34 Best Bachelorette Party Games the Bride-to-Be Will Love!

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Bring bucket loads of fun, laughter, and a little spice to any bachelorette bash with these bachelorette party games, and give the bride-to-be and her bride tribe a night that will live long in the memory before she ties the knot.

Bachelorette Party Games

Bachelorette Party Games (list of 14 ideas from the article).


1. Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt 

Before the bachelorette night out, the party will be given cards containing various tasks they must complete before the task is over. Then, each party member has to take an item of memorabilia from the task to prove they have done it. The party then has to reconvene at the end of the night and see what people have picked up. 

Stuck for scavenger ideas? Try out some of these:

  • Take a selfie with the maid of honor in the men’s toilets.
  • Get a free drink from a bartender.
  • Make a veil out of toilet paper and wear it.

2. Best Dressed

No bachelorette party is complete without a fancy dress code! Choose a theme for your party and hand out awards for the best dressed or most creative.

Popular themes currently include wig parties, alphabet themes (such as “dress up as something beginning with”), and ultimate uniforms party (such as a naughty nurse, cop, or schoolgirl). 

3. Bridal Dare Bingo 

Similar to the scavenger hunt, the bridal party is given bingo dare cards to complete on their night out. However, guests don’t have to bring back any evidence for this game, and it’s about who completes all their tasks first.

The first person to complete all their tasks and shout bingo wins a bottle of alcohol.

4. Send to All

If you’re a fan of Michael McIntyre, you might be familiar with this one!

Send to all is a game that forbids all of the bridal party from going on their phone. Those found doing so have to face the consequence of allowing the bachelorette party to have complete control of their phone and publishing social media status or text on their behalf.

This is great for keeping everyone present without any social distractions.

5. Hit the Orange Harder

This game is perfect for those with a naughty sense of humor. To start, players must wrap a nude stocking around their waist with a heavy ball inside the foot of the stocking. Then, they must have an orange placed in front of them and try to hit it over the finish line using their new contraption.

The game continues until the first person to complete the challenge wins. Disclaimer: you might need a spare change of underwear for this one!

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6. Gin Tasting Experience

Thanks to the internet, there are so many ways you can throw a gin-tasting evening from the comfort of your own home.

Popular with those who prefer a bit of class and sophistication when it comes to throwing a bachelorette party, gin tasting goes down a storm with those wanting to perfect the art of making a gin and tonic.

7. Cocktail / Mocktail Making

It’s time to unleash your inner mixologist and create some yummy concoctions. Cocktail making is the perfect go-to for bachelorette parties as you can try and test drinks for the wedding.

For added fun, have the party guests compete for who can make the best bridal cocktail and allow the bride-to-be to judge.

8. Spa Day Challenge

Fancy a bachelorette party without the dreaded hangover? Why not self-indulge and host a mini spa day for your bride-to-be and the whole group. Gamify it by creating printable game cards with various spa activities, and enjoy each activity together before ticking it off the list.

Stock up on sheet masks, foot baths, and essential oils, and create your own atmospheric paradise. For a special treat, to celebrate completing the spa cards, hire a surprise masseuse for the bride-to-be so she can be relieved from all the stress of wedding planning.

9. Bridal Bake-Off

Has your bride-to-be got a bit of a sweet tooth? Why not throw your own bridal bake-off?

For this bachelorette activity, the party guests must compete to see who can cook the best dessert. Upon arrival, instruct party-goers to bring their favorite dessert recipes for the bride to compile into her own sentimental cookbook.

10. Toilet Roll Couture

Now this game is a bachelorette party classic! With plenty of toilet paper at their disposal, the bachelorette party must try to create the most fashionable wedding dress out of toilet paper.

Once the look is complete, the bride-to-be must then do their best catwalk impression and see if the dress survives.

Tip: For larger bachelorette parties, split the group into teams, such as Group A and Group B, to see who can come up with a better wedding dress. The bride-to-be then must choose which dress is best. 


11. Lick and Stick

You’ll need a deck of cards, a great sense of humor, and some sticking power for this fun bachelorette party game! This game requires two plays at a time.

To start, the two players must sit across from one another and pick a card from the deck in front of them. Next, the players then must lick the back of the card and try to stick the card on their forehead.

Then, two players must look at each other’s cards and then determine whether their own is higher or lower. The person who guesses incorrectly must drink a shot of the party’s choosing. 

12. Piccolo

Want to play a mixture of games throughout your bachelorette party without the pressure of hosting? Simply download Picolo from the App Store or Google Play.

With this app, players are given instructions such as “swap drinks with the player to your right” or “nominate someone to down their drink”. It’s fun, easy, and free! With a variety of paid add-ons that you can purchase to make your game even more fun or edgy.

13. Pin a Kiss

Heard of pin the donkey? Well, here’s the bachelorette version; pin the kiss! First, print out an enlarged photo or kiss cutout of the groom and grab a couple of cheap red lipsticks and blindfolds to set up.

Then, whilst blindfolded, players must try and place a “kiss” accurately on the groom’s lips using the cheap red lipstick. Of course, this game proves hilarious once the blindfolds are off and the placements are revealed.

14. Bra Pong

A naughty bachelorette game that should be a staple for all parties! Bra pong is similar to beer pong, where players have to throw ping pong balls into bra cups instead of red solo cups successfully.

To play this easy game, you must acquire two large bras and a couple of chairs. Next, you must place the chairs facing backward and attach the bra to the two chairs, stretching them. Finally, split the party into two teams to see how many people can successfully throw the ping pong ball into the cups. Those who fail to do so have to face the consequences of the bridal party’s choosing. 

Drinking Games

15. Ring of Fire

If you are looking to get more than a little tipsy on the first night and beyond, this is the fun game for you. For Ring of Fire, you’ll need a traditional deck of cards and a pint glass. You need to place the pint glass in the middle of the table and have the cards spread out in a circle around it to set up.

Players must then go round clockwise and pick a card from the circle. Depending on the card they pick up, players must then complete the task allocated. Throughout the game, the circle around the pint glass must remain unbroken. The first player to break the circle either has to down their drink or the mixed pint in the center. 

Important: Before the game starts, everyone must have a drink of their choice. 

Cards and Instructions:

  1. Ace = Waterfall. Everyone needs to keep drinking until the player who chose the card stops. 
  2. = Choose. The player that picked up the card must choose someone to drink. 
  3. = Me. The player who picks up a 3 must down all of their drink. 
  4. = Females. All females present must drink. 
  5. = Thumb Master. The player who selected this card must place their thumb on the table, with the rest following suit; the last person to put their thumb on the table has to drink. 
  6. = Males. All males present must drink. 
  7. = Heaven. Cardholder must point their finger to the sky, with other players following suit; the last person to put their finger in the air must drink. 
  8. = Mate. The player who selected this card must choose a partner to drink with them
  9. = Rhyme. Cardholder must choose a word for players to rhyme with. The circle then goes round clockwise with players naming as many words that rhyme; those that fail to do so must drink. 
  10. = Categories. Starting with the cardholder, players must engage in a word association game until there are hesitations. First-person to hesitate has to drink. 
  • Jack = Make a Rule. Cardholders can make any rule and enforce it until the next Jack is chosen. Players found not to be cooperating with the new rule must drink. 
  • Queen = Question Master. Players who answer any of the cardholder’s questions must drink.
  • King = King’s Cup. Pour a bit of your drink into the pint glass in the center. The fourth person to pick up a king must drink the “king’s cup”, the big pint glass in the middle.

As you can see, this game can get your bachelorette weekend off to a crazy start! So be careful, and drink responsibly.

16. Prosecco Pong

Is the bride to be a sucker for a bit of bubbly? Instead of beer pong, why not try prosecco pong?

You’ll need 12 plastic cups, prosecco, and a couple of ping pong balls for this drinking game. To set up, split the party into two teams, and place six plastic cups full of prosecco on opposite ends of a dining table.

Players must then aim to successfully throw a ping pong ball into one of the opposition’s cups of prosecco to get them to down their drink. Once doing so, the empty cup must be removed and the rest reconfigured to make it harder for the opposite team to score again. The first team to get rid of all cups wins!

17. Roxanne

For this game, partiers must listen to The Police’s Roxanne and drink every time they say, Roxanne.

For added madness, players can take a sip and then spin slowly to make themselves even more disorientated. But beware; the song gets even more repetitive as it goes on. Good luck!

18. Bottoms Up!

Know anyone who’s keeping a few skeletons in their closet? There’s no better place than a bachelorette party to set them free!

First, the hen party must go around in a circle and come up with a “most likely to” statement; they then must vote on which person is most likely to carry out the task described. The person with the most votes then has to commit to a “bottoms up” downing their alcohol for five seconds.

If you need some help coming up with ideas once the game begins, our list of “most likely to” questions should give you plenty of ideas to keep things moving and interesting.

19. Tapout Drinking Game 

This one requires some concentration. For this drinking classic, you’ll need two shot glasses, two pennies, and some alcohol of your choosing.

To start, all players must be seated around the table, with the two playing first sitting opposite each other. Both players then will be given a shot glass and a penny each.

The game’s objective is to ultimately bounce the penny off the table and into the shot glass before the other player.

Once one player succeeds, they must pass the glass and penny onto the next player; if the other is unable to throw their penny in before the other, they must take a shot. This game will continue until players decide to “tap out”, aka stop playing—the last person playing wins.

At-Home Games

20. Cold-Feet

Perfect game for any pre-wedding celebration! To play “cold feet”, you must have a toddler-sized paddling pool or large bucket to hand. Next, fill the bucket with cold water and funny toys/trinkets for the bachelorette party to fish out.

The aim of the game is to fish out as many items as possible using only your feet. The player who fishes out the least amount of toys has to have the bucket of ice-cold water poured over them. 

21. Naughty Madlibs

Put a funny bride-themed spin on this classic game to make it one of the favorite bachelorette party games of the weekend? Before the bachelorette party, the event organizer needs to print out various stories affiliated with the bride-to-be with missing elements.

Throughout the game, party-goers must then fill in the missing gaps and try to make the stories the naughtiest possible. These adapted stories will then be read and judged by the bride-to-be, who will decide which one is the funniest.

22. Guess the Toy

In this game, the bride-to-be will be presented with various gift bags and a blindfold.

Once blindfolded, the bride-to-be must then reach into the bags and guess what is in them.

Before the bachelorette party, the party organizers must acquire various items, lingerie, and naughty trinkets for the bride to guess. If the bride-to-be guesses the giftbags correctly, she gets to keep the item.

23. Ring Scavenger Hunt

The bride lost her ring; who can save the ceremony? As DIY bachelorette party games go, this is one of the easiest to facilitate.

Like a scavenger hunt, the party is given clues about where to find 5 – 10 plastic rings. The party-goer who finds the most rings wins.

24. Panty Party

Prior to the bachelorette party, guests are given the task of purchasing the most outlandish pairs of underwear for the bride-to-be. The underwear is then hung around the room for the bride-to-be to judge at the party.

The bride-to-be is then given the task of deciding who bought what and which is best. This is an excellent game as it sets the tone for the rest of the evening and leaves the bride with a wicked new honeymoon collection!

Virtual or Online

25. Virtual Psychic Reading / Tarot

With interests in spirituality on the increase, this might be the perfect theme for a hen or bachelorette party.

Hire a virtual psychic or tarot reader and have virtual party-goers fortunes predicted prior to the wedding day.

26. Trivia Quiz

How well do you know the bride-to-be? No, really! Trivia quizzes always go down a storm during virtual/online events.

Create a trivia quiz centered around the bride-to-be; if you are stuck on a platform to use, try Kahoot or Powerpoint. The player who scores the most points or has the most correct answers wins a prize of the organizer’s choosing.

This is such a fun way to get plenty of people involved in the fun and games, whether they be at home, in a hotel room, or living abroad and can’t physically be there to celebrate.

27. Bridal Bingo

Prior to the bachelorette party, send over virtual cards via email to guests featuring quotes and phrases related to the bride-to-be.

Then, during the virtual party, the host will shout out any of these phrases leading players to cross off specific phrases if their card has them. The first person to cross off all phrases and shouts “bingo!” first wins. 

28. Powerpoint Party

This one proved a viral success during the lockdown. For this virtual activity, guests must create a PowerPoint presentation on a subject they are passionate about, e.g. “Why I believe pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza”.

Hen-partiers can base their presentations on the bride-to-be and include R-rated anecdotes for extra giggles and added spice in this super fun virtual game. 

29. Read My Lips

Let’s hope no one’s internet lags during this one! For this virtual game, the host must put themselves on mute whilst reading out a common saying.

Virtual party-goers must then guess what the host is saying by reading their lips – the correct guess or the closest wins. 

Question Games

30. Truth or Dare Jenga

Fancy doing something competitive and a little out there at your bachelorette? Why not opt for a game of truth or dare Jenga!

For this, you’ll need to purchase a Jenga Tower and scribe some truths or dares onto the blocks. Players must then play a typical game of Jenga whilst committing to the task provided on the blocks. To keep things interesting, make sure you write down a mixture of drinking forfeits, personal questions, and dares to keep your guests entertained.

Need some inspiration? Our ‘truth or dare’ list is packed with great ideas to give you lots of options and keep the game going.

31. Pop the Question

For this game, you’ll need the groom to be to lend a hand. With the groom’s help, create a trivia quiz based on the engaged couple’s relationship.

The bride-to-be will then be given the task of answering as many questions correctly while the other players hedge bets on whether she will get the question right or wrong.

If the bride-to-be does answer a question incorrectly, the other players must come together to decide a consequence.

32. Guess the Celebrity Fiance

This game is pretty self-explanatory. For this activity, the organizer must pick out as many celebrity fiances as bachelorette party-goers. The names must be written down onto post-it notes or separate pieces of paper and then put into a bowl or hat.

Players must then pull out a name at random, stick it to their foreheads and ask other players questions to try and work out the fiance that is on their heads. The first player to guess correctly receives a prize of the organizer’s choosing. 

33. Two Truths and a Lie

A perfect game to get to know each other before the big day! For this game, guests must come up with two truths and a lie. Then, a bit similar to the style of “Would I lie to you?”, they must ask five questions until they can rule out what the lie might be.

If you want plenty of ideas, our ‘two truths and a lie’ list is stacked with potential questions you could use for a fast-paced game.

34. Guess Who?

It’s time to expose some secrets! To play this game, players must write down personal anecdotes or phrases concerning the bridal party and mix them into a bowl.

The game host must then read out these anecdotes and have the party correctly guess who did what.

A little laughter and competitive spirit go a long way to helping everyone enjoy life’s biggest moments, and these fun games can do that in abundance!

Use these bachelorette party games to take your fun and memories to new heights when you’re on your celebratory afternoon, evening, or weekend, and help the bride-to-be, her bridal party, and close friends and family let off some steam and have an amazing time.

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Bachelorette Party Games (list of 14 ideas from the article).