Fun and Simple Free New Year’s Eve Bingo Printable

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My free New Year’s Eve Bingo printable is a super simple way to entertain the whole family on New Year’s Eve.

As with games like “I Spy” or “Charades,” often all you need to have fun is to use what’s around you and your senses. New Year’s Eve bingo is so easy, casual, and low-effort, yet will keep everyone on their toes!

Get This New Year’s Eve Bingo Printable for Free

I’ve put together two printables for you. The first has a set of pre-determined items for you. That way, if you’re in a rush, you can use it straight away.

The other is a blank bingo card. If you have time, you can get really creative. Either write each item or use a picture to represent it.

How to Play

You can either put people into teams or let everyone play on their own. Simply print off a bingo page for each team or player and give them a marker or something to check off each item.

Do this at the start of your party. From there, it’s on all players to keep their eyes and ears peeled for all the items, sights, and sounds.

Want to stop people cheating? This is where smartphones can come in handy. You could get everyone to either photograph the item once they see it or record the sounds when they hear them as proof.

Get together some awesome prizes for the team or person that finishes first, and have lots of fun with this super easy game.

Don’t Forget to Pin and Save It

We’ve all been there – you agree to host for NYE, and all of a sudden, the night is upon you and there’s SO MUCH to do!

Make your life easier. Create a NYE party planning board, and save this game to it. When that weird time between Christmas and New Year comes around, you can get ahead and start planning.