100+ Painting Ideas (The Ultimate Painting Bucket List)

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Get inspired to create fun and unique art, and let your creative spark ignite with these awesome painting ideas for all styles, mediums, and ages.

Always loved the idea of painting an epic sunset or colorful self-portrait, but can’t get past the blank sheet of paper? You’re not alone.

When it comes to painting, overthinking can be a huge problem. So let us take the pressure off deciding what to paint, and use our 100+ ideas to create paintings that will help you grow as a painter, and find an outlet for your creative energy.

Want to try and paint all of these ideas? Download our ultimate painting ideas printable to print off and tick off by scrolling to the end of this article for the download link.

100+ Painting Ideas (The Ultimate List)

Easy Painting Ideas

Want to paint from nothing to something without too much hassle? Whether you’re a total beginner or seasoned artist, these easy painting ideas are great for quick, simple paintings.

These ideas use simple shapes and colors. They use household objects or are easy to remember or look up online.

1. Rainbow

2. Full Moon Sky

3. Balloons

4. Bowl of Fruit

5. Cactus in the Desert

6. Cartoon Eyes (on Pebbles or Pots)

7. Ocean Sunset

8. Tree in Winter

9. Sailing Boat

10. Flock of Birds in Sky

11. Clownfish

12. Tree Branch with Swing

13. Clock

14. Sundresses

15. Tennis Ball

16. Lightening on Dark Sky

17. Dandelion

18. Lighthouse

19. Snowman

20. Beach Ball

Painting Ideas for Beginners

If you’re totally new to painting, give these painting ideas a try. While easy to paint or look up, they also allow you to develop certain skills as a painter.

These ideas will help you grasp composition, lighting, and other aspects of painting, while still giving you easy subject matter to paint.

21. Tape over Paper and Paint Sections

22. Hazy Mist Landscape

23. Lemon or Orange Cut in Half

24. Indoor Cactus

25. Sunflower

26. Crescent Moon and Stars

27. Leaf from Garden

28. Palm Tree Sunset

29. Cup of Coffee

30. Wood Texture

31. Eye

32. Cocktail Glass

33. Snowy Mountain

34. Checker Board

35. Half Sun Half Moon Circle

36. Croissant

37. Your Front Window

38. Jam on Toast

39. Rain

40. Object Under Lamp Light

Cool Painting Ideas

Some pictures just look cool, no matter what. These cool painting ideas will make you and your friends go ‘wow’ with their vibrant colors, patterns, and awesome effects.

41. Japanese Cherry Blossom

42. Secret Garden Through a Keyhole Shape

43. Dreamcatcher

44. African Sunset

45. Musical Notes on Curved Staves

46. Iced Donut

47. Sea Shell

48. Hourglass with Tiny People Inside

49. Parrot

50. Butterfly

Unique & Creative Painting Ideas

These creative painting ideas really get the creative juices flowing. Focussing on techniques and abstract ideas, there’s no ‘right or wrong’ answer with these painting ideas.

51. How You’re Feeling

52. Bowl of Fruit with Opposite Hand

53. Something Blue

54. Exploding Star

55. Paint Splatters

56. Finger Painting

57. Salsa Dancer

58. Dab Paint Brush on Wet Paper

59. Your Favorite Song

60. Something Red

Painting Ideas on Canvas

Got a blank canvas and want to bring it to life? Give these painting ideas a try. They’ll look great as larger paintings.

61. Self-Portrait (use Mirror)

62. Photograph of Nearby Landscape

63. Waterfall

64. Fall Landscape

65. Bluebells

Painting Ideas on Paper

If you’re painting on simple paper or notepads, you’ll want to not get too heavy with the paints. These painting ideas are a good choice when paper is your medium of choice.

66. Your Name in Graffiti Letters

67. Slow Globe

68. Korean or Japanese Alphabet

69. Map of an Island

70. Rose

Acrylic Painting Ideas

The bold strokes and ability to layer paint make acrylic painting the ideal medium for many landscapes and subject matter. Give these painting ideas a try if you’re using acrylic.

71. Windy Night

72. Tropical Island Sunset

73. Eiffel Tower

74. Peacock Feathers

75. Lanterns

Watercolor Painting Ideas

Messy creatives will love watercolor, as you can blend and be far less precious with your brushstrokes. These painting ideas lend themselves well to watercolor.

76. Jellyfish

77. Girl with 5 Colors in Her Hair

78. Bridge Over a River

79. Big Wave

80. Waterlilies Pond

Cute Painting Ideas

Want to paint something to make you, your friend, or followers go ‘awww?’ Give these cute painting ideas a go to really turn up the cuteness factor!

81. Cartoon Bunny

82. Panda

83. Owl with Big Eyes

84. Unicorn and Rainbow

85. Ladybugs

Painting Ideas for Kids

If you want to get your kids into painting, the key is to give them a foundation to let their imagination run wild. These painting ideas are great to try and see what amazing paintings they bring to life.

86. Family Portrait

87. What They Want to Be When They Grow Up

88. Yellow Duck Adventure

89. Finger Painting Tree

90. Pebble Painting

91. An Alien

92. The Zoo

93. Hand Paint Prints with Cartoon Eyes

94. Cartoon Face on Hardboiled Egg

95. Their Favorite Place in the Whole World

Portrait Painting Ideas

These painting ideas are great for working in a portrait orientation, rather than a landscape. Whether you’re working from a notepad, binder, or just want a break from mountains and skylines, give these ideas a try.

96. Self-Portrait with 3 Colors

97. Your Pet

98. Vase of Flowers

99. Long Boardwalk into Sea

100. Manga-Style Self-Portrait

101. Fir Tree Forest

Feel free to download our free painting ideas list PDF and check off as many as you can!

Painting is an amazing way to feel great, get creative, and can even become a passion project or side-hustle in time.

For those days you’re struggling to get inspired, use our awesome list of 100+ painting ideas to get inspired!

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100+ Painting Ideas List

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