The Simple Bucket List: Over 100 Free or Cheap Ideas for a Life of Fun and Love

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We’re often told to keep things simple, right? But when it comes to our life bucket lists, they’re often filled with expensive and ‘one day I’ll do this’ ideas.

What about now? Why can’t we live our best life starting today? That’s why I’ve put together a simple bucket list. It’s full of easier, less overwhelming things you can do with little money or for free. The goal is to appreciate the joy, laughs, and love simple things can bring to your life. With this list, you can start living a fun life today, not in some distant future!

100+ Simple Bucket List Ideas (Image)

Want to challenge yourself to fill your life with as much fun and joy as possible? Scroll to the end of this article to download this ultimate list as a printable PDF, and get checking off all those cool ideas!

Okay, let’s jump in!

100+ Simple Bucket List Ideas (Image of the List)

I’ve grouped them into categories, so you can jump to the section you want: fun // solo // friends // couples // family // at-home // fall // winter // spring // summer or scroll through the article for a big list of ideas.

Fun Ideas

Get inspired with these fun things to do. You can start doing them today, and bring some joy and laughs to your day.

Wake up to watch the sunrise once a month for a year

Break the rules and have breakfast for dinner

Go to open mic night and confront your stage fright

Learn how to start a fire without matches

Feed the ducks at the lake near you

Become an expert at something very niche and random

Jump in a pool fully clothed

Make a sand mural at the beach and photograph it

Host a free walking tour in your local area

Try DIY YouTube science experiments

Solo/On Your Own

There are plenty of goals and things to strive for by yourself, and these ideas are a great place to start.

Read a book from the New York Times Best Seller list

Have dinner at a restaurant by yourself

Write a poem inspired by your life

Go to a museum on the free day of the month

Volunteer at a pet shelter or animal sanctuary

Adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle

Watch every movie that has won an Academy Award for Best Picture in the last two decades

Start a YouTube channel on a hobby you enjoy

Go for a run every morning for 30 days

Try a new hairstyle

Ideas with Friends

Keep things simple and memorable with your closest friends. Try as many of these experiences as you can in your free time, in the evenings, and over weekends.

Host a onesie game night

Play a game of ultimate frisbee

Try geocaching

Have a 10-dollar thrift store challenge

Host a potluck picnic

Start a book club

Have a dance battle with glowsticks

Have a Karaoke party at home

Go skinny dipping at the beach

Beach car park surf and turf

For Couples

Take your couple’s goals to new heights without having to make grand and lavish gestures with these simple ideas that can bring you closer together.

Dance and kiss in the rain

Cook dinner together

Create your couple playlist

Movie night & popcorn

Try a new food

Dance by candlelight

Have drinks while watching the sunset

Create your own cocktail

Create a vision board for your future

Backyard camping and movie marathon

Families with Kids

Family fun doesn’t have to cost lots of time and money. As these cool ideas show, there’s plenty you can do with your other half and kids if you simply use your imagination and get creative.

Teach your kids how to make a family recipe

Take a family photo every month for a year

Have a paper airplane contest

Make your own kites and have a family competition flying them

Play ‘the floor is lava’ with couches and cushions

Go fruit picking

Host a backyard Olympics

Make a giant hand painting

Make frozen popsicles with your favorite juices

Neighborhood flashlight tag

When You’re at Home

Your home is a playground of potential fun and memories. All you need is a little inspiration and planning. These ideas can bring about some truly memorable moments.

Have an indoor picnic

Build a blanket fort and have a movie night in it

Make a sourdough starter and learn to bake sourdough bread

Make a giant dreams and vision board

Host a virtual quiz night

Make a duvet slide on the stairs* (* with caution)

Declutter and donate to a charity

Make a calligraphy family tree print

Make a unique recipe with fridge leftovers

Furniture flipping from Facebook Marketplace

Ideas for Fall

Why not embrace the season of color and landmark holidays without expensive trips and luxurious events? These ideas you can do on your own, with loved ones, and the whole family.

Make a pumpkin-themed 3-course meal

Host a ‘tallest leaf mound’ competition

Enter a fall photography competition with your smartphone

Ride a bicycle through a woodland

Thrift shop Halloween costume/fancy dress challenge

Carve and name a family of pumpkins

Play ‘hide and seek’ in a field of hay bails

Make Halloween-themed snacks for trick or treaters

Road trip to a ghost town

Run through a maize field

Through Winter

It might be cold, but you can still have fun! Embrace the weather and magic of winter, and see how many of these things you can do before the warm weather comes around once more.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen for Halloween

Have a snowball fight

Build a snowman

Have a Christmas movie marathon while sipping hot chocolate

DIY Christmas gifts for family & friends

Walk around at a Christmas market

Rank the Christmas lights in your neighborhood

5-dollar friends Secret Santa

Host an iced cocktails evening

Dress pets in reindeer antlers and take photos

Great for Spring

Spring is a time of new starts and new ideas. These super simple and fun ideas are perfect to get you and your loved ones into a new state of mind.

Walk barefoot on freshly cut grass

Plant your own herbs in jars

Go on a bug hunt

Indoor spring clean in your underwear

Host an Easter egg scavenger hunt

Host a bread baking contest

Picnic under a tree

Make 2 DIY bird feeders and film which one the birds choose

Dance in the rain to ‘It’s Raining Men’

Have a spring break staycation

Summer Lovin’ Ideas

Vacations are always lovely. But, if you need some simple fun closer to home, summer is the best time to do it! Enjoy the sun and these fun things to do.

Make iced tea in 10+ different flavors

Do yoga on the beach

Have a sandwich tea party while wearing sundresses

Win a sandcastle-building competition

Go Kart racing in costumes

Sleep outside and stargaze

Go tubing with friends

Roll in the sand as the waves break

Host a beach potluck

Backyard paddling pool party

Host a sangria and sandwiches evening

Don’t wait for tomorrow to fill your life with joy and memories. Start today, and get inspired to do fun, exciting, and memorable things in your free time, all the time.

Life is meant for living, so start living it to the fullest today!

Feel free to download my free simple bucket list ideas PDF and check off as many as you can!

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