25+ Drinking Games to Liven Up Your Gathering

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Gear up for thrills, spills, and some potentially spicy moments with these super fun drinking games, ideal for bringing excitement and laughter to your get-together by the gallon!

Drinking Games

25 Drinking Games to Liven Up Your Gathering (list of ideas 1-14).


1. Beer Pong

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This game is a classic, and you can find it being played at many parties. You’re likely already familiar with this one, and while this one is easy to learn, it requires good aim, which some of us might not be the best at!

To play, you need a long table (ideally a ping pong table) and plastic cups filled with alcohol arranged in a pyramid formation at both ends.

With a partner, you try to shoot a ping pong ball in each of your opponent’s cups to win. If a ball lands in a cup, someone must drink.

2. International Drinking Rules

This is a game where you get to make up your own rules. With a group of friends, come together and decide on a set of rules for the night.

For example, If you swear, take a shot, or if someone says your name, you drink. The rules can be whatever you decide, and the group enforces them as the night goes on.

3. Flip Cup

This fast-paced and competitive game requires you to form two teams and take turns trying to flip a plastic cup so it lands in an upright position.

Once a player flips the cup, the next person in line tries to flip the cup to an upright position. The game ends once everyone on a team has successfully flipped their cup. The losing team has to complete a forfeit, which is commonly to finish your drinks in one go.


4. Never Have I Ever

This one might take you back to the days of sitting in the back of the school bus. This game is guaranteed to reveal some secrets and can be great for breaking this ice.

Taking turns, a person states something they have never done. Those who have done it will take a drink. Be careful. You might wake up the next morning cringing once you remember what you confessed. 

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5. Shot Roulette

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If you are looking for a game that’s easy to follow and doesn’t require a lot of effort, shot roulette is an easy game to play.

6. Paranoia

This game leads to everyone in the room being paranoid about what is being said about them.

Someone will whisper a question to the person sitting next to them, and the person asked will say the name of the person in the group to whom the question applies to.

If that person whose name was said wants to know what the question was, they drink. 

7. Most Likely

"Who is Most Likely to” Questions (list of questions 1-14 from the linked article).
“Who is Most Likely to” Questions

Out of your friends, whom do you think is more likely to get lost during a night out? This game is filled with “most likely to…” questions.

You can create your questions, and whomever the group decides is most likely to do something will have to take a drink.

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Card Games

8. Friends and Enemies

With a pack of cards dealt evenly among a group of people, one player will put a card in the center and say a name. Whoever is chosen has to drink for as many seconds on the card.

If someone else has a card with the same number, that player can choose to save the person who must drink and select someone else. This game can affect friendships. 

9. Around the World

This game has four stages. The dealer places four cards face down in front of each player, and players have to guess something about each card.

For the first card, players will guess if it’s red or black. Next, players have to guess if the card is higher or lower than the one before.

Then, players will guess if the third card is between the first two cards or not. Last, players guess the suit of the last car. Each time a player guesses correctly, they give out drinks, but if they guess wrong, the player drinks. 

10. King’s Cup

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When playing King’s Cup, no skills are needed. All you need is a set of cards with rules attached to each and a tall glass surrounded by cards in the middle. Each player will take turns drawing a card that has an action assigned to it.

For example, if you draw an eight, you get to choose a mate. When you drink, your mate drinks whenever you do for the rest of the game. This game is best played with a large group of people. 

For Couples

11. Truth or Dare or Drink

As a spin on truth or dare, you can ask your partner to choose between truth or dare and then ask them to answer a question or do a dare. If your partner says no, they must drink, and vice versa.

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12. Speed Facts

How well do you think you know someone? This game will test how much you actually know about the person sitting next to you. Taking turns, you are asked to state a fact about the other person. If wrong, you drink.

13. Alphabet Game

While sitting in a circle, players take turns reciting words under a decided theme that begin with each letter of the alphabet.

For example, if the theme is animals, the first person could say alligator, then the next might say bear. You keep going until someone messes up, and once someone does, they take a drink. 

14. If You Know What I Mean

This is a game of innuendos. Think of a scenario that two people could find themselves in and go back and forth saying innuendos that fit the scenario.

Each sentence should end with “if you know what I mean.” Whoever runs out of ideas will drink.

For Small Groups 

15. Mr. and Mrs.

Composed of awkward questions like “who is the most fun?” and “who is most likely to…?”, this game will require you to be truthful. If both people think the question applies to them, they drink. It’s best to play this game with people you know well. 

16. Drinking Jenga

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For this game, you need to buy a Jenga set, and then write different commands on each of the Jenga blocks.

This game is played like traditional Jenga, but with each block that gets removed, you do the dare on the block. Whoever blocks down the tower has to down their drink.

17. Titanic

For this game, you will need to grab a glass, place it in the middle of a table and fill the glass with beer. Next, you need to take an empty shot glass and place it in the middle of the cup.

Taking turns, each player will pour a little of their drink into the shot glass. Whoever sinks the shot glass during their turn will drink.

For Large Groups

18. Straight Face

This game asks players to write a sentence on a slip of paper that they think will garner a reaction. The slips of paper are thrown into a pile, and the players randomly select one.

The pieces of paper are read one by one, and if the player reacts, they drink. If they don’t, the writer has to drink. 

19. Picolo

For this game, all you need is a group of people. Once you download the Picolo app on your phone, you will need to insert each person’s name. This game gives you tasks or asks questions a player will have to answer.

20. Drink While You Think

After choosing a certain category like NFL teams, brand names, celebrities, etc., the first person will say a name that fits within that category.

The next person in line will have to say a name that starts with the first letter of the previous player’s answer. While thinking of a name, you drink. 

21. Taskmaster

This game can be played with two people, but feel free to invite as many people as you want. This game asks that you select a taskmaster who assigns tasks and challenges for someone to complete.

If you successfully complete a task, you become the next taskmaster, but if you fail, you drink. 

More Games

22. Fingers

In this game, you need to put a glass in the middle of the group, and everyone puts a finger on the rim of the glass. A person will count from three to zero, giving the other players a chance to decide if they want to keep a finger on the glass.

If the person who counted guesses the right number of fingers on the glass, they’re out of the game. If they don’t guess correctly, they drink and stay in. Once there’s only one person left, they have to drink the glass in the center. 

23. Dare Beer Pong

If you have ever seen Love Island UK, you already know this one. Using the same rules from traditional beer pong minus the partner piece, you want to land a ping pong ball into one of the opposing player’s cups.

Under each cup, there is a dare written on a piece of paper. If you succeed, your opponent has to drink and do the dare.

24. Heads Up

This game is very similar to charades. In this game, players team up and try to guess a phrase. All you need is enough people and a phone.

You will be trying to name celebrities, singing songs, and more. If you aren’t able to guess, you drink.

25. Last Call 

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Laugh, dare, roast, prank, or drink with this game that is suitable for groups of 2-20 players.

26. I’m Going to a Picnic

What do you think is necessary to bring when going to a picnic? This game begins with a statement like, “I’m going to a picnic, and I’m bringing…” The next person reiterates what the player before them said and adds another item they would bring.

This continues with everyone. If someone says something that the group considers wouldn’t be appropriate for the occasion or they mess up, they drink. Picnic, for example, can be exchanged for something else.

Grab a deck of cards, some props or equipment, and plenty of drinks for a night of belly-tickling moments and drink-fuelled competition.

Drinking games, if appropriate for your gathering, are not only a great way to get the party started but can help set a fun and hilarious tone for the rest of the night.

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25 Drinking Games to Liven Up Your Gathering (list of ideas 1-14).