List Ideas for Families

41. Make a gingerbread house

42. Play festive-themed charades

43. Take a trip to Disneyland

44. Visit Santa at the local mall

45. Play giant Jenga in pajamas

46. Donate clothes and toys to a charity

47. Rent a snow machine for the day

48. Host a neighborhood snowman competition

49. Bring out family photo albums and reminisce

50. Spend a day in a beautiful winter town or city

Solo Winter Bucket List Ideas

51. Ride a snowmobile

52. Host a festive online quiz

53. Book a night in an ice hotel

54. Attend an ice hockey game

55. Plan your goals for the new/next year

56. Attend a craft course and make Christmas cards

57. Try new food at the Christmas markets

58. Paint a winter landscape

59. Read a book by the fireplace

60. Visit a spa or have a spa day at home

Winter Bucket List Ideas for Friends

61. Arrange a snowball fight tournament

62. Make iced cocktails at home

63. Have drinks in an outdoor hot tub

64. Go to a sauna

65. Book a skiing vacation together

66. Build an igloo

67. Plan a winter picnic

68. Go to a Christmas carol dance party

69. Go for a polar plunge

70. Send self-care gifts to each other

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Winter Bucket List Adventures

71. Try ice wine

72. Attend a winter music festival

73. Go dog sledding in Alaska

74. Photograph a snow-covered pine forest

75. See Iceland via a rental car

76. See the reindeer at Lapland

77. Try ice fishing

78. Visit a hot spring

79. Go snowboarding

80. Book an Arctic cruise

At-Home Winter Bucket List Ideas

81. Build a family of snowmen

82. Plan a winter staycation

83. Host a slumber party

84. Have a hot chocolate and pajamas day

85. Bake a Christmas pie

86. Host Christmas karaoke

87. Declutter the house for the new year

88. Make a blanket fort

89. Take up a new indoor hobby

90. Buy and light winter-themed candles

91. Make snow globes

Outdoor Winter Bucket List Ideas

92. Go tobogganing on fresh snow

93. Go ice skating at an ice rink

94. Watch your local town or city turn on Christmas lights

95. Go on a winter woodland hike

96. Go stargazing

97. Roast chestnuts over an open fire

98. Host an outdoor winter scavenger hunt

99. Book an all-inclusive ski resort vacation

100. Go snowshoeing

101. Go on a horse and carriage ride

Excited about this winter? Feel free to download our fun winter bucket list ideas checklist and check off as many as you can!

Let the magic of winter into your life. Our list of over 100 ideas is ideal for planning things to do that you, your loved ones, and those around you will love.

Be you an indoorsy person, a thrill-seeker, or a family looking for fun and adventure, get inspired with these fun and cool ideas. Winter will never be boring again!

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