100+ Amazing Best Friends Bucket List Ideas

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Plan adventures and make memories with your dearest friends by getting inspired with these amazing best friends bucket list ideas for all occasions.

100+ Best Friends Bucket List Ideas

Your time is so valuable. So it’s best to spend it having fun and making memories, especially with your best friends.

Our bucket list ideas will help you live your best life with those friends who would follow you to the ends of the Earth.

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100+ Best Friends Bucket List Ideas

100+ Best Friends Bucket List Ideas (Best Things to Do with Your Best Friend)

Lifetime Adventures

1. Travel the world together

2. Go on a camping or glamping trip

3. Go on a road trip across the country

4. Be in each other’s wedding parties

5. Be godparents to each other’s children

6. Learn a new language together

7. Create vision boards together

8. Throw birthday surprise parties for each other

9. Start a business or side hustle

10. Grow old together

Fun and New Experiences

11. Try Korean karaoke

12. Sign up to be extras on a movie set

13. Go strawberry picking

14. Try flyboarding

15. Eat at a Michelin restaurant

16. Try a sensory deprivation tank

17. Experience zero gravity

18. Rent your favorite sports cars for the day

19. Sign up for an obstacle course race

20. Take a salsa dancing class

Summer Adventures

21. Go for bike rides in the city

22. Go on a double date

23. Sign up for a 5K color run

24. Take a cooking class

25. Host a potluck

26. Go to a music festival

27. Try paddleboarding

28. Rent jet skis

29. Have a day at the beach

30. Learn a new skill online together

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Relaxing Bucket List Items

31. Enjoy a spa day at home or at the salon

32. Binge-watch your favorite TV shows

33. Plan a pizza and movie night at home

34. Plan a summer picnic

35. Have a staycation

36. Have a board game night

37. Make s’mores

38. Start a book club

39. Start a shared herb garden

40. Take up yoga or pilates

41. Go for Sunday brunch at your favorite restaurant

42. Have coffee at your favorite coffee shop

43. Go for a long walk in the park or at the beach

44. Create a travel bucket list together

45. Shop at the local farmers market

46. Attend an outdoor concert

47. Go antique shopping

48. Have a BBQ

49. Watch the sunset together

50. Go wine tasting

Crazy Bucket List Adventures

51. Go skydiving together

52. Take surfing classes

53. Swim with the sharks

54. Bungee jump

55. Try sandboarding abroad

56. Take a parkour class

57. Go whitewater rafting

58. Sign up for a trapeze class

59. Take a fencing class

60. Try Krav Maga

Travel Adventures

61. Visit an elephant sanctuary

62. Hike Machu Picchu

63. Embark on a Southeast Asia backpacking trip

64. Swim with sea turtles in Galapagos Islands

65. Take a cooking class in another country

66. Go to Disneyland and relive your childhoods

67. See the Northern Lights

68. Visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

69. Participate in La Tomatina in Spain

70. Visit a dark-sky preserve

71. Get tickets to Sea World

72. Go on a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia

73. Walk the Camino de Santiago

74. Go on a retreat in Bali

75. Go on a South African safari

76. See penguins in the wild

77. Go island hopping in Greece

78. Eat sushi in Japan

79. Take the Trans-Siberian railway

80. Attend Oktoberfest in Germany

Charitable Bucket List Ideas for Friends

81. Volunteer your time

82. Spring clean your closets and donate the clothes you don’t need

83. Organize a charity fundraising event together

84. Do a 5k/marathon run for charity

85. Do grocery runs for your grandparents

86. Run the social media accounts for a charity together

87. Help build and repair homes with Habitat for Humanity

88. Teach computer skills to the elderly at a senior center

89. Serve food at a local homeless shelter

90. Volunteer to tutor students

Winter Adventures

91. Have a snowball fight

92. Go ice skating

93. Make winter wreaths

94. Stay in and enjoy hot chocolate drinks

95. Have a holiday movie marathon

96. Decorate each other’s homes for the holidays

97. Try kite ice skating

98. Make snow angels

99. Host a holiday cocktail party

100. Make a gingerbread house together

101. Bake and decorate cookies for the holidays

Never waste time with your best friends. Spend every moment with them doing something fun, adventurous, and memorable. You won’t regret it!

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100+ Best Friends Bucket List Ideas

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