Christmas Wish List (Free and Premium Printables for the Holidays)

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Use my Christmas wish list printables to put into words all the lovely things you’d love to get over the holidays.

Christmas Wish List

These printables are great for both kids and adults. You can use them to visualize gifts and things you’d like.

You can fill out your wish lists and swap them with loved ones to help each other get meaningful gifts. Or, you can fill them out with your kids and send them off to Santa himself!

Free Wish List

My simple free Christmas wish list has plenty of space to write down everything you’d like over the holidays. Use it in any way you like.

Christmas Wish List Pack

Need more than a simple lined list? Take a look at my Christmas wish list pack, which comes with four printables.

Christmas Wish List Printable Pack

What you get in this pack:

Simple Wish List – A great blank canvas to write down anything your heart desires.

20-Item Wish List – Write up to 20 gifts, and even tell Santa if you’ve been nice, trying to be nice, or naughty this year!

Categorized Christmas Wish List – This wish list goes beyond gifts. You can write down your wants and needs, clothes and books you want, favorite things, and things you’d like to do next year.

Christmas Wish List for Women – With over 100 ideas for gifts for women, this is a great list to give you ideas to shop for the woman in your life. Or, give it to your spouse, partner, or friends to help them find you thoughtful gifts.

Get it here

I’m sure you’ve been working hard this year, so you deserve something to get excited about over Christmas.

Whether you fill these wish lists with practical items or dream gifts and desires, I hope they bring a smile to your face.

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Save my Christmas wish list printables set to one of your planning boards. When it’s time to start shopping for Christmas, you can easily find it, download it, and print it off.

Christmas Wish List Printables