30 Best Party Games for Adults to Try

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Bring a healthy dose of fun, bonding, and competitive spirit to your next dinner party or gathering with these party games for adults, and may the best team win!

Party Games for Adults

Best Party Games for Adults to Try (List of Ideas 1-14 listed below)


1. Cards Against Humanity

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If you’re looking for a party game to get your guests laughing, Cards Against Humanity will do just that. But beware, the cards are not for the faint-hearted!

If you’ve got dark humor, a few rounds of this game will have your sides splitting.

Players draw ten white cards. The Card Czar (according to the game instructions, this should be the person who most recently went to the toilet) picks one black card which contains a phrase with a missing word or two.

The other players must select one of their white cards to match this phrase. The winner is the person who the Card Czar thinks had the funniest answer. Make sure no children are in earshot when playing this game!

2. Connect 4

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Connect 4 is a strategy game that all the family can enjoy. It’s easy to set up and can provide hours of fun for all involved.

The game works by dropping red or yellow disks into a grid, with the aim of being the first to match four colors in a row.

If you’re a strategic thinker with the ability to quickly recognize patterns, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this game!

3. Exploding Kittens

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Exploding Kittens has become a popular game in recent years. The name certainly captures people’s attention.

The card highly strategic card game accommodates two to five players, and the aim is to trick other players into drawing an exploding kitten card, which eliminates them from the game. It’s a lot of fun, with plenty of strategy and outthinking your opponents.

4. Social Sabotage

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You know that feeling when you accidentally post something to social media when you didn’t mean to? This game will give you that same feeling, except the whole point of the game is to embarrass yourself on social media.

It’s the ultimate awkward party game. Players receive cards that tell them to share certain messages to social media and must pick the card which is the least humiliating.

Once they’ve picked a card, they’ll have to post that message to their personal social media account. It’ll certainly liven up your next event.

5. What Do You Meme?

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This meme-based game has captured the attention of many in recent years. Inspired by pop culture, ‘What Do You Meme?’ is a card game where players match a photo card containing an internet meme with a caption card, creating hilarious meme combinations in the process.

You can also purchase different editions, including a UK version, an NSFW pack, a Game of Thrones edition, and other expansion packs.


6. The Hot Seat

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The Hot Seat is a card game where you can find out exactly who knows you best. Players will answer questions pretending to be you and will likely reveal embarrassing or hilarious facts about you in the process.

You can play this game again and again as answers will change depending on who is playing. So get ready to learn what your friends think of you!

7. Musical Chairs

This game isn’t just for children – adults can play, too! Clear a space in your living room, gather as many chairs as you can find, and play some music. When the music stops, players must find a chair to sit in.

As time goes on, chairs will systematically be taken away, so there are more players than chairs.

If players cannot find a chair to sit in when the music stops, they will be disqualified. The winner is the person who sits in the final chair.

8. Beer Pong

This drinking game requires players to throw a ping pong ball across a table with the intention of the ball landing in a cup.

If the ball lands in a cup, the liquid in the cup is consumed, and the cup is removed from the table. The first team to get rid of all their opponent’s cups wins.

Beer is optional; if you’re feeling daring (and you’re not a lightweight), why not fill the cups with different types of alcohol?


9. Croquet

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If the sun is shining, and you’ve got the equipment, a game of croquet might be on the cards! The aim of the game is to hit a ball through a hoop which is placed in the ground using a croquet bat. 

10. Twister

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If you’re looking for a game that’ll make you laugh, consider Twister. Players spin the spinner, which tells them to place a body part on one of the mat’s designated color circles.

Players are eliminated if they fall from their position or touch the mat with their elbow or knee. As you can imagine, people end up in some hilarious poses!

11. Tag

Tag (sometimes called tig or tiggy) is a game involving two or more players who chase each other in an attempt to ‘tag’ each other. Whoever is tagged is marked as out of play.

Traditionally a children’s playground game, why not round up some close friends and play a game in the garden? It’ll undoubtedly get you giggling!

12. Giant Jenga

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Think you’ve got good hand-eye coordination? Test yourself by playing giant Jenga outdoors with a couple of friends.

Players take turns to remove one block at a time from a stacked block of 54 wooden pieces. As more pieces are removed, the structure becomes unstable. Whoever removes the wooden piece that causes the structure to collapse loses the game. 

On Zoom/Virtual

13. Jack in the Box

The Jackbox Party Pack is a game that can be played with friends over a video call. You can purchase a range of game packs, including word association games, quizzes, drawing challenges, and more. You’re sure to find a game to your liking.

14. Bingo

Who doesn’t love a good game of bingo? There are various free bingo games on mobile app stores and online, meaning you can play over Zoom with your loved ones.

15. Trivia

Trivia is a great way to get everyone involved in a virtual setting. You can find free trivia questions online, or you can get creative and come up with your own questions.

Including personalized trivia questions on topics that the other players enjoy will ensure everyone has a good time.

16. Heads Up

The game can be downloaded online on iOS or Android devices, where players can choose from a range of subjects such as animals and actors.

A player places their phone on their forehead, which displays something relating to their chosen topic. The other participants will then give clues until the player guesses the correct answer.

17. Charades

Looking for a game that combines acting, drama, and guessing? Charades might be for you. It has transitioned beautifully into an online classic.

A player will choose a word or phrase to act out, and the other players have to guess what it is, and whoever guesses correctly first wins the round.

The catch? The player acting out the word or phrase can’t speak. The game originated in 16th-century France and was a popular form of after-dinner entertainment. 

18. Two Truths and a Lie

This game does what it says on the tin – gather a group of people and tell them two true things, say, you’ve owned a dog, and you’re a natural brunette, and a lie, something believable so you can trick the other players into thinking it’s true.

Then, the rest of the players have to guess which statement is a lie. Whoever guesses correctly wins the round.

19. Online Poker

While conventional poker generally needs cards, chips, and a large table, online poker is effortless to play online.

Nearly all online poker services allow you to play for free, for fun, without having to put any money into the game.

You can set up parties with both strangers and friends, and let the computer do all the complicated math and dealing for you. Hours of fun lay in wait.

Simple (Minimal or No Supplies Required)

20. Truth or Dare

This popular game can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Players take turns asking the question “truth or dare?”, the choice is between whether they should reveal something honestly or take on a (usually humiliating) dare.

You can choose to ask tame questions or delve into some less appropriate topics if it’s only adults playing. Either way, the classic game will undoubtedly keep your next gathering interesting!

21. Never Have I Ever

You’ll want to play this game with people that you trust! Players take it in turns listing experiences they’ve had. If a player has had the same experience, they must take a sip of their drink.

Get ready to learn a lot of new information about your friends – this one definitely isn’t family-friendly!

22. Name That Tune

It’s a game that is what it says on the tin – gather a group of friends and hum a tune. Whoever guesses correctly wins!

If you’re struggling to think of a tune to hum, why not try the Harry Potter or The Simpsons theme song?

23. Would You Rather?

Get to know people better by playing this game. The game is simple. Ask players a question of your choice, such as, “would you rather find true love or win the lottery?” or “would you rather be beautiful and stupid or unattractive but a genius?”.

The game can get pretty deep – but you’ll learn new things about those around you.

Board Games

24. Monopoly

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If you’re looking for a quick board game – this one probably isn’t for you. The average monopoly game takes around 45 minutes, but it can be closer to 90 minutes with four or more players.

We recommend that you read the instructions booklet before playing, as it can seem complicated at first.

However, once you get the gist of how it works, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable game loved by millions of people across the globe.

25. Scrabble

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Scrabble is one of the most famous board games globally, and over 150 million copies of the game have been sold in 121 countries.

The game accommodates two to four players who compete to form words on a 225-square board, where the words are positioned in a crossword puzzle format.

26. The Game of Life

Experience the rollercoaster that is life in this fun, colorful board game. The game consists of a gameboard, spinner, 100 cards, spin to win tokens, four cars for each player, 24 people pegs, 12 pet pegs, a money pack, and a game guide.

Move the cars around the board as you experience life’s ups and downs: new careers, the birth of children, mid-life crises, job losses, and more.

27. Cluedo

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First invented in 1949, Cluedo has been one of the world’s most-loved games for over 70 years.

The murder mystery game can accommodate between two and six players depending on the edition and requires you to use your deduction skills to work out who committed a murder.

You can even purchase themed Cluedo boards, including but not limited to Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and The Simpsons.

28. Trivial Pursuit

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Do you want to test your general knowledge? Trivial Pursuit allows you and accommodates two to six players.

By correctly answering questions from categories such as geography, history, entertainment, literature, science and nature, and sports and leisure, players can navigate their way across the board in an attempt to be the first to cross the finish line.

Like Cluedo, you can purchase themed editions of Trivial Pursuit, such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Rick and Morty, and the TV series Friends.

29. Pictionary

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Pictionary is a classic game that is bound to keep your guests entertained. All you need is a pen, paper, the Pictionary game board, a timer, two dice, and cards with words of things that players should draw.

The aim of the game is to guess what has been drawn by another player. If you guess correctly, you move further across the game board, and whoever reaches the end wins. 

30. Codenames

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This board game has two teams competing, each with one “spymaster”. The spymaster hands out single-word clues, which could correspond to one or more words already on the board.

It is the rest of the team’s job to guess what word the spymaster is pointing to, all the while trying not to slip up and say a word belonging to another team.

Party games don’t just have to be for kids! There are plenty of problem-solving, move-busting, belly-laughing moments to be had with all of these awesome adult party games!

Choose one or more that your whole party will love, and help them inject plenty of intrigue, fun, and joy into your evening, no matter who you’re inviting over.

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Best Party Games for Adults to Try (list of games 1-14 listed above)