55+ Double Date Ideas for a Fun and Enjoyable Time

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Whether you and your bestie are on a first date, or you’re part of a pair of married couples looking for new adventures, these double date ideas can help you plan some fun, creative, and truly memorable dates together.

Double Date Ideas

Fun Double Date Ideas (ideas 1-14, all ideas below).

Fun Ideas

Keep the date enjoyable and activity-based with some of these fun double date ideas, ideal for getting to know each other while having a good time.

1. Put your putting skills to the test with a mini golf date and play each other as pairs.

2. Try some delicious food with a guide on a food tour in a local or neighboring town or city.

3. Go wine tasting for an afternoon at a nearby vineyard.

4. Channel your inner Picassos at a paint night.

5. Sign up for trivia night at your local bar and test your general knowledge.

6. Watch a new release at the movie theater.

7. Play games and win prizes at an arcade.

8. Sing some classic duet numbers at a karaoke bar.

9. Enjoy drinks and a few games of bowling at the bowling alley.

10. See if the four of you have what it takes to get out of an escape room.

Outdoor Dates

Great for summer fun or if you’re an outdoorsy quartet, these outdoor double date ideas give you everything you need to connect and get to know each other amid the wonder and beauty of the great outdoors.

11. Have a day of thrills and adventure at an amusement park.

12. Take a walking tour or bicycle tour of your local or nearby city.

13. Have a picnic with fun games for couples like Twister.

14. Spend a day at a farmer’s market and see what goodies you can find.

15. Go fruit picking and have a bake-off later that day.

16. See who’s the best shoot at a shooting range.

17. Get to know each over an ice cream walking date at the coast or a promenade.

18. Host a bonfire night and roast s’mores over the fire.

19. Enjoy a few games of doubles tennis.

20. Go paddleboarding at a nearby river or lake.

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At-Home Ideas

From budgets to bad weather, double dates don’t always have to be high energy and effort. With a little creativity, you can host a fun and memorable double date at one of your homes.

21. Cook dinner on a dinner date where one pair make the main and the other the dessert.

22. Host a couples’ game night with some fun four-player games.

23. Have a wine and cheese date night.

24. Solve a 2000-piece puzzle together.

25. Have a casual grilling date in the backyard.

26. Have an outdoor or backyard movie night with blankets, beanbags, and a projector.

27. Bake and decorate cookies together.

28. Host a murder mystery party night.

29. Have a four-player video game marathon date.

30. Create and compare your own couple’s bucket list, and see if there’s anything all four of you can do together.

Dates on a Budget

If money is a little tight, keep things affordable, simple, yet incredibly fun with some of these cheap double date ideas on a budget.

31. Visit a local museum and spend some time in the free exhibits.

32. Take a stroll in a botanical garden.

33. See what handmade gems you can find at a flea market.

34. Try volunteering at the animal shelter for an afternoon.

35. Grab beers or a few drinks at the local bar and play pool or darts.

36. See lots of animals at a zoo or safari park.

37. Take on a well-known hiking trail together and photograph yourselves at the top.

38. Go for a stroll and feed the ducks at the lake.

39. Try batting cage baseball and have hours of fun.

40. Play a few games of doubles badminton followed by dinner and drinks.

Unique Dates

Looking for some really new and off-beat experiences for some awesome double date ideas no one will forget in a hurry? Try some of these creative and unique ideas.

41. Take a dance class and learn a classic dance like salsa or the waltz in pairs.

42. Ignite some childhood nostalgia and have a roller skating double date.

43. Create a scavenger hunt in your local area with clues related to previous dates or your partners.

44. Try your hands at rock climbing in a local climbing gym.

45. Take a glass-blowing class, and gift each other your glass ornaments at the end.

46. Enjoy coffee and friendly competition at a board games cafe.

47. Have a game of Giant Jenga with fun forfeits.

48. Play doubles laser tag and see who has pinpoint accuracy.

49. Have drinks on a rooftop terrace and take couple photos at sunset.

50. Take a pottery class

More Double Date Ideas

Still looking for some fun, interesting, and potentially perfect double date ideas? Take a look at some of the date ideas below, and see if you get inspired.

51. Play bar hopping bingo in your local town or city.

52. Host a pool tournament with couple friends at a bar or pool hall.

53. Dance the night away at a live music concert.

54. Enjoy a weekend of hiking and camping at a national park.

55. Spend a night at a haunted house for a date idea like no other.

56. Sign up as double acts at an open mic comedy club and see who gets the most laughs.

Double dates don’t have to be boring, by-the-numbers affairs. Our rundown of double date ideas should give you plenty of ideas to plan a date afternoon or date night that is enjoyable and memorable for everyone involved.

Give some of these fun date ideas a go, and see what laughs you have and memories you make.

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Fun Double Date Ideas (ideas 1-14, all ideas above).