32 Best Things to Do with Your Boyfriend

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Make the most of date night or free time with your squeeze by trying these fun and creative things to do with your boyfriend, and say goodbye to evenings spent on the couch looking at your phones.

Things To Do With Your Boyfriend

Best things to do with your boyfriend (list of items 1-14 listed below)

Fun Things to Do

1. Revisit the Place Where You Had Your First Date

Take your boyfriend to the place where you had your first date – whether it was a park, a restaurant, or a cozy café – and reminisce about the old, butterfly-inducing early days.

Reflect on how your relationship has evolved since the first date, and treat your other half to ice cream!

2. Cook Together

The great thing about cooking together is that you can share the blame for whatever ends up burnt and inedible!

Choose your boyfriend’s favorite recipe and have fun creating it together – just make sure to share the cleaning-up duties after!

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3. Double Date

If you’ve got friends in couples and you’re looking for something different for date night, why not arrange a double date?

Team up with another couple, and see where the night takes you. The most fun ideas for double dates are those which involve teamwork, with you and your boyfriend competing against the other couple.

Bowling and mini golf are both ideal choices for a bit of friendly competition amongst friends.

4. Gaming Tournament

It’s such a tired old cliché: the girlfriend who hates her boyfriend’s video games. However, if you’re feeling like the Xbox console gets more action than you do, challenge your boyfriend to a fun Friday-night gaming tournament.

You never know – you might end up giving him a run for his money and developing a new fun hobby at the same time.

5. Newlywed Game

You can name this game whatever you like, but the concept of the Newlywed Game is simple: you get to see who in the relationship knows who best, and how much you both agree on.

The game is straightforward: take turns asking questions either about yourself or your relationship (examples below) and answer in secret, by writing on a piece of paper or whiteboard within 60 seconds.

If your answers match, you win a point. Question examples:

“Who is the best cook?”
“When is my birthday?”
“What did I wear on our first date?”

The Newlywed Game guarantees a fun evening together, but we can’t guarantee no silly arguments over wrong answers – quick, double-check your boyfriend’s birthday and all his siblings’ names!

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Romantic Things to Do

6. Write Each Other a Romantic Letter

Reviving the lost art of letter-writing is a great idea to spice up your relationship with your boyfriend and spend some quality time together.

Allocate a certain amount of time and put all the feelings you can’t express verbally into a beautiful handwritten letter before presenting the letters to each other and reading them privately.

Some things are better left unsaid, and some things are better said in handwriting!

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7. Play the 36 Questions Game

The famous test, created by researchers in the 1990s, is a well-known experiment that claims to be able to make any two strangers fall in love by having them ask carefully selected – and incredibly personal – questions to each other.

While you don’t need to explain the concept of the test to your boyfriend, the questions are thought-provoking and make for a fun and intimate conversation.

Get to know each other a little more over a bottle of wine and this famous little experiment. 

8. Have a Candlelit Dinner in a Fancy Restaurant

A list of romantic things to do with your boyfriend would be incomplete without including the classic candlelit dinner!

Dress up in your fanciest outfit and enjoy a candlelit meal in your boyfriend’s favorite restaurant. Don’t forget to ask for two spoons for the chocolate cake!

9. Rent a Boat

If the weather is nice, why not rent a boat with your boyfriend, and spend a romantic afternoon sailing on a beautiful lake?

Take a small picnic with you – and some books to read – and pass the time on the water, peaceful and in your own little couple bubble.

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10. Dinner and a Movie

Keep it classic with dinner at your favorite restaurant, followed by a film at the movie theater. While some might find this traditional date a snooze fest, it’s a classic for a reason!

You get to eat, talk and then take a breather with some visual entertainment – what’s not to like?

11. Read Together

An underrated couple’s activity, why not read some chapters of your boyfriend’s favorite book to him?

Cuddle together on the sofa and let him enjoy his own personal audiobook. Reading together is much more intimate than you might think – you might even want to finish the book!

12. Go for a Couple’s Massage

Unwind together with a luxurious couple’s massage at a local spa or hotel.

Forking out for the expensive experience won’t seem so bad when every single muscle in your body is relaxed, and both your states of mind tranquil.

Spontaneous Things to Do

13. Watch a Beautiful Sunset Together

As the sun often decides to simply disappear behind the clouds without giving a colorful goodnight performance, it’s difficult to plan a sunset-watching date with your boyfriend.

So, next time you’re both chilling at home and the sun starts to go pink and orange in a magnificent display across the sky, go find a place to watch it together! It might be a fleeting moment, but it will be a gorgeous one.

14. Spend the Night in a Luxury Hotel

Enjoy a change of scenery by spending the night with your boyfriend in a luxury hotel – the more luxurious, the better!

Feel like royalty in a boutique hotel with all the amenities: a four-poster bed, a hot tub or jacuzzi, and a minibar with room service.

For the price, you may have to eat ramen for the rest of the month – but it’ll be so worth it!

15. Take Him to See His Favorite Sports Team

Surprise your boyfriend with tickets to see his favorite sports team, and watch him turn into your number one fan!

If your boyfriend isn’t into sports, surprise him with tickets to see his favorite band or musician.

He’ll love the gesture, and you might find that you will also love the stadium atmosphere or the live music.

Creative and Unique Things to Do

16. Take a Dance Class Together

What better way to spend time with your boyfriend than to dance together?

Take a professional dance class together and have fun experimenting with new moves. If anything, you’ll at least have a laugh together!

17. Make a Photo Album of Your Memories 

With printed photographs becoming a lost art, why not make a physical album of all your memories together?

Find a print shop, select the best photos saved on your phone, and get them printed out.

With the printed photos, buy or create an album chronicling your relationship together and celebrating your favorite memories.

When you’re older, you’ll be able to look back on your photo album with nostalgia and reminisce about the good old days.

18. Chocolate Fondue Date

Whether you want to buy a real, mini chocolate fountain for your place or create a DIY one using some hot water and a bowl, treat your boyfriend to a chocolate fondue date.

Stock up on chocolate for melting and go nuts with your dipping foods. Marshmallows, strawberries, bananas, fudge, and waffles are your best bets, but make sure to add some of your personal favorites too.

Things to Do at Home

19. DIY Spa Experience

If neither of you has the cash to splurge on a fancy couple’s spa day, why not recreate one at your place?

Offer each other massages, brew some chai tea lattes, and pop some relaxing music on – your boyfriend won’t know the difference!

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20. Charcuterie Board

Create Paris in your own living room with a tasty charcuterie board for you and your boyfriend to enjoy.

Stock the board with your favorite cheeses, cooked meats, and other treats and listen to some French café music whilst you’re at it. Parfait! 

21. Movie Marathon

Enjoy some quality time with your boyfriend by catching up on some great film classics together.

Take turns choosing the films – it’s only fair! – and stock up on popcorn and pizza for the marathon. Who says you need to go out to have a good time? 

22. Plan a Holiday Together

While you might be stuck indoors now, you won’t always be! If you’re at home with your boyfriend and lacking inspiration for fun things to do, why not plan a holiday together?

Put your heads together and plan your dream trip. Even if it’s completely hypothetical, you can always put it on your bucket list, and revisit it later! 

Things to Do Outdoors

23. Go for a Picnic

Find a local nature spot, pack a picnic and spend the afternoon with your boyfriend enjoying some great food in the great outdoors.

For a romantic picnic, try a lakeside or peaceful park.

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24. Go Stargazing

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where you enjoy regular clear, star-filled skies, why not share an evening admiring them with your boyfriend?

Bring some blankets and a flask of coffee or tea, and enjoy an evening under the stars.

All of life’s little problems will seem so insignificant after a night of stargazing!  

25. Visit a Local Market Together

Take advantage of local markets and spend the day with your boyfriend exploring the best locally sourced and handmade products around.

Whether you find some gorgeous handmade jewelry, some freshly made bread, or a box of eggs fresh from the local farm, it’s a fun and unique way to spend time with your other half.

26. Spend a Day at the Beach 

What was the beach promenade made for, if not for hand-holding couples? Spend the day with your boyfriend at the beach, sampling all it has to offer.

Gp paddle in the sea and let the waves hit your feet, or treat each other to a delicious ice cream under the sun.

If you’re feeling adventurous, head to the beach amusement park and take a spin on your favorite rides. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen!

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27. Go Cycling Together 

Rent out a couple of bicycles and spend the afternoon cycling around town with your boyfriend – you’ll be surprised how far you can go on two wheels!

You might even find a new remote café or quiet park to spend some time together. Plus, you’ll be getting in some exercise whilst you’re at it.

Things to Do on a Budget (Cheap or Free)

28. Nature Walks

The greatest thing about nature is its beauty, and the second greatest thing about nature is that it is free!

Head out to the local park, nature reserve, forest, or lake with your boyfriend, and spend the afternoon immersed in the great outdoors.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not go hiking together or even go camping in the local area for the weekend? Even on a limited budget, your options in the great outdoors are endless.

29. Plan Your Future

Just because your budget is limited now, it doesn’t mean it always will be.

If you’re stuck for cash but want to do something fun with your boyfriend, spend an evening creating a bucket list of activities you want to do together.

Even if your ideas are totally out of your current budget range, there’s no harm in having big ambitions!

Organize your bucket list in order of probability, and look forward to checking each one off over time!

You can use our bucket list printables to help you create your dream bucket list, and then commit to making it happen!

30. Bake Together

Couples who bake together, stay together, right? Crack open the baking cookbook and try your hand at traybakes, cookies, and all other kinds of sweet treats.

If you’re up for a little competition, you could even compete with your boyfriend, and see who can make the best sugary treat. 

31. Volunteer Together

While it might not be the hottest date or most romantic activity, volunteering together is a great way to spend time with your boyfriend if you’re both short on cash and want to do something productive.

Spend an evening volunteering with animals, or helping at a local food bank and give back to your local community. 

32. Visit a Local Museum or Art Gallery Together

If your budget is zero, but you want to spend the day or evening out with your boyfriend, head to a local museum or art gallery.

Entry to these venues is almost always free as these centers are publicly funded. Enjoy hours of free fun exploring history together.

Whether you’re both peas in a pod, or proof of the ‘opposites attract’ theory, time spent together is important for growing your relationship.

Don’t let free time just slip you both by. Even if you have different interests, there are still so many fun, cool, and enjoyable things you can do together.

Try some of these things to do with your boyfriend, and enjoy the laughs, the challenges, and growing together as a couple.

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Best things to do with your boyfriend (list of items 1-14 listed above)