100+ Fun Fall Bucket List Ideas 2021

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Make this fall one of color, magic, and unforgettable moments with our list of fun fall bucket list ideas.

100+ Fun Fall Bucket List Ideas

When the heat and fun of summer draw to a close, fall can be the new time of joy, creativity, and happiness.

Fall is a season of awe and color. And with the weather not too hot and not too cold, there are so many fun trips and things you can do, both indoors and outdoors.

Excited about this fall? Feel free to download our fun fall bucket list ideas checklist and check off as many as you can! Scroll to the end of the article to download the free printable.

Fun Fall Bucket List

1. Learn To Forage…

…Without poisoning yourself!

One of the great things about fall is all the free food out there. 

Foraging is a great skill, but it must be learned properly, and that takes time.

For beginners, it’s best to stick to the easily identifiable – like apples and blackberries. For anything riskier, always check carefully before eating!

2. Grow A Tree From Seed

There are few things more satisfying than watching a seed grow into a tree. Granted, it takes time. And often, it might make more sense to buy an established sapling from a nursery, but seeds are free, and also, once they germinate, they are probably hardier too.

No garden? Not a problem. Planting secret seeds in wild woodland (or any other suitable terrain) is great fun. Maybe they will take, maybe they won’t – but perhaps in years to come, you will have planted a whole forest of secret trees!

3. Knit A Cozy Sweater

If you knit, now is the time to dust down your needles. Fall calls for warm clothing, and why buy it when you can knit it? 

Can’t knit? Now is the time to learn – but if a sweater is too hard, start slowly with a scarf. 

4. Make Candles

Embrace the wick and wax by creating your own candles! Candle-making has seen an upsurge in recent years – and if you have the time and a bit of patience then this ancient craft can be very satisfying.

5. Press Wildflowers

…Or wild leaves! Fall is a beautiful time of year, but summer blooms quickly fade, so why not preserve them for posterity?

You don’t even need a flower press, just line the pages of a heavy book with some greaseproof paper, and voila!

Once pressed, you can frame them or hang them on walls. Or perhaps …

6. Start A Fall Scrapbook 

A fall scrapbook is where you put all the stuff you want to remember about the season into one place. It doesn’t matter what it might be – from leaves to mementos of days out. Anything, from concert tickets to photographs (remember them?) – it all has a place in your fall scrapbook.

7. Go for a Woodland Walk

But before you can make a scrapbook, you have to go somewhere – and that place can only be the woods. 

Woodland walks are the jewel in the crown of fall. Even if you don’t live near the forest, trees are everywhere, and discovering them is one of the joys of fall!

8. Make Soup

Nothing makes a fall night cozier than the warming aroma of soup. And with the advent of soup makers, making your own has never been easier.

Inexpensive, healthy, and a great way to get your five a day – soups can be prepared in advance and frozen ahead of time. 

So, the next time you have leftovers, don’t chuck them in the trash – throw them in the soup maker instead! 

9. Make Stewed Apple

Stewed apple is the easiest thing in the world, and if you have an apple tree, it’s a great way of using some of your hoard!

Use it as a pie filling, or just have it on its own.

The thing we love about stewed apple is absolutely anyone can do it. 

Complicate things if you like, but we like it nice and simple – stewed with a pinch of cinnamon – all you need a saucepan!

10. Bake A Pie

Now that you have the filling, making a pie is almost mandatory! Shortcrust pastry is simple to make, but if you really want, you can use roll-out sheets! 

Pies are the must-have food of the fall, and the list of fillings is as vast as your imagination!

11. Break Out Your Wet Boots

What does it do in the fall? It rains. A lot! No fall is complete without epic amounts of rain, and that means donning your wet boots. So, what better time than to invest in a funky new pair now?

12. Cozy Up With A Box Set

With the long winter nights beckoning, now is the time to get cozy on the couch with your favorite TV show.

Bingeing box sets is one of the undisputed pleasures of fall, but with a hectic summer behind you and the madness of Christmas on the horizon, there’s no need to feel guilty for a little me time.

13. Embrace Hygge

Hygge is Danish for comfort. It’s that fuzzy feeling that comes from having soft, beautiful things around you to keep warm in the cold. 

Hygge is a sheepskin rug next to a roaring fire. It’s stroking the cat whilst snug in a lambswool sweater; chenille throws and woolen wall hangings.

Although Hygge does not translate directly into English, when you find it, you will know. 

14. Carve A Pumpkin

‘Tis the season to be… frightened!

Without Halloween, fall would be nothing more than a pile of soggy old leaves. Since you’re unlikely to get through the season without coming face-to-face with ol’ Jack O’Lantern, why not learn how to carve one properly?

15. Get Ready For Trick Or Treaters

Once you have carved your pumpkin, it’s time to hit the candy store because pretty soon, the ghoulish hordes will descend, demanding treats. Be ready!

16. Start Prepping For Christmas

Christmas doesn’t happen by magic. It takes hard work and lots of preparation.

But, of course, you know that anyway! This year, instead of a last-minute panic use some of your available time to start prepping.

Most things can be made in advance of the big day, in some cases, months ahead. 

Fall is a great time for making Christmas cake or pudding. And the same goes for trimmings such as the cranberry sauce.

Crafting and wrapping can also be done any time you like before December 25th!

17. Groom Your Pet

In the fall, cats will grow extra coats and dogs could probably use a spruce up too. So now is the time to get to grips with your pets’ grooming.

After all, you want your four-legged friend to look their best when out on all those long woodland walkies!

18. Plant Spring Bulbs

Fall is arguably the most beautiful of all seasons. But whilst you’re basking in its golden hues, don’t forget about the future.

After winter, comes spring, in all its floral glory. And fall is the time to plant it!

Remember to get your spring bulbs in the ground before it gets too cold – you’ll be rewarded for it come the New Year!

Outdoors Fall Bucket List

19. Run through a corn maze

20. Enter a fall photography competition

21. Watch a football game

22. Play hide-and-seek between hay bales

23. Feed lambs at the farm

24. Pick apples in an orchard

25. Visit botanical gardens

26. Go to a jazz festival

27. Look for roses and lilies in bloom

28. Host a backyard bonfire

Indoors Fall Bucket List

29. Make pumpkin bread

30. Paint a fall woodland landscape

31. Make a wreath

32. Make an indoor quilt den

33. Host a board game evening

34. Write fall poems

35. Renovate one room at home

36. Decorate the front porch

37. Go to a barn dance

Romantic Fall Bucket List/for Couples

38. Make s’mores together

39. Take a rowing boat out on a lake

40. Order pumpkin lattes at a drive-thru

41. Share your dreams around a camp fire

42. Read fall-themed poems together

43. Plan next year’s goals

44. Visit a lighthouse at sunset

45. Weekend getaway in a woodland cabin

46. Kiss atop a Ferris wheel

47. Make oven-roasted chestnuts

48. Cook romantic fall-themed menu

Solo Fall Bucket List/for Adults

49. Drink at a beer festival

50. Woodland walk

51. Make homemade apple cider

52. Go to a giant vegetable contest

53. Make a DIY bird feeder

54. Go cozy clothes shopping

55. Host a Halloween party

56. Join a bookclub

Friends Fall Bucket List/for Friends

57. Host a farmer’s market brunch

58. Visit a ghost town by car

59. Pack a fall picnic

60. Buy garish sweaters for each other

61. Plan a winter vacation

62. Bike ride through the woods

63. Feed ducks at the park

64. Double date on a brewery tour

65. Host a wine and cheese evening

66. DIY crafts and cocktails day

Family Fall Bucket List /for Kids

67. Roast marshmallows around a campfire

68. Make a rope swing in the woods

69. Camp in the backyard

70. Ride the twister at the fairground

71. Jump in piles of leaves

72. Create leaf paintings

73. Backyard scavanger hunt

74. Light sparklers and draw your names

75. Go back-to-school shopping

Quirky/Adventure Bucket List Ideas

76. Kayaking on a lake

77. Mountain bike through a forest

78. Skydive for charity

79. Fruit picking competition

80. Attend a fall festival

81. Try an open water swim

82. Quad bike in the fields

Holiday Bucket List Ideas

83. Go trick or treating for Halloween

84. Visit a haunted house

85. Volunteer at a soup kitchen for Thanksgiving

86. Host Thanksgiving dinner for family

87. Watch a Thanksgiving parade

88. Black Friday wish list

89. Scary movie marathon

90. Thrift store Halloween costume challenge


91. Donate to a food bank

92. Knit a scarf for a loved one

93. Switch your summer and fall outfits

94. Donate unwanted clothes

95. Learn a new online skill

96. 30-day fall drawing challenge

97. Set next year’s goals

98. Volunteer at a farm


99. Morning run at sunrise

100. Bath with fall ingredient essential oils

101. Exfoliate with an autumn-scented body scrub

102. Paint nails with fall colors

103. Day at a thermal spring spa

104. Backyard yoga

Excited about this fall? Feel free to download our fun fall bucket list ideas checklist and check off as many as you can!

Whatever you do this fall, be sure to enjoy it as much as possible! Use our list to get inspired, and come up with your own fun ideas too!

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100+ Fun Fall Bucket List Ideas

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