10 Habits of Attractive People

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Get inspired by these brilliant habits of attractive people you can start developing today to help you feel more confident and learn to love your mind, body, and soul.

Habits of Attractive People

10 Habits of Attractive People

While not all of us are blessed with the legs of a model or a chiseled jawline, that does not mean we can’t feel beautiful and confident.

Attractiveness is far more than genetics. The way you think, dress, and the type of person you are can all help make you a more positive and attractive person that people gravitate towards.

These 10 habits attractive people consciously work on. They are simple but effective, and you can start developing one or more of them today.

1. They don’t judge their beauty by Instagram standards

Attractive people don’t spend hours comparing themselves to influencers and airbrushed photos on Instagram. They accept who they are, the way they look, and they don’t make it a competition.

If necessary, they will take breaks from social media entirely. But day-to-day, attractive people spend time focusing on themselves, not on what other people look like.

2. They smile and stay positive

As humans, we are naturally drawn to positive people. Dopamine and other hormones, released when we are happy, make us feel great.

Attractive people smile all the time. They stay positive, even during tough times, and learn to focus on what is good in their life, not on what they don’t have.

Attractive people make those around them feel happy, hence people, even strangers, are drawn to them.

3. They dress smartly

Attractive people spend a little time and energy on their wardrobe, and they understand the positive impact simple but stylish clothing can have on their appearance.

While never dressing flamboyantly, attractive people dress with good color combinations, in simple but stylish clothes. They look smart, without being intimidating.

Attractive people keep an eye on design trends, shop for clothes regularly to keep their wardrobe fresh, and choose outfits that complement their features and figure. They aim to strike a balance between style and natural beauty.

4. They have a good sense of humor

Making people laugh is one of the most underrated traits of attractive people. By laughing with someone, we can feel happy, comfortable, and vulnerable around them.

People who are attractive can make fun of themselves, not take themselves too seriously, and tell great stories.

They also know where the boundaries are, and understand when it’s appropriate to be casual or professional.

5. They listen and observe

Attractive people make others feel important, often very subtly. They won’t dominate group conversation and make it all about them.

These people will ask questions like ‘what do you think of this?’ or ‘has this happened to anyone here?’. They often make the conversation about other people.

By putting the focus on others through listening to what they have to say, they make people feel important, and at ease in their presence.

6. They have a healthy, balanced diet

Those who are attractive understand that a healthy diet is important for a positive mood, healthy skin, hair, and teeth, and a functioning body.

While they may not need to be militant with their meals, they will make sure to eat a balanced diet of carbohydrates, protein, and fruit and vegetables with simple meal plans to help.

But they also know how to enjoy the good things in life, such as pizza and a movie or a couple of glasses of wine on the weekend. Everything in moderation.

7. They exercise regularly

As with diet, attractive people appreciate the role fitness and exercise play in both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Attractive people realize that you don’t need bulging muscles or a super tight tummy to be attractive. You just need to take care of your body.

Hence, they will be sure to run, do gym classes, stretch, and get plenty of fresh air at least 2-3 times a week.

8. They project confidence with simple techniques

People seen as attractive are often seen as confident. They use simple body language, posture, and gestures to help build this sense of confidence.

Attractive people look you in the eye. They open up their arms and use hand gestures to make their bodies an open book, rather than closed off.

They also don’t slouch, and they work on their posture. Finally, they use nuanced and mimicked body language to make you feel comfortable around them.

9. They have deep, thought-provoking conversations

When you talk to a confident, attractive person, you’ll feel like you can share personal things with them. They ask meaningful questions and are always interested in your answer.

Attractive people don’t spend their time talking about how great they are, gossiping about other people, or talking about trivial matters to fill time.

10. They make decisions and lead

Decision making is a desirable quality in many people. People seen as attractive are honest and fair, but not afraid to step up and make a decision for everyone.

Attractive people will listen to both sides of the story. But ultimately, they have the confidence to make and own their decisions, allowing others to see them as leaders.

Looking at society’s definition of beauty is not going to make you feel attractive. You in your own right are an attractive person: you just need to show it to everyone.

These habits of attractive people are simple and can be worked on every day. It will take time, but the more you develop them, the more you will become a confident, positive person, that people naturally gravitate toward.

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10 Habits of Attractive People