100+ Crazy Bucket List Ideas

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Unleash your wild side with these 100+ crazy bucket list ideas to help you live life to the fullest!

Crazy Bucket List Ideas (List image).

What is life without a little fun, chaos, and spontaneity? If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, you can get out and try something fun and crazy!

Whatever time of year, or whatever stage of life, our crazy ideas will help you overcome fears, achieve goals, and try something totally new.

Want to make trying crazy ideas a habit? You can download our crazy bucket list ideas printable PDF if you scroll to the end, and make it your life’s mission to try as many as you can!

Crazy Bucket List Ideas

Crazy Bucket List Ideas List (image)


Make some truly life-changing memories and add some of these utterly unique and wild activities to your crazy bucket list.

1. Have a ‘No-Social-Media’ Day

2. Lightsaber Fight on Pool Inflatables

3. Sunrise Silent Disco in the Woods

4. Wear a Sumo Suit for the Day

5. Bungee Jump in Costumes

6. ‘Hula Hooping on Balance Board’ Challenge

7. Make a Glow Stick Tik-Tok Video

8. Sleep Under the Stars

9. Host a Unicorn-Themed House Party

10. Swim Underneath a Waterfall


Prepare to get wild and weird and take the plunge with some of these activities for your crazy bucket list.

11. Experience Zero Gravity in a Simulator

12. Go Zorbing Blindfolded

13. Host a ‘Terrible Movie’ Night

14. Grow an Exotic Plant and Instagram it

15. Get a Tattoo with No Meaning

16. Host a Wrong-Handed Pool Tournament at a Bar

17. Eat a Pie with No Hands

18. Dye Your Hair a Random Color

19. Learn ‘Hello’ in 30 Different Languages

20. Take a Bath of Baked Beans for Charity


Prepare to take the fun factor up several notches with these bucket list items, and get ready for plenty of laughs, joy, and thrills along the way.

21. Go to Hollywood and Pretend You’re a Celebrity

22. Host a Neighborhood Water Gunfight

23. Paragliding over Grand Canyon

24. Eating Contest at an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

25. Challenge a Stranger to a Dance-Off

26. Run Through Sprinklers

27. Tubing Race on the River

28. Photobooth Costume Challenge

29. Take a Mixology Course

30. Pick a Song on a Diner Jukebox and Dance


Make the most of the sun and the good vibes with these super crazy bucket list activities, and get ready for a summer like no other.

31. Try to Sneak into an Outdoor Festival

32. Go on Every Ride at the Fairground

33. Take Part in a Color Run for Charity

34. Photograph Fireflies at Night

35. Host a Sandcastle-Building Competition

36. Drink Pink Champagne in a Flamingo Dinghy

37. Go to an Outdoor Acoustic Concert

38. Day at a Water Park

39. Try a New Outdoor Hobby

40. Watch a Sunset from a High Point

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Pay homage to the colors and splendor of fall with these super crazy bucket list activities, and make it a time to remember for a long time.

41. Run Through a Corn Maze in Costumes

42. Spend a Night at a Haunted House

43. Paint Superhero-Themed Pumpkins

44. Hand out Candy on a Segway

45. Attend Oktoberfest

46. Complete a 1000-Piece Jigsaw

47. Learn a New Indoor Hobby

48. Bake Giant Cookies

49. Cook a Thanksgiving Feast

50. Lights out Scary Movie Evening

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Make some wild memories in the midst of the cold, snow, and magic of the holidays with some of these super fun activities and ideas.

51. Volunteer to be Santa at the Mall

52. Go Snowboarding

53. Christmas Song Busking for the Day

54. Host a Bake-off Competition

55. Hire a Foam Machine and Make a Christmas Video

56. Have a Clearout and Donate to a Shoebox Appeal

57. Find the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Ever

58. Drive Around and Film the Best Christmas Lights

59. Spend 24 hours in New York

60. Host New Year’s Eve Murder Mystery Night

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Spring is a time of fresh ideas and new beginnings. If you’ve been holding back, unleash your crazy side with some of these amazing bucket list ideas when the weather starts to turn.

61. Host a Super Bowl Party

62. Egg Celebrity Face Painting Contest

63. Create a Backyard Squirrel-Feeding Obstacle Course

64. Blow Giant Bubbles

65. Go Fly Fishing

66. Chase and Photograph a Rainbow

67. RV Road Trip to a National Park

68. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

69. Buy Wellies and Jump in Puddles

70. Get Soaked Fully Clothed in the Rain

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Romantic/For Couples

Ditch the cliche romantic gestures for something a little more adventurous, and prepare for intimacy on a whole new level when you give some of these crazy activities a try with your partner.

71. Re-enact Titanic on a Balcony or Rooftop

72. Go to an Outdoor Rave Together

73. Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride with Champagne

74. Have a Toboggan Race Down Sand Dunes

75. Go Skinny Dipping at Midnight

76. Sing a Duet at Karaoke

77. Rent a Convertible and Drive to the Coast

78. Rent a Hot Tub and Have an Outdoor Movie Evening

79. Host a ‘Mr and Mrs’ Quiz Night

80. Make out on a Rollercoaster

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With Friends

If you can’t get crazy with your best friends, then who can you get crazy with? Unleash your wild sides, and give some of these incredible ideas and activities a whirl.

81. Bury Each Other Neck Down in the Sand at the Beach

82. Have a ‘Say Yes’ Day

83. Sneak into a Vegas Pool Party

84. Picnic and Twister in a Field

85. Go to the Airport and Fly Somewhere for a Night

86. Bust out a Spontaneous Dance in Public

87. Double Date with Alter Egos

88. Go to a Live Drawing Class

89. Go to Disneyland Together

90. Wear Matching Outfits for a Day

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College & High-School

No one loves the idea of adulting! So while you’re still young, free, and in education, create some incredible moments and memories, and give some of these activities a try.

91. Wear a Onesie to Class

92. Join a Random Society

93. Make a DIY Outdoor Slip-and-Slide

94. Host a Giant Game of Freeze Tag

95. Have a Food Fight

96. Talk to Your Crush

97. All-Night Movie Marathon

98. Sign up for a Semester Abroad

99. Try a Brand New Fashion Style

100. Go on a Dorm Roommates Road Trip

101. Host an Exchange Student

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Get the Free Crazy Bucket List Printable PDF Here.

Get crazy. Get weird. And if you can, get your friends or partner involved! Life too’s short to spend it doing the same things, every day.

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