21 Best Home Bar Gadgets and Accessories to Own

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Take your home bar to new heights with these home bar gadgets and accessories, and drink at home with class and style.

Home Bar Gadgets

If you’re eager to turn your humble abode into a place for classy drinks and luxurious evenings, these home bar gadgets and accessories will help make that daydream a reality.

Ideal for dinner parties, gatherings, or those nights you don’t feel like dressing up to go out, you’d be surprised how little you need to get a stylish, functioning home bar up and running.


1. Bar Cart

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A gorgeously designed bar cart will do wonders to add a generous helping of cocktail bar luxury into your kitchen or living area.

A bar is both practical and stylish. You can both mix your favorite drinks and store ice, glasses, and your larger bottles on the base.

When it is time to drink, wheeling in the cart or gathering to it to mix, taste, and enjoy the good times will make you and your friends feel like you’re drinking in a glamorous hotel lounge or cocktail bar.

2. Bartender Cocktail Kit

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No home bar can be truly complete without a comprehensive bartender cocktail kit. This home bar essential will give you everything you need to mix both your favorite drinks and try new and daring cocktails.

For an authentic home experience, make sure the kit has the following, or buy them separately: a bar spoon, a strainer, a jigger, and a shaker. If you want stirred cocktails rather than shaken, get a mixing beaker as well.

Ideal for small gatherings or dinner parties, a bartender kit will help you elevate your mixed drinks from homemade to lounge bar standards.

3. Cocktail Essentials

The key to memorable cocktails is not just in the taste, but also in the presentation. Glass shape, garnishes, and other additions are essential for recreating the elegance of high-end cocktails.

Shake a Spoon’s subscription box is great if you don’t want to keep searching for all the individual items needed to make a specific cocktail.

Every month, the subscription will send you a cocktail box of unique, classic-inspired cocktail recipes, with everything you need to make them.

That way, you can capture not only the taste of your favorite cocktails, but also their style, look, and essence.

4. Cocktail Muddler

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A cocktail muddler may look simple, but any seasoned mixologist will be the first to tell you of its importance in making truly breathtaking cocktails.

With a muddler, you can properly mesh and blend the fruits and herbs at the bottom of the cocktail glass to truly unleash their flavor and potential.

This home bar gadget has the potential to take your cocktail and mixed drinks flavors to new heights. It is an essential addition to your home bar station.

5. Corkscrew

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Save yourself precious time rummaging through your kitchen drawers by having a multi-purpose corkscrew on hand at your home bar.

A waiter’s corkscrew is equipped with a bottle opener, foil cutter, and corkscrew, allowing you to open all types of bottled drinks.

Brush up on your bartending skills, and you’ll be popping corks with grace in no time at all.

6. Glasses

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Authentic cocktails tread a delicate balance between flavor and style, and a set of cocktail glasses are essential to ensuring your mixed drinks both look and taste great.

Ideal to display proudly in your home bar, cocktail glasses are very versatile. Whether you’re mixing a simple drink, or replicating a classic recipe, such glasses are suitable for all occasions.

As your home bar expands, your own cocktail glasses will give you that exquisite look and feel of a glamorous cocktail bar.

Cool Accessories

7. Ice Molds

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Tired of ice melting too quickly and diluting the mixture? It’s time to elevate your ice game with a new ice mold.

A large sphere of ice in your mixed drinks not only looks elegant, but it also allows your drink to stay chilled and flavorsome for much longer.

Larger ice melts slower, meaning your drink will maintain its strength and consistency for far longer.

8. Corkcicle

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Wave a welcome goodbye to the time-old frustration of lukewarm beer by keeping several corkcicles in your freezer, ready for evenings at the home bar.

A corkcicle, once frozen, can be slipped seamlessly into standard beer bottles. Once in, you can enjoy chilled beer for far longer, without diluting the liquid with ice from melting water.

For the beer-drinkers among your dinner party, friends, or gathering, this home bar accessory has the potential to change the way they drink bottled beer, for the better.

And if you’re a wine lover, you can get the Corkcicle Air, a 4-in-1 chiller, aerator, pourer, and stopper for wine bottles.

9. Bartender’s Knife

Expand your bartending toolkit with a multipurpose bartender’s knife, ideal for mixing up a wide range of delicious cocktails and mixed drinks.

The sharp blade allows you to slice and peel oranges, lemons, and other fruits, herbs, and spices with ease. Garnishing your drinks will have never been simpler.

Once it is time to mix, the knife’s water-resistant handle, made of hardwood, gives you the perfect tool to mix your drink in a robust, purposeful way.

The world’s best mixologists swear by their tools, and a bartender’s knife allows you to prepare drinks with greater precision and care.

10. Bar Rimmer Tool

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A bar rimmer allows you to go the extra mile when it comes to creating classic cocktails, like a margarita.

Simple to use, your rimmer allows you to line the rim of your cocktail glasses with a thick coating of sugar or salt.

This home bar gadget is sure to be the talking point at any gathering or dinner party, as you’re serving up some truly authentic mixed drinks for everyone.

11. Citrus Press

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Keep your cocktails rife with zest and your hands clean and dry with a citrus press, a simple but efficient accessory for your home bar.

With a citrus press, you can flavor your mixed drinks with fresh lemon or lime juice, without having to worry about seeds in your drink or your hands getting sticky.

With a citrus press in your life, you’ll wonder how you managed without one for all this time!

12. Bartender Cocktail Picks

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Garnish your delicious mixed drinks with class and style courtesy of a set of steel bartender cocktail picks.

Steel cocktail picks hold your fruit and garnishings for far longer. They make for a far more eco-friendly choice than wooden picks, as they can be reused over and over again.

These home bar gifts help you elevate your drinks to another level, without having to worry about sodden wood and loose picks.

13. Wine Cooler Bucket

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This marble bottle chiller can take pride and place in the center of your home bar while keeping your opened bottles of wine chilled for hours on end.

Spare yourself the constant trips back and forth to the refrigerator, keeping the party alive and well in your dining or living room.

A wine cooler bucket with a stylish, elegant design acts just as much a part of the room decor as it does a chiller for your favorite wines and champagnes.

For an Outdoor Bar

14. Outdoor Bar Table

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For warm summer evenings out on the patio, an outdoor bar table is a must-have essential to help you bring the party outside.

Made from weather-resistant wicker, a bar table is ideal for seated or standing drinks with friends and family.

Concealed beneath the tabletop is the table’s wonderful cooler, allowing you to chill your favorite drinks while you sit, laugh, and enjoy your evening.

15. Pool Bar Float

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Transfer the party to your own pool with a floating bar inflatable, perfect for drinks and hours of fun in the water with friends and family.

With the ability to hold ice and a range of drinks in the center, a bar ring float will undoubtedly be one of the conversation starters at your pool party.

Unique & Novelty Accessories

16. Smoking Cloche

Eager to add a touch of awe and class to your evening? A smoking cloche can both wow your guests, and enhance the flavor of your drinks.

Whether you’re chilling cocktails, cheese, or other party food, you can gently smoke your food and drink with a range of wood, spiced, and herb-infused flavors.

This unique home bar gift allows you to add a high-end level of class to your already stylish dinner party or evening drinks.

17. Granite Drink Dispenser

Pour your favorite drinks and spirits in style with a granite drink dispenser, a gorgeous focal point for your home bar.

There’s something majestic about the rustic ridges of cobbled granite streaking against a gleaming, stainless steel tray or panel.

You can fill your drink dispenser with wine, spirits, and a range of other drinks. Pour crisp, chilled drinks seamlessly and effortlessly while wowing your guests with an accessory defined by its organic beauty.

18. Bloody Mary Cocktail Branches

Create fun and interesting Bloody Mary cocktails by fixing your olives, radishes, and other classic Bloody Mary cocktail fixings with a stylish stainless steel cocktail branch.

You can also use this nifty and stylish home bar accessory to stack fruit and spices in a fun way for a range of other delicious mixed drinks.

With stylish home bars, the smallest touches go a long way. This is a perfect gift for a little dash of luxury at your bar.

19. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

If there is a grander way to serve tequila shots than in a set of Himalayan salt glasses, we have yet to hear of it!

Crafted from the deposits at Himalayan salt mines, these stunning glasses infuse the tequila with a fresh saltiness, for a tequila taste like no other.

This glass set is the perfect way to bring out the heavy liquor if your evening is heading toward a night to remember – or forget, depending on how many shots you have!

Retro Bar Accessories

20. Retro Record Coasters

Nothing says retro like vinyl, and these retro record coasters can add a generous helping of ‘wow’ factor to your dinner party or gathering.

Made from genuine recycled vinyl records, this is such a unique way to reuse old records. Particularly for music lovers, these coasters will spark all kinds of nostalgia and intriguing conversation.

21. Personalized Neon Bar Sign

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For a lasting touch to truly recognize your home bar as a place of good times and character, officially name it with a personalized neon sign.

There’s a warmth and aura about neon signage. You’ll truly feel your drinking with friends and having fun in your favorite bar under the soothing glow of neon.

A personalized neon sign will have your friends and guests gaping in awe. This is such a wonderful accessory to bring your home bar to life, for many years to come.

Courtesy of these home bar accessories, you’ll have everything you need to transform your kitchen or living space into a makeshift bar with class, style, and intrigue.

Many of the tools bartenders live and swear by can be bought for your home bar, allowing you to replicate the environment of professional bartenders.

For those evenings you want to drink without having to make a huge effort to head into the city, your home bar can be a place of glamour, fun, and memorable nights with friends and loved ones.

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