Fun Gifts For Wine Lovers (Great for Birthdays, Housewarmings, and the Holidays)

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Treat a fellow wine drinker to something they will cherish for years to come with these fun and creative gifts for wine lovers and take their love of this beloved beverage to new heights.

Gifts for Wine Lovers

Gifts for wine lovers (short list of ideas 1-14 written below).

Best Gifts

Wine Bottle Insulator

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Is the wine lover in your life sick of having their red wine too cold or their white wine too warm?

Invest in a wine bottle insulator so that the lucky recipient can sip their wine just at the temperature they like it. 

Insulated Stemless Wine Glass

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If you’re looking for a gift for your favorite wine connoisseur, look no further than an insulated wine glass. Insulated wine tumblers keep your wine at the perfect temperature and boast on-the-go convenience.

Owning a portable insulated wine glass benefits the environment, too, removing the need for plastic cups at outdoor events and when traveling. 

The lucky recipient of an insulated wine glass will be able to take their favorite beverage anywhere, in style, and at the perfect temperature. A picnic with prosecco in the park, anyone?

Insulated Wine Tote Bag

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The wine enthusiast in your life would be thrilled to receive a trendy and practical insulated wine cooler tote bag, making it easier than ever to transport your port and do so in style.

A wine carrier is ideal for transporting wine to picnics, house parties, BYOB restaurants, and even for traveling – guaranteed to make any wine lover happy. 

Personal Wine Chiller

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Personal wine chillers are one of the best ways to keep wine perfectly chilled in your glass, removing the need for ice cubes.

A personal wine chiller is an ideal gift for a wine lover, acting as the quintessential accompaniment to a glass of white or rosé. 

Their Favorite Wine Bottle

When buying a gift for a wine lover, you can’t go wrong with their favorite bottle.

Whether it’s something more expensive than they’d typically buy themselves, or just an old classic that hits the spot every time, buying your loved one their favorite bottle of wine is the ideal gift.

It also shows that you do listen to their impassioned speeches about their favorite varieties of grapes!

Unique Gifts

Wine ‘Condoms’

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For a novelty, yet practical gift to delight the wine lover in your life, look no further than wine condoms.

These protective wine coverings have a shrink-to-fit technology, meaning you can use them to seal any bottle – keeping the wine fresher for longer.

Wine condoms will likely elicit a giggle from the recipient, but they could also be valuable tools in any connoisseur’s arsenal.

Wine Purifier and Chiller

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Drinking wine at the optimal temperature is a must for wine lovers. A wine chiller and purifier offer two benefits in one, the ability to keep your wine cool while also removing histamines and sulfite preservatives. 

The removal of the sulfites allows wine enthusiasts to experience new flavors and aromas of their favorite wines without any bitterness.

Sulfite-free wine is also less likely to cause hangovers, meaning your loved one can enjoy a tipple or two without worrying about your head the next day. 

Wine Chiller Stick

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A wine chiller stick is a great gift for friends who are particular about having their tipple at a specific temperature. Chiller sticks are placed in your bottle of wine as a cork and help bring your wine to the perfect drinking temperature. 

Most chiller sticks use innovative freeze gel to keep your white wine cold or cool down a room-temperature red. This gift boasts the maximum convenience factor for the wine lover in your life. 

Wine-Making Kit

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What do you buy for the person who has tried every wine under the sun? A kit to help them make their own, of course!

Surprise your wine-loving bestie with a kit that allows them to create a bottle of luxury wine – all from the comfort of their own home.

If you’re lucky, they might even let you try a glass at the next dinner party!

Budget-Friendly Gifts

Wine Saver Pump and Bottle Stoppers

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Sometimes after a hard day at work, you want to pour yourself a glass of red wine to decompress. However, if you’re opening a corked bottle, you may feel you have to drink the whole thing as there’s no lid. Here’s where a wine-saver pump comes in!

Wine saver pumps and bottle stoppers allow you to seal your opened bottle of wine, keeping it fresh for up to a week. This is the perfect gift for those who like to indulge in a small evening tipple. 

Wine Folly Guide

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Does the wine aficionado in your life also love to read? If you’re gift-hunting for fans of wine and literature alike, look no further than a Wine Folly guide to wine.

Reading about wine is sure to deepen any budding wine expert’s knowledge base and introduce them to new grapes to add to their (likely ever-growing) wine collection. 

Magnetic Wine Charms

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We all know the feeling. You’ve briefly put down your glass of Chardonnay at a dinner party, and when you go to pick it back up, there are four identical glasses, and you’ve got no idea which is yours!

Save your wine-loving friend (or your dinner party guests) from this fate by investing in a set of magnetic wine charms.

These easy-to-use charms allow you to distinguish whose glass is whose, avoiding any unhygienic mix-ups. Plus, they look great!

Wine Aerator Pourer

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Having a perfectly aerated glass of wine is essential for many wine lovers.

Using an aerator pourer when pouring instantly infuses your wine with just the right amount of oxygen so that you can experience a better-quality glass of wine in seconds.

This gift is a must-have for any wine aficionado who wants aerated wine but just can’t wait for it to be decanted before drinking.

Wine Stain Remover

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Every red wine lover knows that the only downside to their favorite drink is the messy stains it can leave if you accidentally knock over a glass!

Fix this issue for the wine lover in your life by gifting them a wine stain remover – a cleaner for any stains that rear their head on rugs, carpets, and upholstery.

A wine stain remover is a must-have accompaniment to any dinner party where the red wine is flowing. 

Wine Bottle Straws

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Do you know somebody passionate about wine and the environment? Gift them a pack of reusable wine bottle straws, allowing them to sip on their favorite tipple while avoiding single-use plastic.

These convenient and easy-to-use straws are designed to fit into a bottle of wine, but their use doesn’t have to be limited to wine.

Wine bottle straws can also be used for smoothies and soft drinks, making them a versatile gift for any lucky recipient.

Luxury Gifts

Wine Subscription

When it comes to finding a gift for the discerning wine lover in your life, you can’t go wrong with a wine subscription.

A subscription such as Winc allows wine buffs to try out different wines through regular deliveries.

Signing up for a subscription takes the guesswork out of buying wine by introducing you to new varieties of wine with minimal effort required. All you have to do is wait for your delivery, open, and sip!

Wine Cooler Carrier

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If you’re in the market for a luxury gift for your wine-loving friend or family member, a wine cooler carrier is a perfect choice.

Wine cooler carriers are available in a variety of styles, meaning you can opt for a look that suits your loved one’s aesthetic, allowing them to keep their wine at the ideal temperature without compromising on style. 

Coravin Model Five Advanced

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It can be tricky to shop for wine aficionados who seem to have everything. However, a wine preservation system is a unique gift that will change even the most dedicated wine connoisseur’s life. 

The Coravin wine system allows you to pour wine quickly without having to remove the cork, keeping your wine fresh and safe from oxidation for weeks and even months.

This slick system uses a special needle to pierce through the cork and access the wine with no need for cork removal, meaning you can cherish a special bottle for as long as it deserves. 

Electric Wine Aerator

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An electric wine aerator is a game-changer for those who like to decant their wine but don’t like the wait.

Electric wine aerators allow instant decanting within seconds at the touch of a button. This innovative technology enables wine lovers to drink wine at its best without any hassle or time spent waiting. 

Cool and Interesting Gifts

The World Atlas of Wine

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No wine connoisseur’s book collection is complete without an atlas of wine. This trusty hardcover takes readers on a journey across the globe by exploring each continent’s unique approach to wine-making.

It’s the essential guide for anyone with a thirst for wine knowledge who wants to show off their expert mastery of wine at the next dinner party. 

Wine Bottle and Glass Holder

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If you’re searching for a quirky gift for a wine lover – look no further than a wine bottle and glass holder.

A wine bottle and glass holder will complement any connoisseur’s countertop and allow easy access to a bottle of wine and drinking glasses when the mood strikes. 

Wine Glasses

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A set of good-quality wine glasses is a must-have for any wine enthusiast. After all, if you’re be going to be drinking the best that the world of wine has to offer, you should do it in style!

With so many different style options to suit different grapes, there are endless glass options to gift your wine-loving friend. 

Funny Gifts

Wine Glass Holder for the Bath

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Indulging in a bubble bath or soapy shower is a great way to decompress after a stressful day. The perfect addition to relax you further is a glass of wine.

So, why not give the gift of relaxation to your wine-loving bestie in the form of a silicone wine glass holder? That way, they can sip while enjoying the bubbles. 

Wine Bottle Holder

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A wine bottle holder rickshaw is the ideal gift for a wine lover with a sense of humor. This quirky wine holder will make a statement on any countertop while keeping your bottle of wine stable.

It’s a piece of artwork and a practical item all in one and a great choice for any wine aficionado who loves interesting decor. 

Wine Wars Trivia Game

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A wine trivia game would make the perfect gift for somebody interested in wine who wants to test their trivia skills and even learn some new facts along the way. 

Not only will a wine trivia game allow any wine aficionado to show off their knowledge of grapes and wine production at the next dinner party, but it will also guarantee a night of fun.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized Wine Serving Tray

The easiest way to make a gift sentimental is to have it personalized. Treat your wine-loving friend to a beautiful wine serving tray from Uncommon Goods, personalized with their name.

They’ll be the hostess with the mostess at their next dinner party, boasting a stylish and sentimental wine serving tray to display their best grapes. 

Personalized Cork Holder – Monogram Letter

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A personalized cork holder monogram letter is the best gift for any wine lover wanting to add a personal touch to their decor.

Most letters hold approximately 100 corks, allowing wine enthusiasts to document their favorite wines by adding their corks to the design. The cork-holding letter is an ideal present for weddings, housewarmings, and more.

Whoever you’re buying for, if wine is their drink of choice, there’s a world of awesome gadgets and cool accessories you can get that they’re sure to love.

From elevating the taste to novelty items, if your gift recipient loves to drink wine, use our gift guide to find them something that will put a smile on their face.

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Gifts for wine lovers (short list of ideas 1-14 written below).