Fun Family Bucket List: 100+ Unique and Fun Activities for Kids

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Plan super fun, enjoyable, and memorable family time with our family bucket list, packed with fun family activities with kids for all times of the year.

Family time should be fun time. So if you’re struggling for ideas, use our list of 100+ awesome activities to help you plan an afternoon, evening, or weekend of laughs, joy, and quality bonding time.

Feel free to download our family bucket list checklist, and challenge yourself to do as many activities on the list!

Family Bucket List Ideas

Fun & Unique Family Bucket List Activities

1. Open Your Own Café

Lockdown was rough on kids, without any place to hang out in. So why not create your own?

With a bit of imagination, you can turn your shed/spare room/ campervan into a café, complete with menu boards, countertops, and checked curtains! 

No space? Set up a “pop-up” in your kitchen or lounge. 

Your kids will love this idea and it is 100% lockdown proof!

2. Have a Picnic

The skies, the grass, the bees – mother nature costs nothing, and one of the best ways to utilize it is by dusting down your picnic rug and throwing a few cucumber sarnies into a hamper.

A picnic is cheap and easy entertainment and one that the whole family can get in on. And if peeling eggs isn’t your thing – don’t sweat. 

Entire hampers can be bought ready-made, leaving less time prepping and more time relaxing!


3. Paint your Family Portraits

Is your family nurturing the next Van Gogh? 

Find out with a family painting night (hopefully minus the ear amputation).

 But don’t just paint anything. Paint yourselves!

It seems everyone has a family portrait taken these days – but bland Instagrammed photos have lost their zing.

So why not paint one instead? Set aside one night for a family portrait painting – and then frame the best into a family gallery! 

You may be surprised by the results!

4. Throw a Street Party

We have been stuck inside forever. Now it is time to go outside and what could be better than having a party in the street?

Organizing a street party doesn’t have to be daunting – kids are natural ice-breakers – so use them to reach out to your neighbors.

This is an idea that works well with social distancing and can still bring people together.

5. Learn A Language Together

Today, learning a language has never been easier. Formal classes can help but are not necessary when there is the internet, and foreign students offering private lessons and conversation. 

Learning a language is a fun way to bring the family together – without it costing a lot – or anything! 

6. Make Pizza

Even fussy kids love pizza and making it is easy-peasy. 

It is also delicious, and even an amateur chef can knock the best store-bought pizza into a cocked hat (although, admittedly this wouldn’t be hard).

In other words, it is really hard to mess up pizza, which makes it the ideal activity for kids. 

Make pizza night a regular slot in your week, and never fork out for a takeaway again. Well, maybe!

7. Hold A Family Bake-Off

There is baking, then there is a bake-off. Make your baking night a little more interesting by adding a competitive slant.

Remember the separate rounds – cakes, bread, and pastries, then score each other on the results. If you don’t trust yourselves to be impartial, ask a pal to judge.

The winner scoffs all! 

8. Host An Overseas Student

Being young and in a strange land is tough. So, if you’ve got the space, and it’s appropriate, consider hosting an international student in your home. 

Your kids can learn a lot and you will provide a welcoming home to a young person finding their feet.

9. Plan A Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is great fun for all the family and only takes a little bit of planning. Pick your trail and hide your treasure, then give clues to the kids to navigate!

10. Go On A Road Trip

If you want to go a bit further afield than a treasure hunt, then a road trip is the perfect activity to kill a bit of time off. 

Deciding where to go is part of the fun –stick a pin in the map or toss for it if you can’t make your mind up.

So, strap in your children, pile the car high with snacks, and taste freedom! (After checking the tires thoroughly etc, etc)

Just be prepared for a lot of ‘are we there yet?’

11. Turn The Wi-Fi Off

Who hasn’t threatened this to their kids?

But why make it a threat? No Wi-Fi night can be a great thing. 

Choose one day a week to read a book, paint or play out –and show your kids what an old-fashioned childhood was really like*.

*Within reason.

12. Make A Movie

If making a drama out of a crisis is your thing, then why not go-pro?

Make a family movie with a difference – and direct, write, and act in your own family drama!

Filmmaking is great fun for all the family and will test your imagination – as well as your acting skills!

13. Celebrate A Different Country Each Week

Pick a country every week to learn about and discover their cuisine. We promise dinner time will never be dull again as you will never eat the same thing twice!

14. Go On A Murder Mystery Weekend

Whodunnit weekends are great fun and something you can bring the kids to. Sharpen up your sleuthing skills with a weekend of murder mystery!

15. Go On A Ghost Walk

Take your family for a walk on the wild side, by finding your nearest ghost walk. Find out local history you never knew you had or explore another town with one of these fascinating nights.

16. Volunteer Together

Helping as a family is a good way to bring the generations together. Whether it’s a soup kitchen or an animal shelter, there’s a local project wanting YOUR help.

17. Write A Song Together

Are any of you musical? Never mind, it didn’t stop Ed Sheeran! 

But seriously, writing a song together (and performing it) is definitely one to give a try.

Maybe you’re not The Osmonds (then again, would you want to be?) but there is probably a song in there somewhere. 

Even if it’s just Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Just make sure you soundproof the walls first.

18. Find Your Family History

Writing your family history is the ultimate family project, and with various ancestry sites, it’s easier than ever.

Assign each family member a branch to investigate and find out as much as you can do.

Warning – be prepared to unearth a few ne’er-do-wells along the way.

Your research will be appreciated for generations to come!


19. Build a Rope Swing in the Woods

20. Build Sand Castles at the Beach

21. Set Up an Obstacle Course

22. Go for Bike Rides in the Park

23. Have a Water Balloon Fight

24. Take the Kids to Miniature Golf

25. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

26. Attend a Baseball Game

27. Go on a Family Hike

28. Play a Game of Beach Frisbee

Indoors or At-Home Family Bucket List Activities

29. Take the Kids Indoor Rock Climbing

30. Play a Family-Friendly Board Game

31. Play Video Games

32. Bake Cookies

33. Have a Tea Party

34. Take a Virtual Cooking Class

35. Build a Fort

36. Finish a Giant Puzzle

37. Host a YouTube Karaoke Night

38. Play ‘Floor is Lava’ with Cushions

Life Goals (Family Bucket List Activities)

39. Create a Time Capsule

40. Travel to Other Countries

41. Have a Family Pet

42. Teach Your Kids a New Skill

43. Teach Them How to Ride a Bike

44. Teach Your Kids How to Cook

45. Paint a Mural Together

46. Start a Savings Account

47. Teach Your Kids How to Dream in Life

48. Teach Your Kids How to Achieve Goals in Life

Family Bucket List Activities for Building Memories

49. Plan a Family Reunion for the Entire Extended Family

50. Write Letters to Future Selves

51. Start a New Annual Family Tradition

52. Make Hand Paintings

53. Draw Each Other

54. Schedule a Family Photography Shoot

55. Look Through Photo Albums Together

56. Buy an Ugly Sweater Set for the Family

57. Start a ‘One Second a Day’ Video

58. Have a ‘No Phones or TV’ Day

Fall Family Bucket List Activities

59. Go to a Pumpkin / Fall Festival Together

60. Teach the Kids How to Make a Thanksgiving Dish

61. Make Leaf Paintings

62. Play Glow Stick Hide-And-Seek

63. Dress Up as a Family at Halloween

64. Go Trick or Treating at Halloween

65. Have a Backyard Bonfire

66. Apple Bobbing

67. Make Angels in Piles of Leaves

68. Carve and Paint Pumpkins

Winter Family Bucket List Activities

69. Visit Santa at the Mall

70. Bake Christmas Cookies

71. Home Alone Movie Marathon

72. Neighborhood Christmas Lights Contest

73. Go Sledding

74. Decorate the Home with Paper Snowflakes

75. Donate to a Shoebox Appeal

76. Ice Skating on the Lake

77. Host a Slumber Party

78. Have a Hot Chocolate/Cocoa Station

Spring Family Bucket List Activities

79. Start a New Easter Family Tradition

80. Easter Egg Hunt

81. Visit an Aquarium

82. Plant a Small Vegetable Garden Together

83. Go Berry Picking and Bake a Pie

84. Make a Bird Feeder and Film the Birds

85. Go on a Bug Hunt

86. Host a Drive-By Car Wash

87. Photograph Butterflies

88. Play Hopscotch

Summer Family Bucket List Activities

89. Help the Kids Set Up a Lemonade Stand

90. Visit a Themed Park & Go on a Ferris Wheel

91. Go to a Family-Friendly Outdoor Concert

92. Teach the Kids How to Swim

93. Run a Fun Color Run as a Family

94. Plan a Family Beach Trip

95. Go on a Camping Trip

96. Go on a Fishing Trip

97. Fly Kites on the Beach

98. Go to a Water Park

Family Bucket List Travel

99. Create a Travel Bucket List

100. Take the Kids to Disney World & Disneyland

101. Go on a Family Ski Trip

102. Take an International Trip

Never be stuck for ideas when it comes to family time again. Come rain or shine, winter or summer, our list of 100+ activities can help you plan events and weekends that will create ever-lasting memories.

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100+ Fun Family Bucket List Ideas

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