Best Movie Night Gift Basket DIY Ideas

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Recreate the iconic and luxurious feel of going to the cinema from the comfort of your couch with our DIY movie night gift basket – perfect for date night, Saturday night, or for movie buffs, any night!

Movie Night Gift Basket DIY

DIY movie night gift basket (ideas 1-12 listed below).

1. Popcorn

Movie night DIY gift basket.

Be it popcorn kernels you make yourself or a wide range of flavored popcorn from a package, no movie night is complete without this iconic cinema snack.

Popcorn kernels in a glass jar and a comfy blanket.

Get ready for plenty of munching, crunching, and rustling! Movie night simply isn’t the same without it.

2. Popcorn Boxes/Popcorn Bucket

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To keep things easy and a little less messy, you’ll want to have a box or bucket on hand to keep a big mound of popcorn.

There are plenty of options, but just make sure the bowl, box, or bucket you choose is large enough to hold all the popcorn you plan to eat – bigger is better!

3. Popcorn Seasonings

Popcorn kernels in a jar and packaged popcorn.

If you do want to make your own popcorn from kernels, think about how you’d like to flavor it. Cinemas will offer the conventional sweet or salty flavors, but there’s plenty of room to get creative.

Have a look at supermarket aisles, and you’ll see plenty of flavors. Crunchy toffee and salted caramel are two of my favorites, and all you need to do is add plenty of seasoning to your kernels to enhance their flavor.

Or, you can also buy a ready-made popcorn seasoning set.

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4. Candy

M&M and Skittles candy.

A little sweet, sugary, and chocolatey goodness compliments the popcorn well, particularly as not everyone enjoys popcorn at the movies. M&M’s and Skittles are two of my personal favorites.

To really spice things up, pour your chocolates and candies into a big bowl, to make a pick ‘n’ mix to enjoy while watching the movie.

5. Coke

Bottled diet Coke for the DIY movie basket.

Nothing washes down a mouthful of popcorn or a handful of candy quite like a refreshing glug of coke.

The glass bottles are perfect for a smoother, more refreshing taste. Be sure to get yourself some straws too.

6. Blanket

Popcorn and a comfy blanket.

The comfort and warmth of the cinema chairs are a big part of the appeal of going to the theatre.

So, when you snuggle down on your couch or chair with your snacks for movie night, be sure to have a thick, comfy blanket with you.

That way you’ll stay warm, cozy, and take the movie night enjoyment to a whole new level.

7. Gift Card (Google Play, Amazon, Itunes)

There are plenty of ways to watch movies at home, from Blu-ray to seeing what’s hot on Netflix or other streaming services.

However, giving someone a gift card for a service such as Amazon Prime or Google Play gives you far more choice when it comes to buying or renting movies.

Newer releases tend to take a while to arrive on streaming services but are usually available to buy or rent digitally, not long after their theatre run ends.

8. Movie Night Sign (Optional)

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Add a touch of class and feel-good factor to your at-home theatre with a cool movie night sign.

There’s a wide range of awesome signs out there, many of which pay homage to some timeless classics. Plus, in a dark room, a neon or well-lit sign is going to look gorgeous.

9. More Snacks

Penn state pretzels and Kind nut bars.
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You can never have enough great food when watching movies! Aside from your popcorn and candy, be sure to have plenty of choices for everyone involved.

Pretzels, snack bars, and nuts are always good options, and generally come packaged, so that there won’t be too much fussing and mess while the movie is playing.

10. Popcorn Machine

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If you really want to add the ‘wow’ factor to your’s or someone else’s movie night, consider getting a popcorn machine.

With its beautiful design and crackling sounds, a popcorn machine can take pride and place in any kitchen, cooking the kernels while you wait for the movie to start.

This is a real throwback to the golden age of cinema, and a great way to add a touch of novelty to an at-home movie night.

For a Luxury Movie Night Gift Basket DIY

11. Projector

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While today’s TVs are big and crisp enough to display movies with glorious precision, a projector is a wonderful way to recreate a cozy cinema look and feel.

The beauty of a projector is in its versatility. As long as there’s enough space between the projector and the wall, you can set it up in most places around the house.

Maybe you want to take movie night to bed, or maybe there’s another room without a TV in the house that’s perfect for watching films. Either way, a projector can add a touch of magic to your movie night.

12. Projector Screen or Sheet

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If you use a projector and you don’t have a clear, white wall, consider a projector screen or hanging a blank, white sheet to project your movie onto.

You could pin it to the wall, hang it via thread or rope and pegs, or drape it over a beam, pole, or curtain rod.

With my DIY movie night gift basket, going to the movies doesn’t have to be a time-intensive and expensive affair.

Be it for you, a loved one or friend, or a gift to someone you know, today it’s never been easier to recreate the sounds and feel of the movie theatre in the comfort of your own home.

Have fun with your DIY movie nights, and enjoy some amazing movies in comfort and style – the way they were intended to be watched!

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