17 Best Hostess Gift Ideas – Thoughtful Gifts to Say Thank You to the Host

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Get inspired to bring a smart, practical, and memorable gift to your next holiday dinner party with my list of luxurious hostess gift ideas.

Best Hostess Gift Ideas

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1. Winesulator

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A winesulator is the perfect way to bring a bottle of delicious and expensive wine to any house party or fancy dinner.

Winesulators can keep a whole bottle of wine fresh, crisp, and served at the right temperature, for up to 24 hours. Even by the end of the evening, your wine will still taste splendid.

This is a hostess gift idea with both style and longevity. A winesulator can be used over and over again, at picnics, beach days, and future parties and gatherings.

2. Bamboo Cheese Board

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One of the most awesome hostess gifts, an elegant and decadent cheese board has all the ingredients, quite literally, to steal the show of any dinner table or food spread.

This bamboo cheese board has a gorgeous streaked wood finish. It has compartments for crispy crackers, rich and delicious cheeses, and other foods like grapes and olives.

3. Tea Sampler Set

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A tea sampler set is a great gift box to bring to dinner parties and gatherings if your hostess enjoys hot drinks.

Tea sets allow you to sample teas from all over the world. The various aromas and exquisite tastes are excellent conversation starters while helping you relax and unwind.

Your hostess can share them on the coffee table with guests, friends, and family, or enjoy them for their morning brew.

4. Acacia Drinks Coasters Set

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A drinks coasters set is more than a functional gift for a hostess. Drink coasters can also add a dash of style and luxury to any kitchen or dining room decor.

Acacia wood is always a good choice. It has a rich, deep color, and its organic pattern looks delightful on so many coffee or dinner tables, making for a stylish gift to give at your next party.

5. Chocolate Set

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Who doesn’t love some expensive chocolates? A luxurious chocolate set is sure to bring a smile to the face of your host or hostess.

Chocolate sets, rather than individual flavors, allow you to cater to a much broader palate.

Some people like the smooth, savory notes of dark chocolate, while others adore the sweetness and richness of milk chocolate.

6. Coffee Syrup Sampler Set

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Coffee syrups are a wonderful way to elevate the taste and flavor of coffee and recreate the classic coffee shop taste.

Whether your host or hostess drinks coffee for pleasure or as morning fuel, syrups can be used in all types of coffees.

A coffee syrup set is a unique and delightful gift to say thank you to any coffee-drinking host or hostess.

7. Honey Sampler Set

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A honey sampler set is a sweet, luxurious, and indulgent gift your hostess can use with so many foods and drinks.

Honey adds a dash of rich sweetness when drizzled on crackers, cheese, and other snacks and nibbles.

Or your host can keep your delightful gift to use in coffees, cocktails, and at breakfast.

8. Spice Set

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A spice gift set is a great and thoughtful gift if your hostess in particular enjoys world cuisines and cooking different recipes.

Spices can add heat and flavor to a range of foods, from pasta to meat. Dinner time will never be boring again when you have a range of diverse flavors to add to your food.

9. Hot Sauce Sampler

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Bring plenty of heat and spice to the table by bringing a hot sauce set to your host or hostess’ humble abode.

Hot sauce is a great addition to any dinner table or large spread of food. The host can then add a healthy dollop of fire and flavor to their cooking in the future.

10. Candle

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Nothing quite sets a relaxed, ambient mood like a scented candle. This is a simple gift idea for any abode.

For any host or hostess who enjoys quiet evenings and a relaxing atmosphere, a scented candle can help set the ideal mood for calm.

11. House Plant / Succulents

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House plants and succulents, especially cacti, are a simple and colorful way to add a little beauty and character to any room in your home.

Because cacti are such low-maintenance plants, they make an ideal housewarming or dinner party gift for a house-proud host or hostess.

12. Cocktail Mixer Set

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Cocktails are the perfect drink for an evening of class and luxury. A cocktail mixer kit gives your hostess everything you need to easily make a classic cocktail on the go.

Making cocktails is also a fun evening in its own right. Who doesn’t love sipping an Old Fashioned or Margarita in good company, right?

13. Premium Olive Oil

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Gift olive oil in a collectible handmade ceramic bottle to your host or hostess to help them elevate their future culinary adventures to a new level.

Premium olive oil can elevate the quality of so many foods and dishes. You can get a nice bottle of olive oil (infused or not) for $10+, online or in-store.

Olive oil is perfect for dinner parties and large spreads of food, next to a loaf of fresh, thick-cut crusty bread. It can help bring a quality Italian-restaurant feel into a home.

14. Gourmet Infused Salt

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This black truffle sea salt can be used to add a sprinkle of quality flavor to so many different dishes and foods.

If your host or hostess loves cooking gourmet meals, this luxurious gift can be a welcome addition to their kitchen.

15. Snack Gift Set

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This popcorn gift set is sure to bring a smile to the face of your party hostess. No holiday gathering or movie night is complete without a big bowl of popcorn.

Packed with sweet and savory flavors, these delicious snacks are ideal for spreads, celebrations, and watching classic holiday movies.

16. Spreader Set

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An elegant and decadent spreader set is the perfect hostess gift to say thank you for hosting a wonderful evening.

Spreader sets can be used to spread cheese and plenty of other delicious foods and condiments.

Spreader sets are also beautiful to look at. They can add a touch of class to many homes, on mantlepieces, and in cabinets.

17. Chocolate Soaps

If you truly want to up the levels of luxury, gift your wonderful host or hostess a delightful set of chocolate soaps like these ones on Uncommon Goods to say thank you for such a memorable evening.

This thoughtful gift is perfect if you want to give your host or hostess something enjoyable and luxurious.

If you’re stuck thinking of gift ideas for an upcoming event or gathering, don’t let the stress of last-minute shopping be the order of the day.

Use this guide of luxurious, fun, and memorable gifts for a host or hostess to find a gift that says the perfect thank-you.

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