100+ Retirement Wishes and Messages Full of Warmth and Goodwill

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Whether it’s a popular coworker or a beloved family member, send them off into the sunset with one or more of these retirement wishes and messages, and put a smile on their face as they prepare for the next chapter.

Retirement Wishes and Messages

Retirement wishes and messages (list of 1-10 from the article).

For Anyone

1. From a successful career to a successful retirement ⁠— huge congratulations to you! 

2. Happy retirement ⁠— you deserve it.

3. Years of hard work, and now you truly get to reap the rewards. Congratulations! 

4. Enjoy your new life of resting, relaxing, and spending time with family. 

5. Retirement is the best benefit that comes from working as hard as you did. 

6. Sending you well wishes for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling retirement. 

7. Congratulations on your retirement ⁠— you’ve inspired so many with your strong work ethic, and it’s great to see you get rewarded for all the effort you put in. 

8. Retirement is far from your only accomplishment, but I hope it’s the one that brings you the most joy. 

9. Cheers to you and your retirement! I hope you have an absolute blast. 

10. It might mark the end of your career, but your retirement is bound to be the beginning of something even more amazing. 

11. Proud of you for how far you’ve come and happy to see how you thrive in retirement! 

12. I hope you have a great retirement spending time with those who are most important to you. 

13. I hope retirement is the best gift you’ve ever gotten. 

14. Retired, and with many more amazing accomplishments ahead of you! I can’t wait to see how you enjoy your newfound free time. 

15. One huge goal was reached, and now you finally get to relax. Here’s to a seriously great retirement!

16. You always gave your best, and now you can get the best out of the rest of your life. 

17. Congratulations on retiring — everyone knew you could do it. 

18. Happy retirement, and here’s to the rest of this joy-filled adventure called life. 

19. Here’s to sleeping late and having more time on your hands than you know what to do with! 

20. Wishing you a retirement full of all the hobbies and activities and traveling that you didn’t know you needed in your life until now.

For a Friend

21. So thrilled to hear about your retirement, and wishing you happiness wherever this next step in life takes you. 

22. Your job is going to miss you, but your friends and family have been missing you more. This retirement is the best news ever. 

23. Super happy for you and your retirement! That’s big news! 

24. As one of your oldest and dearest friends, I can honestly say that I always believed in you. It’s awesome to see you come this far. 

25. No more work for you! I’m happy for you, and, to be honest, a little bit jealous. Enjoy your retirement enough for both of us, please! 

26. Congratulations on leaving work behind and getting to live out the rest of your days peacefully! You’re going to have so much fun in retirement. 

27. I wanted to wish you the happiest of retirements. You are an excellent human being, top-tier worker, and a wonderful friend — and that’s only a few of your positive attributes. To see you come so far is truly inspiring, and I know you’re going to love living the retired life! 

28. Retired, and still your hard-working self! I’m looking forward to seeing where life takes you next. 

29. Cheers to your retirement! You always were the smartest and most successful of the group!

30. Excited to hear about this new stage of life — wishing your newly retired self all the best. 

31. Happy retirement to my good friend! I am over the moon for you, and I’m glad to see you doing so well. 

32. I hope you enjoy every minute of your well-deserved retirement! I’m here if you get bored and need somebody to spend your abundant free time with. 

33. From taking time off work for vacations to vacationing whenever you feel like it. Now that is called living the dream, my friend. 

34. What are friends for except to congratulate you for all your incredible accomplishments? So stoked for you, and hoping your retirement is perfect. 

35. All the best for you and your retirement! I bet you’re going to love it. 

36. I can’t believe we’ve been friends long enough to see each other retire from the workforce. Congratulations on making it this far! 

37. Hope you have a super happy retirement, and don’t forget to treat yourself!

38. Retired and better than ever before! Congratulations, old friend! 

39. Retired!? I always knew you could do it. Congratulations, friend! 

40. Not only are you a great friend, but you’re clearly a great worker as well. Cheers to your retirement! 

For a Coworker

41. Try not to miss us too much! Congratulations, and good luck with everything! 

42. You always made coming to work worth it! No one deserves a successful retirement more than you. 

43. Congratulations on retiring — you’ve worked so hard for this. 

44. Happy that you’re retiring, but sad that I have to pick a new favorite coworker. 

45. I always enjoyed working with you! I hope your retirement goes swimmingly for you! 

46. We’ll all miss you here! Don’t have too much fun without us. 

47. Thank you for always putting in effort and being such a solid team player. I’ll do my best to carry on what you started now that you’re retired. 

48. Retirement is a reward for all your hard work, and I’m sure nobody’s surprised to hear that you’ve made it after all your achievements. 

49. So sad to hear you won’t be around at work anymore, but even happier to hear the exciting news of your retirement. Wishing you all the best! 

50. We finally got rid of you! All jokes, you’ll be seriously missed around here. We all wish we could retire with you! 

51. Work won’t be the same without you! I’m sure your retirement will be worth it, though. Congratulations! 

52. Hope you have a blast during your retirement, and try not to forget about us. 

53. Your excellence in work was a true inspiration to all of us! 

54. We all admire you for all your hard work and dedication during your years here! Wishing you nothing but happiness in your newly retired lifestyle! 

55. Sending you good vibes for a blessed retirement! 

56. Retirement is the beginning of your next greatest adventure! I can’t wait to hear how all of it goes for you. 

57. Heartfelt congratulations from me and the rest of the team on your retirement! You absolutely deserve it. 

58. So happy to celebrate your retirement with you! I hope everything goes even better than you could imagine! 

59. Your optimism and work ethic will be sorely missed now that you’re retired! 

60. Congratulations on finally reaching your hard-earned retirement! Rest and relaxation lie ahead for you. 

For the Boss

61. Happy to hear about your retirement, even though I’m not sure what we’re going to do without you. 

62. Working for you has been a true pleasure! 

63. You’re finally freed from the responsibility of all your unruly employees! Enjoy your freedom! 

64. Congratulations on your retirement, boss! No one could ever quite replace you. 

65. You made it out! Huge congratulations. 

66. Your hard work speaks for itself! 

67. Big congratulations on your well-deserved retirement. 

68. Retired at last! Who are you going to boss around now? 

69. Trust me, this job is going to feel different now that you’re retired. 

70. You truly were the best boss I’ve ever had! I hope you know what a positive impact you’ve had at this company.

71. You’ve done so much, and it’s all paying off for you now.

72. Happy retirement to the coolest boss around! 

73. You’re leaving an amazing legacy behind you. 

74. Cheers to your retirement, boss! 

75. Nobody did it quite like you. Hope your retirement is awesome.

76. You’re your own boss, now! Enjoy the responsibility. 

77. Who am I going to disappoint at work now? We’re sad to see you go. 

78. You always made work such a positive environment, and I’m wishing you just as positive a retirement in return. 

79. You might be retired, but we’ll never forget you around these parts!

80. From being the best boss ever to being the best retired boss ever. 


81. No more setting your alarm for work in the morning! 

82. If you need any ideas of where to spend some of your retirement savings, I can help you out!

83. You’re retired now — that means more spare time for me to come bother you. 

84. Retirement — the respectable way to say “sleeping in.” 

85. If you need anyone to join you on any of your upcoming retirement vacations, I’ll be waiting. 

86. All these years behind you, and you finally get to relax. You better make it worth it!

87. I guess you really were keeping busy with work all these years. Congrats! 

88. Are you sure you can’t just loop me in with your retirement benefits? 

89. It’s a good thing you retired when you did, I heard that they were really getting tired of all your hard work at your job. 

90. Get ready for your retirement glow-up! 

91. What are you going to use as an excuse not to do something with me now that you’re retired? 

92. Happy retirement! What are you going to find to stress out about now? 

93. Retirement — also known as an excuse to finally do nothing with your days. 

94. The real question is, will your caffeine intake be decreasing or increasing? 

95. Retired at last! Are you ready to become your grandkids’ built-in babysitter?

96. You might be retired, but you still have plenty of work to do around the house! 


97. Congratulations on your retirement!

98. You’ve earned this. 

99. All your hard work paid off! 

100. Happy retirement! 

101. Freedom, finally! 

102. Time to rest and relax! 

103. Your life-long vacation starts now. 

104. You made it! 

105. Now begin the best years of your life. 

106. Your retirement is well deserved! 

107. Good things always come to those who wait! 

108. Wishing you a rewarding retirement. 

109. Here’s to a fulfilling retirement! 

110. Enjoy this new journey. 

111. Cheers to your newfound freedom! 

112. All your hard work is behind you. 

113. So impressed to hear about your retirement! 

114. You should be proud of yourself. 

115. Cheers to your retirement! 

116. What a great accomplishment!

Retirement is a momentous milestone for anyone to reach, and sending your warmth and congratulations is the cherry on top.

Whether it’s in-person or written on a thoughtful card, these retirement messages should help you put your feelings and best wishes for them into words.

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Retirement wishes and messages (list of 1-10 from the article).