35 Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Get inspired with these bachelorette party ideas and give the beautiful wife-to-be a celebration that everyone will love and always remember.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Best bachelorette party ideas (ideas 1-14 listed below).


1. Obstacle Course

Who says bachelorette parties need to be demure and classy? Get your friends covered head to toe in mud at an obstacle course.

You could even wear matching t-shirts or headbands as you race your nearest and dearest across a series of obstacles. Sure, you might end up flat on your face, but that’s half the fun.

2. Glamping

Fancy a night away in style? Try a spot of glamping. Hire yourself a yurt kitted out with a comfortable bed and fairy lights.

Light a bonfire and spend an evening chatting with your favorite girls under the stars. Combine it with an outdoor activity, like hiking or kayaking, to make the most of the great outdoors. Don’t forget a bottle of bubbly or two!

3. Paintballing

This one isn’t for the faint of heart! Why not embrace your competitive side and fight your way through a paint-splattered battle zone?

Dressed in all the gear, you’re sure to look the part as you and your friends cover each other in multicolored splatter. Don’t forget to take a photo of the aftermath as a keepsake.

4. Escape Room

Get on your thinking caps and solve a series of puzzles with your buddies. Escape rooms have exploded with popularity, so you can be sure to find one near you.

You’ll be locked in a themed room – anything from 1920s murder mystery to sci-fi alien invasion.

Find your way out with the hints and clues, unlocking padlocks and rooms as you go. They’re great fun and a perfect way to get everyone in your party interacting.

5. Comedy Night

Why not book a table at a comedy night for a good giggle with your girls? With plenty of drinks, you can sit back and relax as the comedians take to the stage for a hilarious night to remember.


6. Painting Party

Get creative and hold a painting party! You can book organized group painting lessons, complete with all-important nibbles and drinks.

Or why not throw yourself a DIY arty party? Buy a few canvases, pour out the paints, and pop on a YouTube tutorial. However your masterpiece turns out, at least you’ll have a keepsake!

7. Life Drawing Class

Like the painting party idea, this activity is all about getting creative, but with an added naughty twist!

Join a life drawing class to try your hand at capturing the natural human form. You can book a special bachelorette private class just for you and your buddies.

You might get the giggles, you might not know where to look, but you’re sure to have an unforgettable night!

8. Roller Disco

Get your skates on and showcase your cool moves. A roller disco night is the perfect way to let your hair down – and gives you an excuse to dress up in all the glitter and sequins you can handle!

Some of your friends might be natural skaters, zooming around the dancefloor. Others might prefer to cling to the edge! But that’s all part of the fun. What’s not to love?

9. Inflatable Wipe Out

Inflatable water parks are popping up all over the place, especially during the summer months.

Complete the inflatable obstacle course while inevitably taking a few tumbles into the water. This idea will appeal to the more energetic among you!

10. Thrift Shop Challenge

Split your bachelorette party into teams and send them for an afternoon of shopping in thrift stores or charity shops.

Set a theme (say, space chic or 80s glamour) and task each team to compose the most outrageous/stylish outfit from their second-hand finds.

Regroup at home and put the looks together ready for a fashion show. Nominate your models and send them down the catwalk to some fun music.


11. Cocktail Party

What could be classier than sipping a martini in your fanciest cocktail dress? Make a toast to your upcoming nuptials at your very own cocktail night.

Book a table at a fancy cocktail bar or consider a cocktail-making lesson to add a bit of fun to the evening.

Whether you enjoy a margarita, a cosmopolitan, or a fruity non-alcoholic tipple, you’ll be sure to have an elegant evening.

12. Dinner Party

Have you always wanted to dine at the swankiest restaurant in town? Or do you fancy hosting a cozy dinner party at your place?

Share a delicious meal with your favorite girls for a night of good food and good company.

13. Spa Day

Picture this… a tranquil pool, a bubbling jacuzzi, a hot sauna. Bliss! Spend a day at a spa and you are guaranteed a relaxing experience with your buddies. Treat yourselves to a hot stone massage or a luxurious facial. Go on. You deserve it!

14. Wine Tasting

Can you tell your pinot noir from your pinot grigio? Do you enjoy the odd glass on malbec or merlot? Put your tastebuds to the test with a spot of wine tasting.

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or an enthusiastic newbie, you’ll be bound to learn a thing or two as you enjoy a few glasses with your nearest and dearest.

15. Drinks and Dancing

This is a classic bachelorette party idea for a good reason; we all love a boogie! Gather your best girls, throw on your dancing shoes and head down to the best bar or nightclub in town.

Matching costumes, flashing badges, and silly bachelorette paraphernalia are optional, but definitely recommended!

16. Afternoon Tea

Tea and scones, anyone? Afternoon tea at a fancy cafe is a real treat (and perfect for the mums and aunts!)

Enjoy a selection of delicate sandwiches, cakes, pastries, and scones with cream and jam, all washed down with a good cup of tea.

17. Weekend Away

If you’re looking for an unforgettable bachelorette party, why not book a weekend away somewhere special?

Pack your bags, forget about all the wedding planning, and enjoy a memorable trip with your friends.

City breaks are always a popular choice. Mix the itinerary up with a few wholesome activities in the day, and fancy drinks and dinner in the evening.

At Home

18. Sleepover

Relive your youth by hosting a sleepover party. Dress in your coziest pajamas and spend a night in with your loved ones.

Paint each other’s nails, pop on a classic movie, and fill up the popcorn bowl. If you’re feeling nostalgic, try a juicy game of truth or dare.

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19. Home Karaoke Night

Can you hold a tune? Or do your friends claim you have the voice of a wailing cat? Either way, a karaoke night is the perfect way to show off your musical talents!

Grab a microphone and choose your favorite song. You can host your own version at home for a low-key affair, with a whole host of timeless karaoke tunes available on YouTube.

20. Murder Mystery

A murder mystery night will give your friends a good excuse to don their best fancy dress and show off their acting skills.

Solve clues over dinner and spot the liar to uncover the guilty culprit. You can buy a range of murder mystery games, or you can even write your own!

21. Crafty Fun

Host a ‘crafternoon’ for a wholesome, gentle bachelorette activity. Try a spot of knitting or embroidery. Have a go at some macrame or pottery.

You could even take the opportunity to make some decorations for the wedding – perhaps your friends could help sew bunting, paint table signs, or make wedding favors. Take all the help you can get.

22. Great Bachelorette Bake Off

This delicious challenge is perfect for a smaller group of guests. Do you love a lemon drizzle cake? Or perhaps you have a soft spot for a chocolate brownie?

Showcase your culinary skills with a friend-versus-friend bake-off. Choose a recipe, bake to perfection, and decorate as over the top as you like. Select a judge to pick your star baker – but make sure you try a bit of everything!


23. Movie Night

Do you want a relaxed evening with your friends to celebrate your upcoming special day? Why not host a movie night under the stars?

Set up a screen or projector and deck your garden out with pillows, throws, and fairy lights.

Be sure to stock up on plenty of popcorn, sweets, and bubbly. Screen your favorite comedy or rom-com for a cozy evening with your BFFs.

24. Garden BBQ

Stoke up the barbeque and invite your friends for a relaxed bachelorette party in the garden.

Enjoy the chilled-out atmosphere as you bask in the sunshine with a drink in hand. Ask your friends to bring some food to add to the BBQ and provide plenty of nibbles.

Decorate your garden with fairy lights and bunting to make it extra special. You could even partake in a few lawn games or challenges to spice up the party!

25. Show Time

Are you a theatre buff? Or do you live for extravagant musicals? Gather a close group of friends for a cozy afternoon matinee.

Wicked, Hamilton, Mama Mia, Les Miserables – there are so many amazing shows to choose from. Follow with a spot of lunch for a perfect, low-key bachelorette activity.

26. Girly Brunch

Looking for a simple, easy place to meet your friends? Head out for brunch. Some venues host themed bottomless prosecco brunch parties or you can choose somewhere quiet and understated for a couple of mimosas and avocado toast.

On a Budget (Inexpensive or Free)

27. Picnic in the Park

Simple and affordable, a picnic in the park is a perfect bachelorette party activity for a sunny afternoon.

Ask your friends to bring a few nibbles and blankets and enjoy a bit of fresh air and good company. You could even organize a game of rounders if you’re feeling active.

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28. Games Night

Chances are, you’ve got a cupboard full of old board games at home. Dust off some of the best ones and invite your friends over for a games night.

Classics like Pictionary and Monopoly always go down well. Or try a few modern favorites like Codenames or Cards Against Humanity.

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29. Bike Ride

Do you love a bike ride? Then get peddling in the great outdoors! There’s nothing like exploring a nearby place on two wheels, then treating yourself to a few well-earned drinks with friends.

Explore some local beauty spots or take a trip further afield to celebrate your upcoming wedding with some wholesome fun.

30. Beach Day

Summer days were meant for lazing at the beach. What better way for the bride-to-be to relax, than spending a lazy afternoon with her best friends?

Pack your swimming costume and sun cream, and head down to the coast. Sunbathing, cocktails, and lots of girly giggles. Heaven!

31. Hike with Friends

If you love to explore mother nature, why not organize a simple walk with your friends in a nearby spot or area?

A hike will make you feel fit and healthy, and it will give you a chance for some quality time with your friends. Hike to the coast or to a hilltop to take the perfect group selfie.


32. Zoom Quiz

Let’s face it – we’ve all done a few online quizzes over the last couple of years. But you can spice up the idea with an ‘All About You’ quiz to test how much your best friends really know about you.

Alternatively, organize a virtual game of Mr and Mrs, testing how much the bride and groom know each other. Bonus points for including funny video clips of the happy couple.

33. Online Murder Mystery

Want an online party idea with a hint of glamour and mystery? Interactive murder mystery games can be played online while you communicate with your teammates.

34. Online Escape Room

Real-life escape rooms are all the rage. On the back of their success, there are now hundreds of online escape rooms to get your brains working. Use teamwork to solve a series of mind-boggling puzzles with your pals.

35. Zoom Games Night

Can’t meet up with your friends in person? No worries. You can enjoy some of your favorite board games with your buddies online.

Many classic party board games, such as Pictionary and Articulate. have online versions. Or, alternatively, you could play any of your favorite games via Zoom, as long as everyone can follow!

When it comes to planning an awesome bachelorette party, the world is your oyster. Remember, think about the bride-to-be, and what she would love to do.

Use these ideas to help inspire parties of all different types, and plan a celebration that everyone invited will enjoy and have a great time at.

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Best bachelorette party ideas (ideas 1-14 listed above).