35 Best Party Games for Teens that Everyone Will Love Playing

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Multiply the fun factor tenfold at a teenage birthday party by getting everyone involved in some of these party games for teens, and get ready for thrills, laughs, and some wonderful memories throughout the day!

Party Games for Teens

Party Games for Teens (list of ideas 1-14)

Fun Games

1. Scavenger Hunt

Come up with a fun list of photos for your teens to collect, such as the cutest dog they can find or a picture of them wearing a funny costume, and let them search the neighborhood or the local mall until they’ve checked off everything on the list.

2. Twister

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This iconic party game is always so much fun to play with friends. It’s super simple to set up and can be played inside or outdoors, making for one of the most fun teen party games out there. Spin the wheel to get everyone tangled up – the last one standing wins!

3. Escape Room

You can head down to your local escape room or, if you’re feeling creative, you can set one up in your home. This is perfect for teens that love a challenge and enjoy solving puzzles to work together as a team and escape against the clock.

4. Mummify Me

Split your guests into teams, give them each a few rolls of toilet paper and have them turn one of their teammates into a toilet paper mummy by wrapping them up from head to toe. Don’t forget to take photos of their final mummified creations!

5. Dance Off

Play your best tunes and let your party guests show off their best dance moves. You could even introduce themed rounds to your dance-off, such as a 70’s disco round or a Spanish salsa round, and award prizes at the end for the best and more entertaining dancers.

Indoor Games

6. Murder Mystery

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Hold your own murder mystery game for your teen and their friends, and enjoy an afternoon or evening of solving clues and plenty of thrills. You can buy fake crime scene props, clues, and costumes for the full experience. Your guests can get into character and try to figure out the clues to solve the murder case.

7. Truth or Dare

This is a classic teen party game for good reason. You can kick this party game up a notch by pre-writing a bunch of cards with different ‘truth’ questions or funny dares on them and have your guests pick them out of a bag.

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8. Never Have I Ever

As teenage party games go, ‘never have I ever’ is undoubtedly a favorite. Get everyone to take turns to say something they have never done, for example, ‘I have never been on an airplane’. Every person that has done the action stated has to eat a piece of candy.

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9. Wink Murder

In this classic party game, you’ll first need to have someone play the ‘detective.’ Have all your guests sit in a circle and have the detective leave the room for a short period. Assign one or two people to be ‘murderers’ who kill their victims by winking across the circle (dramatic deaths are encouraged).

The detective will have to carefully watch everyone to figure out who is doing the wink murders before all the other guests are dead.

10. Who Am I?

In this fun game, everyone writes down a character or famous person on a piece of paper and puts it in a bag. Everyone then takes turns to pull a name out and, without looking at it, hold or stick it to their forehead. They now have to take turns asking yes or no questions to figure out who’s name is on their head.

Outdoor Games

11. Mini Olympics

Ideal for competitive teens, set up a bunch of mini-challenges for everyone to play, such as a 100m dash, an obstacle course, or a ring toss contest. Your party guests can compete as individuals or as teams. Don’t forget to have a medal ceremony after the games!

12. Hide and Seek

For a classic outdoor party game that will take everyone straight back to childhood, first assign one guest as a ‘seeker’ and give everyone else a chance to find a hiding spot. This works best if you have items in your yard for your guests to hide behind, such as a shed or an outdoor dining area.

The seeker must find everyone within a period of time and be sure to give everyone a turn being the seeker. Prizes can be handed out to people who stay hidden beyond the assigned time.

13. Sardines

Essentially hide and seek in reverse, in this classic game one person starts the game by hiding and all of the other guests have to find them. Once they find the original hider, they have to hide with them until there’s one guest searching for the rest of the group.

14. Human Knot

Have all the guests stand in a circle holding another guest’s right hand with their right hand. Next, get them to reach across the circle with their left hand to hold someone else’s left hand. They should now all be knotted up together and need to untangle themselves without breaking the chain. This fun party game is guaranteed to bring about plenty of laughs!

15. Capture the Flag

Split your party guests into two teams and give them each a ‘territory’, then give each team a flag that they must protect. The teams then have to race to steal each other’s flags without being caught and put in ‘jail’ by the opposite team.

Board Games

16. Clue

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Clue is a classic board game for good reason. Your guests will have so much fun playing this murder mystery game, trying to piece together the clues before anyone else. You can even get themed versions of Clue, such as Harry Potter or Star Wars if you or the birthday boy or girl are fans of a big movie franchise.

17. Cards Against Humanity  (Family Edition)

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If everyone playing has a darker sense of humor, they’ll be crying with laughter playing Cards Against Humanity together. Everyone takes turns to pull a card with a sentence missing key words and then fill in the blanks with hilarious, random, or ridiculous words or phrases. The funniest or most outrageous sentence wins!

18. Guess Who?

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The classic version is simple to set up and super fun for all ages. You could also spice up the original “Guess Who?” board game by replacing the cards with photos of celebrities, guests at the party, or people from school. This is a hilarious and fun twist on the standard version of this game.

19. Exploding Kittens

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Exploding Kittens has quite literally exploded in popularity since its release, and this super fun card game is not only a fun teen game but also a card game the whole family can get involved with. Expansion packs are also available to make this board game even more exciting. 

20. Exit

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Exit is an exciting, escape room-inspired board game for up to 4 players, in which players must solve puzzles to unlock objects and open doors to complete the game.

Pool and Water Games

21. Water Fight

A water fight is perfect for a summer party. Make sure everyone’s got water guns, or fill a large bucket of water balloons beforehand. Split everyone into teams, and let the fun and chaos commence!

22. Slip ‘N’ Slide

Lay down some plastic sheets and cover it with dish soap to make it extra slippery. Aim a hose at the plastic sheets and line everyone up at the top of the garden. Take it in turns to run onto the slide and enjoy the thrill of this classic outdoor activity.

23. Diving Contest

If you’re throwing a pool party, get everyone involved in the fun and games with a diving contest. You don’t need a diving board, as everyone can just dive from the poolside into the deeper end. Rate the dives and choose winning dives for the likes of best flips, biggest splash, or furthest dive, among others.

24. Underwater Treasure Hunt

Throw a bunch of sinkable treasure to the bottom of the pool (e.g. coins) and get everyone to dive to the bottom and race to collect the most treasure.

25. Water Balloon Dodgeball

Perfect for summer, this game combines two classic games! Make a bunch of water balloons before your party, split your guests into two teams and have them play a game of dodgeball with the balloons.

Virtual Games

26. Video Game Tournament 

For a fun way to celebrate indoors virtually, why not host an online video game tournament? From classics such as Mario Kart to modern-day shoot-em-ups, gaming is a great way to celebrate from the comfort of your own home with the potential to invite a huge group of people to play.

27. Online Quiz

Make a fun zoom quiz with a bunch of questions in different categories – think movies, music, sports, among others. You can even include a round of questions about the birthday boy or girl in question for plenty of laughs and throwbacks – a baby photo round is always a fun idea!

28. Virtual Escape Room

There are plenty of online escape rooms you can play virtually. Split into teams, and work together to solve all the puzzles before their time limit’s up in this incredibly fun virtual party game.

29. Name That Meme

For meme-loving teens, a meme-themed trivia game is the ideal party game to play over Zoom or other video platforms together. Put photos or clips of classic memes, vines, and Tiktoks together and have your guests answer questions about them, finish the quote, or even make their own version of iconic memes.

30. JackBox Games

JackBox has a bunch of great virtual party games you can play online with a group of friends. You’ll only need to pay for one account to host the games, and everyone else can play via their phones or tablets. The games include doodle and joke contests, trivia, and even murder mystery, among others.

More Games

31. Zombies

Players should all be blindfolded, or you can switch all the lights off, so it’s completely dark. Assign one person as the zombie and have everyone walk around the space in circles. The zombie must walk and groan in true zombie fashion, and everyone they come into contact with themselves becomes a zombie, until the last person remaining wins.

32. Medusa

All players stand in a circle with their arms around each other’s shoulders, starting with their heads down. On the count of three, they must all raise their heads at the same time. Any players who make eye contact must scream and drop to the ground. The game continues until there are just two players left.

33. Throw Throw Burrito

This is an amazing dodgeball card game where your teens will have to race to collect matching cards while also dodging squishy burritos being thrown at them by their opponents.

34. Balloon Hoarder

For this game, you’ll need to blow up a bunch of balloons and scatter them around the room. Set a timer and get your guests to gather as many balloons as they can before the time runs out.

They can hold them in whatever creative ways they can think of. However, popped balloons don’t count, so they’ll need to be careful not to lose points this way.

35. Memory Loss

When the game starts, one guest leaves the room so the other party guests can decide on a celebrity or character. They then have to re-enter the room and ask each person ‘who am I?’. Everyone then gives a cryptic clue about their identity, and the guesser has three attempts to try and guess who they are!

Fun party games are always a great way to not only keep everyone at the gathering entertained, but also give all other party guests an opportunity to get involved and have fun.

These unique, fun, and creative party games for teenagers cover a range of different themes and scenarios and can allow you to plan a party that is full of thrills, laughs, and memorable moments. Have great fun playing them, and may the best person or team win!

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Party Games for Teens (list of ideas 1-14)