29 Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women (2023)

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Give a little something that goes a long way to a woman close to you this holiday season with these thoughtful stocking stuffer ideas for women that won’t break the bank.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women (gift ideas 1-14 listed below).

Best Stocking Stuffers

1. Microwavable Slippers or Cozy Socks

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This is the perfect stuffer gift idea for the woman in your life who’s always feeling the cold and looking for a second jumper.

A pair of microwavable socks is the perfect gift for keeping those toes warm during the winter months!

2. Cocktail Travel Kit

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For the woman in your life who loves partying and traveling, what better than a portable cocktail kit? Learn recipes on the go and perfect that Margarita!

3. Wine Tumbler & Bottle of Wine

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A bottle of wine is a classic stocking stuffer, but jazz it up a little this time by adding a wine tumbler alongside it! Wine on the go, is there anything more necessary in January? 

4. Tea or Coffee

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Let the tea lover in your life amuse themselves with a new tea flavor every morning with an assortment of flavored teas and coffees.

If the lady in your life is a coffee addict instead, gift her some flavored coffee, whether it be salted caramels and chocolate flavors or a fruity selection.

5. Hot Chocolate

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Is there anything better than cozying up in front of the television with a steaming cup of hot chocolate during the winter months?

Treat the lady in your life to some premium hot chocolate to enjoy until the colder months subside – you’ll be sure to be invited to join her on the sofa for a Netflix binge!


6. Chocolate

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As with all gifts, it’s the thought that counts, right? Get the woman in your life a box of her favorite chocolate if you’re looking for inexpensive stocking stuffer ideas. At least you know she’ll eat it!

Most sweet brands do festive versions of their best-selling chocolate during the festive season, so pick up a Christmassy version and watch her be impressed that you remembered her favorite!

7. Lip Balm

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Lips loved to get chapped during the winter months, don’t they? With all the cold and winds attacking from every angle, the skin on our lips ends up flaky and dry.

Treat the lady in your life to some flavored lip balm and rescue her from the dreaded chapped lip look: it’s low-key and affordable while still remaining a thoughtful and feminine gift.

Choose from an endless variety of colors and flavors with this practical stocking stuffer treat.

8. Nail Polish

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With thousands – yes, thousands – of color options to choose from, nail polish is the perfect stocking stuffer for women – you can probably even buy two or three polishes for less than a tenner.

Ideal for teens and adult women alike, have fun picking out her favorite colors and pop them in this year’s stocking. Bonus points if they match her Christmas outfit!

9. Pocket Hand Sanitizers

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Who doesn’t love a gift that is both fashionable and safety-conscious? Help the lady in your life stay protected with a cute sanitizer keychain – with plenty of patterns to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect design.

This is also a great gift for the woman in your life who’s always misplacing her hand gel. With a cute sanitizer keychain, there’s no excuse!


10. Solid Shampoo & Conditioner

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An ideal gift for the environmentally conscious woman in your life, why not offer up a set of eco-friendly solid shampoo and conditioners? You can find a variety of different scents and themes to choose from.

If your daughter, wife, or sister has recently taken up the cause of the planet, this gift will be sure to put a smile on her face! Also, it means no more of her stealing your shampoo – bonus!

11. Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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There’s nothing worse than having to play music out loud through a phone – crackly, interrupted by text messages, and never loud enough!

Fix this problem for the music-lover in your life with a mini, portable Bluetooth speaker.

You can find speakers in all different colors and designs, ensuring that the Beyonce-loving woman in your life can take her wherever she goes!

12. Texting Gloves

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The ideal winter gift for the ever-texting teen girl in your life: surprise your daughter or sister with a pair of texting gloves, so that no matter how cold it gets outdoors, she can keep snapchatting, tik-toking, texting, or whatever her preferred method of communication is these days!

This also makes a great gift idea for the woman in your life whose hands become dry and flaky as soon as the colder months hit. Pair it with a hand cream for dry skin SOS, and you’ll have one happy lady.

13. Magnetic Bookmark

No more losing her place and waking up wondering how on earth she got to page 114 already. For the female bookworm in your life, a magnetic bookmark is the perfect stocking stuffer gift.

Magnetic bookmarks stick to the page of any book – without damaging the paper – to ensure that the bookmark is kept in the right place.

So, the next time the woman in your life falls asleep in the middle of a chapter, she can pick it up right where she left off the next day. This is a cute and creative gift for any book lover!

14. Jewelry Organizer

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As a woman, there’s nothing more irritating than leaving your earrings beside the bathroom mirror and returning to find them gone or find that they’ve been covered in toothpaste.

Don’t allow this fate for the jewelry lover in your life! A gorgeous jewelry organizer is a great gift for the holidays – although, be warned, she might expect a nice new pair of earrings to go with it! 

15. Hair Tie Bracelet

It’s not exactly the chicest look: freshly manicured nails, a lovely watch, and…a fraying hair tie around the wrist.

Solve this common problem for the lady in your life with a gorgeous multi-use hair tie bracelet. It looks great on the wrist and holds hair when it needs to – multifunctioning gifts always make for great stocking stuffers!

Creative and Unique

16. Eco-Friendly Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads

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Another ideal gift for the planet-conscious woman in your life is reusable, bamboo makeup remover pads.

These pads work just like normal makeup removal pads, except this time, you can pop them in the weekly wash and reuse them afterward!

If the woman in your life loves to be environmentally friendly as much as she loves thick mascara, this is the perfect stocking stuffer gift.

17. Chocolate Soap Bars

Life is like a box of chocolate…soaps? Surprise the chocolate lover in your life with a quirky collection of chocolate soap bars.

With flavors like Amber Chocolate, Chocolate Bar, Fudge Brownie, and Raspberry Drizzle, she’ll be smelling of chocolate all year round!

Make sure to present this gift before the Christmas wine drinking has commenced – some chocolate soap bars will look good enough to eat, and a tipsy chocolate addict might just try!

18. Reusable Drinking Straw

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With a variety of different colors and styles to choose from, a reusable drinking straw is another great environmentally conscious gift for the woman in your life who cares about the planet.

Make her day with this climate-friendly gift – and promise to make her a milkshake for its first use. Pair this gift with a reusable drinking cup for the ultimate eco-friendly stocking stuffer treat.

19. Therapy Dough

At the end of another working year, who amongst us couldn’t use a bit of therapy dough?

A bit like a stress ball, therapy dough is used to relieve stress and get creative at the same time, helping with anxiety.

Infused with essential oils, therapy dough makes for the perfect stocking stuffer for the woman in your life who needs to learn to put herself first, release stress and relax.


20. Portable Battery Charger

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Who says that great gifts need to be romantic and arrive in a little blue box from a jewelry shop whose name begins with T?

If the woman in your life is always running out of battery when she’s out (whether it’s from texting so much or scrolling Instagram, it doesn’t matter) surprise her with a portable battery charger.

It’ll keep you both connected during the day, and she certainly won’t expect it in her stocking!

21. Gift Card

If you’re really running out of ideas and you’ve already exhausted all your inspiration on other things, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to a store you know she loves.

Whether it’s a gift card to Starbucks, her favorite clothing store, or her favorite Friday-night restaurant, pop it in her Christmas stocking and watch her swoon!

With all the January sales coming up, the lady in your life will have plenty of opportunities to treat herself.

22. Card Multitool

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No need to call for a man’s help with this little tool in her purse! A card multitool is a great practical gift for handling all of life’s little emergencies: whether it’s needing a screwdriver, a bottle opener, a box opener, a can, or even a place to rest a phone.

A card multi-tool does it all, even functioning as a fruit peeler and a nail puller. Surprise the DIY-hesitant woman in your life with this unique but handy stocking stuffer.


23. Poo-Pourri

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Put a grin on her face with some Poo-Pourri! Choose a design that gets you laughing and pop it in her stocking. You’ll make the lady in your life laugh and have a clean-smelling toilet all year round, too. Win-win!

24. Tea Infuser

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Surprise the woman in your life with a fun tea diffuser. You can choose to pop this in her Christmas stocking (or under the tree, however it plays out at your end), or you can make a classic hot cup of tea together and hand this tea diffuser for her to use.

Guaranteed laughs, especially if you find a design with a special or funny meaning for both of you.


25. Face Masks

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At the end of another long year, let the woman in your life relax with some nourishing sheet masks. Bonus points for you if you get the right masks for her skin type! If you don’t already know, try to slip the question casually into conversation.

Or, have a glance around her existing skincare products to see what her particular needs are. If you find it all too confusing, you normally can’t go wrong with a classic hydrating mask – especially in winter!

26. Essential Oil Blends

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Calming, beautifully scented, and a little bit luxe, essential oil blends make for a sweet stocking stuffer.

Essential oils can be used in a number of different ways: for aromatherapy purposes, for skin care and hair, as well as for massages and relieving tension.

Pop these in the Christmas stocking and let the woman in your life get her aromatherapy on.

27. Shower Steamers

This is a great way for you to give the woman in your life some well-deserved me-time!

Pop some shower steamers in her Christmas stocking and let her pamper herself all year long with her favorite aromas and scents.

Her house might end up smelling like a basket of soaps, but at least there will be a smile on her face!


28. Masterclass Subscription

If the woman in your life has always wanted to cook like Gordon Ramsay, tell a story like Stephen King, or write songs like Alicia Keys, treat her to a subscription to Masterclass.

When she starts being able to whip up a mean Coq Au Vin for you both like it’s the easiest thing in the world, you’ll feel vindicated in your gift choice!

29. Jewelry

Despite what the sitcoms might say, you can really never go wrong with jewelry when it comes to gifts for women at Christmas.

Whether you opt for a pair of classy earrings or go all-out with that little blue box, some jewelry in the stocking will be guaranteed to put you in the good books.

Gift-giving doesn’t have to be an ‘over-the-top’ affair. These stocking stuffers are great fun, easy gifts to find, and still show someone close to you that you’re thinking about them over the holidays.

Be it for a daughter, mother, partner, or close friend or colleague, there’s plenty on this list that’s sure to give them lots of smiles and laughs come Christmas morning.

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women (ideas 1-14 listed above).