Create the Perfect DIY Spa Day at Home in Just 10 Steps

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Salons and retreats are not the only places for spa treatments. Here are 10 steps to create the perfect DIY spa day at home for an afternoon, evening, or weekend of relaxation and much-needed me time.

Spa Day at Home

DIY Spa Day at Home

1. Choose a Relaxing Playlist

Like in any salon, music helps sets a relaxing mood. If you don’t have Bluetooth speakers, you can just use your laptop or iPad.

Find relaxing playlists by searching on Spotify, Soundcloud, or websites like Or, create playlists of songs you love that help you unwind. Put the volume up and let the music play.

For a waterproof speaker, check out UBL. However, you should still keep it away from the water just to be safe.

2. Draw a Bubble Bath

Make sure your water is hot. Pour yourself a bath, and fill it with bath soaks, bubble bars, or essential oils. Lavender and coconut are great choices. Draw your bath until the water nears the rim and the bubbles are big.

Once you lower yourself into the water, lean against the rim and relax. Read, watch a show, or simply close your eyes and let the stress leave your body.

3. Light Scented Candles

Candles are an excellent way to set the mood. Buy some soothing scents, such as rose petals or lavender candles. Put several around the house and light them all. Dim the lights, so that the glow of the candle sets a warm, relaxing mood.

4. Get a Glass of Bubbly or a Cup of Tea

We all have our drinks we go to when seeking comfort. If you enjoy an (alcoholic) drink, a tall glass of crisp, fizzing Prosecco goes luxuriously well with a bubble bath.

For some of us, however, a soothing cup of tea does the trick. It’s your spa day, so choose what suits you best.

5. Get a Good Book

Reading is an excellent way to focus your mind away from life’s stress, and get lost in another world. So many of us, sadly, don’t find time to read. Nothing beats the touch of freshly printed paper, and reading can stimulate multiple senses. If you have a kindle, download yourself a good e-book and enjoy in the bath, or on the sofa. Kindle Unlimited is worth signing up if you read a lot and want many options for an affordable fixed monthly price.

You can also get yourself a beautiful bathtub caddy for convenience – whether it’s for your Kindle or for your cup of tea or glass of bubbly.

6. Facial Mask

While relaxing, a soft face mask can help moisturize your skin.

If you don’t have any at home, you can get creative. Mash half an avocado and a tablespoon of honey, then apply to your face with your fingertips. Lie back and relax for at least twenty minutes. Once you’re happy, wash off the mask for silky smooth skin.

For a Swedish ginseng and olive oil face mask, take a look at Foreo’s Call It A Night Face Mask.

7. Hair Mask

Few of us take enough time to truly look after our hair. Hair masks are a great way to keep our hair healthy. If you want a great DIY recipe, mix equal parts cinnamon and coconut oil. Apply to your hair and, once washed out, run your fingers through your silky, healthier hair.

If looking for a deep-conditioning hair mask, you can try It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle Hair Mask.

8. Eye Mask

If you don’t have eye masks at home, get yourself a cucumber. Cut a couple of slices, and lie down in a comfortable position. Place them on your eyes, and enjoy some relaxing music or peace and quiet. Eye masks are great to use during your hot bath too.

If you want to truly spoil yourself, try some hydro cool firming eye gels.

9. Exfoliate

Exfoliate your body to remove all the dead skin. All you need is to dry brush just with a body brush, or you can use a scrub. These can be store-bought or homemade. Add equal parts coffee grounds with brown sugar and with olive oil for the perfect DIY body scrub recipe. Apply to your brush and scrub away firmly, but smoothly.

10. Mani Pedi

Give yourself a manicure and pedicure. A mani-pedi helps relax your mind, and beautiful looking nails will also improve your confidence. You can try a foot peel mask like this one for soft feet.

For an extra dose of pampering for your feet, you can use a foot stress relief spa massager with jacuzzi-like bubbles.

Use these ten simple methods to create the perfect DIY spa day from the comfort of your own home. Spa days are simple to create at home, and they will help you feel amazing.

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