37 Things To Do on New Year’s Day

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Dust yourself down from the champagne hangover and start the new year as you mean to go on with these fun and creative things to do on new year’s day.

Things To Do on New Year’s Day

Things To Do on New Year’s Day (list of 1-14 listed below)


1. Go Out for Dinner

Usher in the new year by going out to dinner with friends or family. Visit one of your favorite spots or try somewhere new. Either way, you’re bound to have fun catching up with loved ones over a tasty meal.  

2. Host a Quiz of the Year

Test your friends and family’s knowledge of current events by hosting a quiz of the year.

Split your loved ones into teams and challenge them to a series of quiz questions about political and pop culture occurrences from the previous year – winners host next year’s quiz! 

3. Go to the Movie Theater

If you’re looking for an activity that promises hours of fun without being too strenuous, taking a trip to the movie theater is the perfect fit.

Whether you watch a festive movie or the newest blockbuster, you’re sure to enjoy a relaxed afternoon with popcorn and a good movie. 

4. Attend a Local Event

You can typically find a range of events to attend in your local area on New Year’s Day, including brunches, club nights, and exercise classes.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy an indulgent meal, practice sport, or attend a party, there will likely be something on offer to suit your tastes. 

5. Shop the Sales

After the festive period, many stores typically hold sales right into the new year.

Indulge your inner shopaholic and surf the sales for bargain buys. You may even find deals on next year’s Christmas presents, saving you a future job!

6. Host a Potluck Dinner Party

A potluck involves inviting friends and family around to your home, with everyone bringing their own home-cooked dish.

Make things interesting by giving every guest a particular cuisine to make or mandating a theme. 

Ways to Start the Year Off Right 

7. Make a List of Resolutions

A classic New Year’s tradition is making a list of resolutions. These typically include behaviors you’d like to change or habits you’d like to incorporate into your life for the upcoming year.

Write down your resolutions to make them easier to stick to, then display them colorfully around the house as reminders.

Want some help? Use our new year resolution printables to help you work toward a new you in the new year.

8. Deep Clean

They say a tidy room equals a tidy mind, so start the year off right by decluttering and deep cleaning your house.

Pay attention to appliances like your oven, which may miss out on more regular TLC.

Tackling the tougher cleaning jobs at the start of the year will mean you have to do less throughout the rest of the year to keep on top of things. 

9. Try a New Hobby

As part of their resolutions, people tend to add a new hobby to their routine. There’s no better time to start than New Year’s Day!

Whether you want to learn origami or salsa dancing, you can find a class online or in person to begin pursuing your new hobby

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10. Organize Your Wardrobe

How many items of clothing in your wardrobe do you wear regularly? If the amount is anything less than 100% of the clothes you own, it’s time for a clear-out. 

Getting rid of old clothes not only clears up storage for other belongings but can also benefit the community.

Donate your unwanted clothes to a charity, and you can be content with the knowledge that you’re supporting a worthwhile cause. 

11. Start a Journal

Journaling not only improves mental health but also allows you to document your memories to look back on in years to come.

If you don’t fancy writing in a journal every day, weekly journals are another great option.

Some journals contain gratitude lists and space to set your intentions, making them a vital tool in your wellness handbook. 

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12. Embark on a January Challenge

Whether it’s Veganuary or Dry January, embark on a month-long challenge to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle.

You never know, at the end of the month, you may decide to make some permanent changes!

13. Take a Picture a Day

Start a new tradition by taking a picture of something every day. It could be a selfie, a photo of a loved one, or a photo of something you’ve seen and enjoyed that day.

By the end of the year, you’ll have 365 photographs to look back on, documenting your year from start to finish.

14. Movie Night

If you’re squeezed for money after an expensive festive period, host a movie night at home for maximum fun with minimum cost.

Grab a bucket of popcorn and your loved ones, and gather around the TV to watch a movie of your choice.

If you have a whole evening to spare, make it a movie marathon. Harry Potter night, anyone? 

15. Visit a Museum or Art Gallery

Most museums and art galleries are either free or cheap to visit. If you’re looking to get out of the house but avoid doing anything too active, visiting a museum fits the brief.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to learn more about a particular topic, a visit to a related museum can prove especially relevant.

Many museums and galleries remain open on New Year’s Day but remember to check before making the journey.

16. Host a Virtual Call

New Year is a perfect chance to get back in touch with friends and family members who you don’t see too frequently.

Suppose you’re separated geographically, set up a virtual call to get the group together. To keep things interesting, turn your call into a virtual games night or host a virtual event. 

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At Home

17. Have a Pamper Day

The best way to wash off the old year is a soak in the bath, complete with bubbles.

Pair this with a face mask and some calming essential oils, and you’ve got yourself an at-home spa experience.

18. Host a Brunch

If you and your friends are feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on New Year’s Day, why not have them over for brunch?

From French pancakes to a full English breakfast, there are plenty of tasty brunch options to try your hand at making. If you fancy, pop open something sparkling to make it a boozy brunch.

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19. Games Night

Want to celebrate New Year’s Day from the comfort of your home without parting with much money? Host a games night! Invite your friends and family over, split into teams, and choose some classic party games to play into the evening. 

20. Get Crafty

An afternoon of arts and crafts is the perfect way to spend New Year’s Day in the house. Create some decorations for your home or gifts for others, or simply indulge your inner child with some artsy fun. 

21. Redecorate

What better time than New Year to spruce up your home? With a fresh lick of paint on the walls and a quick re-arrange of furniture, your house can look as good as new in no time.

Upcycle your older furniture to give your home a new lease of life without spending money or damaging the environment. 

22. TV Marathon

For some of us, the ideal way to spend New Year’s Day is horizontal, with our favorite TV show playing on a loop.

There are still tons of great festive TV shows around this time of year, so curl up on the sofa and dedicate yourself to a lazy day of visual entertainment. 


23. Go for a Walk

Usher in the new year with some fresh air by going on a long walk with your loved ones. To make a day of it, pack some food and a blanket for a New Year’s Day picnic.

24. Attend an Outdoor Exercise Class

Exercise frequently features on people’s list of New Year’s resolutions, so start on day one by attending an outdoor exercise class.

Outdoor yoga classes are a great option, and they frequently take place in green spaces around cities and towns.

25. Go Ice Skating

New Year’s Day doesn’t signal the end of the winter season – so don’t take off your festive hat too soon.

For a winter wonderland experience and a chance to show off your skating skills, visit an ice skating rink with your friends.

26. Attend a Park Run

If you’re in the market for a  group activity to get your heart rate pumping, sign up for one of the many organized runs that take place on New Year’s Day.

Park runs are a great inclusive option. Even if you’re not the best runner, you can enjoy some fresh air and walk the route. 

27. Visit a Local Beauty Spot

Many areas boast a beautiful viewpoint, historical ruins, or a green space. Visit your nearest spot and breathe in the new year air whilst surrounded by nature. 


28. Start a New Book

For the perfect relaxed start to a New Year, snuggle down with a good book and a cup of coffee.

A common resolution is to read more frequently, so start early by picking something to read on New Year’s Day.

If you’d like to commit to reading more often, start a book club with friends, or sign up for one in your local area.

29. Bake a Cake

Baking is the perfect way to spend an afternoon to yourself. Not only does it use up any leftover ingredients in your cupboard, but you’re also rewarded with a tasty treat at the end of it. 

30. Indulge in Some Self-Care

If you have the day all to yourself, treat yourself to some well-earned rest time.

Self-care can take many forms, whether spending the day in front of Netflix or carrying out mindful activities such as yoga and meditation. Indulge in whichever activity works for your well-being. 

31. Reflect on the Last Year

Before embarking on your plans and intentions for the new year, it can be helpful to recognize how far you’ve come.

Reflect on the last year by writing a list of what you’ve achieved and things for which you’re grateful.

Indulge in some nostalgia by putting together a scrapbook featuring your favorite photographs from the last year, as well as any sentimental notes or tickets from events you’ve enjoyed. 

32. Write a Bucket List

A bucket list is a list of things you want to do or experience in a specific time frame. To set yourself up for a year filled with fun, new experiences, write a bucket list on New Year’s Day with achievable goals that break from your usual daily routine.

Want a little help? Use our bucket list printables to help you identify some of your dream bucket list items, then commit to making them happen!

For Couples

33. Book a Night Away

The festive period can be hectic, so why not book a romantic getaway with your significant other to leave behind the hustle and bustle?

Even just one night in a romantic hotel or B&B works wonders for reducing stress, as well as affording you both some much-needed quality time. 

34. Make Dinner Together

When it comes to a romantic date night, you simply can’t beat enjoying a candlelit dinner with your other half.

This dinner doesn’t have to take place in a restaurant; you can have just as enjoyable an evening cooking together at home.

If you want to push the boat out, experiment with a new cuisine or wow one another by cooking your most showstopping dishes. 

35. Make Joint Resolutions

No doubt you both intend to make personal New Year’s resolutions – but have you considered making some for the two of you?

Making joint New Year’s resolutions is a chance to incorporate new and positive behaviors into your relationship.

Start simple, with a fun resolution that’s easy to stick to, such as committing to a date night every two weeks. 

36. Volunteer Together

Volunteering allows you to give back to the community and improve people’s lives.

Signing up to volunteer alongside your partner can make the experience less nerve-wracking and means you can share in your triumphs together. 

37. Go for a Spa Day

If you both need to de-stress after a busy year, head to the spa together for a day of facials, massages, and soaking in the jacuzzi.

You’re sure to emerge rested and ready to take on everything that the New Year has in store.

Don’t just spend the day on the couch on the first day of the new year. Start off with plenty of energy and enthusiasm, and do something fun, enjoyable, and different.

Set that precedent early on, and you’ll set yourself up for a year of new experiences, amazing memories, and epic adventures.

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Things To Do on New Year’s Day (list of 1-14 listed above)