21 Fun Spring Games for Adults and Kids

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Add a generous amount of fun to your family event, Easter celebration, or outdoor gathering with these fun and creative games to play in the springtime, and embrace the love, warmth, and happiness that comes with the start of spring.

Fun Spring Games for Adults and Kids

Spring Games (list of games 1-14)

Fun and Easy

1. Beach Ball Race

You don’t need to wait for summer to play this fun game. Inflate two beach balls and grab some beach towels to use as a mark for starting and finishing lines. Divide the group into two teams with an equal number of members.

Once you shout “go,” players take turns racing to the finish line and back with the beach ball between their legs before passing the ball to the next player.

Whichever team gets all their players there and back first wins the race, and plenty of laughs are guaranteed throughout!

2. Potato Sack Race

Great for an outdoor game if you have a long garden or an indoor game if you have a large room, a potato sack race is definitely a nostalgic one for the adults in the room.

Set a start and finish line, hand everyone sacks or sleeping bags, depending on what you have at home, and let the hopping commence!

3. Necking the Orange

One that’s guaranteed to bring about plenty of laughs, all you need for this simple game is two teams of willing participants and an orange.

It is up to teammates to pass the orange down the line using their neck or chin before the other team does.

Want to make things interesting? Add more oranges to the relay race, and watch the fun and chaos unfold!

4. Jelly Beans War

Set up two empty buckets, and give players a big stack or container of jelly beans.

Everyone has one minute to throw as many jelly beans as they can into the container, either taking it in turns or competing with each other, head to head, in two teams.

Whether you do this inside or outdoors, it’s easy, fast-paced, and lots of fun.


5. Butterfly Balloon Dart Game

Draw or paint a big butterfly design on a board or piece of plywood and use assorted acrylic paint to make it colorful.

Once the paint is dry, stick the balloons on the board with the push pins, and you’re good to go!

Pop balloons with darts, or use objects like bean bags and a shorter throw length to make the game safer for children.

Points are awarded to players for the number of balloons popped.

6. Duck Race

Rubber duck races are a classic game for the spring season. It’s a pretty straightforward game to play, requiring an inflated kid’s pool filled with water, and several small or medium rubber ducks, depending on the number of players.

The goal is to get your duck to swim on the opposite side of the pool the quickest. Whether you blow air on the duck or wave your arms to try to push it with wind, there’s plenty of fun to be had with this outdoor game in the spring.

7. Spring-Themed Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way to play a game and explore the outdoors at the same time.

Create a list of things commonly seen during spring, such as easter eggs, yellow daffodils, green leaves, bumblebees, and butterflies, among others.

Divide the group into two teams and give each group a basket. Let each team explore the outdoors to find the things listed.

They could either place the things into the basket (like flowers and leaves) or snap pictures of animals, insects, and objects in the list.

The first team who finds all the things listed is the winner, but be sure to give the other team a consolation prize too!

8. Backyard Bowling

Backyard bowling is a fun and easy game that can be played on the patio or in the garden. From soda cans to bowling pins, there are plenty of objects you can use.

Arrange the objects in formation, in a similar vein to pins at a bowling alley. Take it in turns to roll a ball at them.

Gain points for each object knocked down, and whoever gets the highest number of points wins.


9. Spring-Themed Charades

Put a spring-themed twist on this classic mime game by writing down things to act out associated with spring, such as movies, seasonal events, or animals, and putting the clues in a jar.

Divide the group into two teams, and have the first player pick up the clue randomly from the jar.

The player will act out the word written on the paper, and the rest of the team members will guess the word. The first team who gets 5 points wins the game.

10. Spring Bingo

There are plenty of free printable spring-themed bingo games available online, or you could print out colorful spring-themed bingo cards with your own printer at home.

Whoever gets a complete vertical, diagonal, or horizontal row crossed first must yell “Bingo” to win the game.

11. Spring-Themed Karaoke

Channel your inner popstar with a few rounds of spring-themed karaoke.

Get everyone to pick a song title that has spring-related words like spring, flowers, leaves, rain, or bloom, and use a portable microphone and a YouTube playlist projected onto a big screen to see who’s got the best singing voice!

12. Name That Tune

Here’s another game for the music lovers out there. Get those pens and papers ready and guess the artist and title of the song played with each intro of the song.

There are plenty of ready-to-play “name that tune” games on Youtube where it would play the first 10-15 seconds of each song.

Or, as gamemaster, you can twist it into a spring-themed game by choosing songs related to spring in their titles, such as “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beetles, for example.

13. Pickup Sticks

Simple to play, get kids and adults alike involved in a game of focus and attention to detail by dropping a set of pickup sticks on a floor and pitting players against each other to collect all their colored sticks first.


14. Spring-Themed Drawing Relay

For this game, make a list of spring-themed clues and write each clue on a piece of paper. Roll each piece of paper and put it in a jar or box.

Divide the group into two teams with equal team members and have them fall into two lines.

Each team member will have their own paper on a clipboard and pencil to draw. The two teams will start the game at the same time.

Each team will have their first players pick out the clue and draw the clue on the paper.

Once the first player is done drawing out the clue, they will show it to the next player behind him.

Without saying a word, the next player will guess it, draw it on their paper and show it to the next person behind.

The game continues until the last one in line, who will guess the drawing and go in front to shout the clue.

The first group who gets 3 points will win the game.

15. Backyard Slingshot

If safe to do so, make your own slingshot at home, or buy one online, and have fun using it to fire, say, a tennis ball at a stack of soda cans.

16. Egg Toss

Fill plastic easter eggs with flour. Players must pair up and stand a certain distance from each other.

The goal is to toss the egg back and forth without breaking it. Any pair that drops their egg is eliminated from the game, and the last team standing wins the game.

17. Pass the Water Game

This one is sure to make a splash and get a few people a little wet! Split into two teams, give everyone plastic containers or buckets, and line the two teams up in single file.

Fill the first member of each line’s container up with water, and from there, it is up to teammates to pass the water from their container to the person behind them, over their head, until the container or bucket of the last person in line is filled.

The team with the most amount of water in the bucket at the end is the winner.

More Games

18. Egg Stacking

Using a set of plastic eggs, pit players against each other to see how high they can stack their egg halves until their tower falls.

The highest tower, which contains the highest number of plastic half-shells before tumbling, wins.

19. Egg and Spoon Race

One for adult nostalgia, you can set the start and finish line in the garden or a large room.

If doing this game indoors, switch in ping pong balls for eggs to keep the game mess-free and easier to play.

20. Speed Lego

Assign groups with the same Lego set, and set a time limit to see who can complete the set in the fastest time and, if both teams do, who can assemble it in the fastest time.

21. Sponge Race

Spring is a time of cleansing and new beginnings, so this fun water-based game fits right in. Line up four buckets, two full of water, and split everyone into two teams.

Hand each team a sponge, and on ‘go,’ the players need to take turns soaking up as much water as they can from their bucket with the sponge, then running to the empty bucket and squeezing out their water before passing the sponge on to the next player.

These fun spring game ideas have everything you need to keep your guests entertained and your spring party or gathering full of fun and memories.

No matter what the age or reason for your gathering, games are a great way to get everyone involved in the fun and laughter.

Spring Games (list of games 1-14)

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