16 Best Fridge Organization Products, Accessories, and Hacks You’ll Love

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Use these fridge organization products, accessories, and hacks, to save space and keep your food and drink clean and easy to find.

Fridge Organization Products

Best Fridge Organization Products, Accessories, and Hacks You’ll Love

Without further ado, let’s dive in, and start working toward a cleaner, tidier, and healthy refrigerator that everyone in your home can benefit from.

Beverage Organizers

1. Can Organizer

A soda can holder is ideal for stacking and storing aluminum canned sodas and other foods and drinks to make more fridge space.

With a can holder, you don’t need to worry about cans rolling from side to side. By stacking them together, you can keep them organized and stable.

This key fridge organization accessory easily slides between short fridge shelves. You can kiss goodbye to letting artisanal beers or fizzy sodas roll freely on shelves.

2. Magnetic Bottle Hangers

An innovative fridge organizing gadget, magnetic bottle hangers solve the age-old problem of stacking loose glass bottles on your shelves.

Simply attach the magnetic strips to your refrigerator ceiling, and you can store metal-capped bottles in an organized, space-saving way. More bottles stored above makes for more space, which is only a good thing in your kitchen.

3. Wine Holder Organizer

A wine rack is designed to perfectly cradle your bottles of wine, without the fear of rolling or cracking.

This free-standing wine rack can also be used to hold other cylindrical items, such as sparkling water bottles.

Simply slide it between your fridge shelves, and store wine with ease. You can also use it on tabletops and other areas of your kitchen.

Food Organizers

4. Airtight Food Storage Containers

A set of food containers is ideal if you cook food in large batches, or like to save leftovers for a later date.

Airtight containers keep your food and groceries fresh for longer. Plus, containers are easier to store and stack than plates or saucepans wrapped with clingfilm or plastic wrap.

5. Covered Egg Tray Holder

An egg tray container allows you to do away with flimsy or soggy egg cartons, keeping your eggs secure and organized and making more room on any fridge shelf.

These egg tray holders have a slim design, allowing them to slide easily between narrow shelves.

The fact you can slide the trays in and out of your fridge also makes getting your eggs so much easier. This is a simple organizational product that protects one of the most fragile foods in many fridges.

6. Fridge Storage Containers

A set of fridge containers are a simple and easy way to hack your refrigerator organization. They are great for storing both boxed and loose foods.

Storage containers can easily be moved around in larger areas of your fridge. Versatile and functional, these containers can bring calm and order to tightly packed fridges.

7. Herb Saver

A herb saver is an essential organizational product for anyone who cooks with herbs and other plants on a regular basis.

Herb savers keep your herbs fresh for much longer. This stops unnecessary food waste and gives any bought herbs the chance to be used long after the packaging has been opened.

Plus, this nifty container helps keep your fridge cleaner. Herbs can shed and stain when left for too long.

8. Fridge Drawers

These bin drawers make retrieving food from a packed refrigerator so much easier. The sliding drawer has to be one of the greatest organizing hacks in today’s fridges.

Easily attached beneath refrigerator trays, bin drawers can be pulled out for easy access to whatever food you decide to store in them.

Fridge drawers utilize the capacity between each tray much better. No longer will you need to reach to the back of your fridge, or pull out products to get to other foods.

9. Yogurt Slider Organizer

A yogurt organizer is another innovative way to store yogurts, often one of your fridge’s most fragile and space-consuming foods.

A yoghurt slider, like bottle organizers, are easily installed in your fridge. You can mount them to either your fridge ceiling, back, or the sides.

Rounded yogurt pots of many sizes can be slid into and out of the organizer, reducing the risk of damaged lids and freeing up tray space for other foods.

10. Lazy Susan

A lazy susan organizer makes food and items in your fridge much easier to reach, whether they are stored in the front or at the back.

The lazy susan has a rotating tray, allowing you to rotate through your items until you find the ones you need.

You can equip your refrigerator with several of these clever fridge organizational accessories. This will allow you to reach all your food with ease.

11. Reusable Food Storage Bags

A set of reusable food storage bags can make storing food in your fridge safer, easier, and far less messier.

Storage bags can be used to all kinds of loose and cooked food, including soups, fruit and vegetables, and leftovers. They can also be used for meal prep and to-go lunches and snacks.

Unique but Useful

12. Medicine Locker Box

A lockable medicine box is an ideal fridge organizing container for expensive or important refrigerated products.

You may have to store essential medicines at a cold temperature. Or maybe you want to keep alcohol out of your children’s way.

A locker box can be seamlessly slid into your fridge. The digit combination code lock gives you peace of mind while your kitchen and refrigerator are left unattended.


13. Fridge Labels

A set of fridge labels are a fun and stylish way to label some or all of the products and foods in your refrigerator.

Fridge labels can be used on bins or containers to segment foods, meal containers, and individual foods themselves.

14. Refrigerator Mat Liners

A simple refrigerator liner or fruit & veggie life extender liner can do wonders when it comes to keeping your refrigerator clean and hygienic.

Fridge liners can be used to line your trays with ease. Spills, crumbs, and mess are easily absorbed and gathered in the liner, preventing stains and mess on the walls and trays of your fridge.

Life extender liners go a step further. These liners are made of a special anti-mold material, allowing your fruit and vegetables to last much longer.

15. Fridge Side Rack

A refrigerator side wall rack is the perfect organizational tool to utilize the space on the outside of your fridge.

Side wall racks are commonly magnetic, meaning they instantly attach to the side of metal refrigerators with ease.

You can use this clever product as a spice rack, to store dried foods like pasta or rice, or to hold salt shakers and other kitchen essentials.

16. Bonus: Refrigerator Deodorizer

This refrigerator deodorizer is ideal for removing bad odors and smells that can fester inside your fridge.

Simply keep the deodorizer in your fridge. This excellent device can remove smells within hours of being placed inside your fridge or freezer.

The inside of your refrigerator should be a place of calm and cleanliness, not one of chaos and mess.

Especially when it comes to food, extra measures should always be taken to reduce disorganized and unhygienic conditions.

These products, accessories, and hacks will help you keep your fridge clean, organized, and easy to use.

With your refrigerator in full ‘Marie Kondo’ mode, you can cook, store leftovers, and pour a crisp glass of chilled wine after a long yet productive week without hassle or stress.

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