26 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts People Will Love

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Stuck for gift ideas with the holidays around the corner? These last-minute Christmas gift ideas are perfect for bringing a smile to someone’s face when time is of the essence.

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas (list of ideas 1-14)

Many of these gift ideas are instant, digital, and give your gift recipient a level of choice.

For those on your shopping list who are just so difficult to buy for, these are great choices when you feel like you’re simply out of ideas.

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

1. Masterclass Annual Membership

Hundreds of awesome online courses await with this great online membership. Your gift recipient can learn how to cook with Gordon Ramsay, or the art of negotiation with Chris Voss, from the comfort of their own home.

2. Audible Membership

Audiobooks are a great way to help someone rediscover their love of reading. Thousands upon thousands of titles can be enjoyed via audio with an Audible subscription.

3. Blinkist Gift Card

Blinkist helps anyone get the key takeaways from nonfiction bestsellers, and it is a great choice for someone who loves to learn but simply can’t find the time to read.

4. Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is essentially an ebook library, allowing your gift recipient to rent millions of books to enjoy on their Kindle or e-reader. It’s a great way to read, without having to invest heavily in expensive new books all the time.

5. Amazon Prime

For lovers of TV, film, and plenty of other media, a Prime membership is a brilliant gift idea to give them this Christmas. Prime is home to an amazing array of award-winning TV shows, films, and so much more.

6. Rosetta Stone

Is the person you are buying for a curious mind that loves to learn? Help them learn a new language through a Rosetta Stone subscription, and give them a new challenge in their life.

7. Coffee Subscription from Driftaway

If the person you’re looking to find a gift for loves to drink coffee, a Driftaway subscription could be the perfect gift. They deliver eco-conscious, personalized coffee to your door, and they even have the option to give their service as a gift.

8. italki Gift Card

Introduce someone you know who loves to learn, travel, and broaden their horizons to italki, an amazing online language learning community where they can learn from over 150 languages by speaking with professional tutors online.

9. Airbnb Experiences Gift Card

From cocktail making to learning magic, there’s so much to learn and enjoy through AirBnB Experiences.

10. Udemy Courses

Help someone you’re close to level up in their professional life. Pick one or more Udemy courses and give someone you care about the gift of learning new skills and opening up new opportunities in their career. Simply navigate to the course you selected, and click on “Gift this course.”

11. Disney+ Gift Subscription

Is the person you’re buying for a real film buff, or loves their TV shows? A Disney+ gift subscription gives them access to hundreds of films and shows from Marvel, Pixar, and many other beloved Disney characters.

12. Spa Package

Struggling to find more last-minute gift ideas? Who doesn’t love an afternoon of relaxation and treatments at a nearby spa? A spa package will help them find some much-needed relaxation and me-time.

13. Birchbox Gift Subscription

If your gift recipient is keen on more than a little self-care, a Birchbox subscription will send them new and exciting beauty products for their skin, hair, and so much more every month.

14. Blue Apron Gift Card

If your gift recipient leads a busy life, a Blue Apron gift card can allow them to try one of the most popular meal delivery services on the market. They’ll get delicious meals they choose delivered to their door, ready for them to cook and enjoy.

15. Hello Fresh Subscription

Fresh, delicious, step-by-step recipes delivered to their door makes a Hello Fresh subscription a last-minute Christmas gift idea with real purpose and potential.

16. Wine of the Month Club

Does your gift recipient love their fine wines? If so, gifting them a Wine of the Month Club subscription can open their palate to exciting and delicious new wines, delivered to their door.

17. Winc Wine Gift Card

With a Winc wine gift card, sampling from a world of wonderful craft wines is nothing more than a few simple clicks away. For wine drinkers and enthusiasts, this is a fast and thoughtful gift that’s ready in seconds.

18. Craft Beer Club Subscription

For lovers of beer, a Craft Beer Club subscription works in the same way. They’ll get hand-picked beers sent to their home address to try and delve into a world of uncharted tastes with one of their favorite beverages.

19. Carnivore Club Subscription

What meat-loving foodie wouldn’t want delicious, new, and exciting artisanal meats sent to their door? A simple, easy, and great subscription for any meat-eating person who loves to cook.

20. Monthly Fruit Club Subscription

Curious foodies and health enthusiasts alike will find plenty of joy and value in the Fruit Company’s subscription box, which is effortless to gift and introduces them to exciting fruits from all over the world.

21. GlobeIn Artisan Subscription

A GlobeIn Artisan subscription will send your gift recipient handcrafted and artisanal items from all over the world, helping them support women and their craft in many different countries. This is a great gift for anyone who is difficult to buy for but is more than happy to contribute to a great cause.

22. Scentbird Subscription

Is your gift recipient one for wearing colognes and perfumes at all times of the week? Open their senses to wonderous scents with a Scentbird subscription, and help them add authentic and wonderous fragrances to their selection.

23. Saks Fifth Avenue Gift Card

Does your gift recipient keep on top of the latest fashion trends and loves more than a little outfit shopping? Consider a Saks Fifth Avenue gift card that will allow them to get the latest designer pieces.

24. Simply Cook Subscription

If you’re in the UK, Simply Cook can bring authentic cooking from all over the world into anyone’s kitchen. A meal kit subscription with a real international twist, anyone who loves cooking and trying new food will get plenty of joy from Simply Cook’s choice of recipes.

25. Chewy Gift Card

If you’re struggling to pick a gift for someone and they have a dog, this is the gift you need to get them. A Chewy gift card will allow the recipient to pick goodies and accessories for their furry best friend.

26. Donation in Their Name

For people who are difficult to buy for, donating to a worthwhile cause can be a great gesture during the festive period. You’ll feel great, they’ll feel great, and a charity doing great work will get your support.

No matter how little time or inspiration you have, there’s always a great gift out there for whoever you’re shopping for.

These gifts are ideal for last-minute shopping as they’re not physical products that need days to be shipped.

Get inspired to give someone close to you a gift with plenty of thought and meaning with our awesome list, no matter how last-minute it is!

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Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas (list of ideas 1-14)