12 Cool Smart Home Gadgets You’ll Want in Your Home

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Use these smart home gadgets to make home living safe, comfortable, and ultra-convenient, and help you automate your home this year.

12 Cool Smart Home Gadgets You'll Want in Your Home

Smart Home Gadgets

Whether you’ve just moved into your new smart home, or have been calling it home for a number of years, what you can do with smart tech continues to awe and amaze every year.

So let’s take a close look at 12 of the most innovative smart home accessories on the market that money can buy to enhance your beautiful home.


1. Nest Learning Thermostat

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The Nest learning thermostat is revolutionizing the way you heat and cool your smart home. Not only is it remotely programmable, but it also adapts and learns your preferences over time.

The thermostat adjusts when you’re not home and learns your usage patterns, to increase and decrease heat without you needing to lift a finger.

Fully programmable via smartphone and compatible with Alexa, the Nest learning thermostat not only makes heating your home effortless, but it will also help you become more eco-friendly and save money.

Heating and cooling your home, over time, can become a seamless automated process. And if there are any issues or changes, you can implement them via your smartphone at the touch of a button.

2. Wireless Lighting

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Light your home with elegance and ease with a set of wireless lighting, operational via both voice command and your smartphone or device.

Wireless lighting makes it so easy to turn off lights in unoccupied rooms or come home to a well-lit home on a cold and dark winter’s evening.

Wireless bulbs screw in effortlessly like normal bulbs, and large numbers can be operational from your home hub without slowing down your wifi.

Whether you prefer using your voice or your smartphone, adjusting the lights in every room of your home has never been easier.

3. Smart Light Switch

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A smart light switch brings all the lighting throughout your home under one control panel, allowing you to adjust lights at home, from the office, or even while on vacation.

Accessible through the app via your smartphone, every light in your home can be switched on or off, dimmed, or timed to come on.

Check your home for lights that have been left on, and turn them off to save energy. Time your lighting to come on when you arrive home from work, welcoming you to a bright, warm home to relax in after a long day.

And if you’re worried about intruders, you can use the system’s ‘away mode’ to randomly trigger lights on or off, creating the illusion you are home and deterring thieves.

4. Smart Plug

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Smart plugs can kickstart your morning routine or help in lining up your evening activities without you needing to lift a finger.

With a smart plug set, you can remotely program them to turn on and off at certain times of the day.

With a smart plug, you can wake up to your just-brewed morning coffee in the machine or your tablet fully charged when you come home from work, ready for a relaxed evening of Netflix on the couch.

Via an app, you can also check the status of all plugs in your home, turning them off or on accordingly. This goes a long way to saving money and energy and keeping your home safe.

Smart plugs can turn on the utilities and devices you need to navigate through the day when you need them, allowing you to focus on the day ahead.

5. Smart Speaker

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A smart speaker is undoubtedly one of the must-have smart home essentials, allowing you to streamline access to your entertainment and home systems.

With Echo, prepare to flood your room with crisp audio and deep bass, helping you immerse in any show, game, or experience you have on screen.

But beyond the audio, a smart speaker can also act as one of your most important smart house hubs.

Through voice control, you can speak to your lighting, thermostat, and other devices in your home for convenient, hands-free control.


6. Video Doorbell

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Give yourself and your family peace of mind by making a video doorbell a priority gadget for your smart home.

Once installed, a video doorbell allows you to see, hear, and speak to anyone who approaches or knocks on your front door, all from your smartphone or device.

With doorbell notifications and video recording, you never need to face the fear of opening the door to unwanted or unknown callers.

Safety is an area in which smart homes excel. While a video doorbell may be a simple addition, providing that barrier between you and unexpected visitors makes your home far safer.

7. Keypad Door Lock

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Take the security of your front door to a whole new level with the assistance of a keypad door lock.

Keypad door locks are the trusted guardians of many smart homes. These devices will instantly alert you if anyone tries to tamper with or gain access via your front door.

Via your smartphone, you can open your door remotely to your guests, at any time, while creating passcode entry for only your most trusted family and guests.

Activated via both voice and touchscreen, the keypad door locks give your front robust security and help you and your family sleep comfortably at night.

8. Indoor Cloud Security Camera

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Implement state-of-the-art, real-time surveillance in your smart home with an indoor cloud security camera.

One of the most effective smart home essentials for security, such security cameras can give you instant live footage inside your home from your smartphone or device.

Such security cameras are also a burglar’s worst nightmare. If your home was ever compromised, your security camera alerts you, lets you see what is happening in an instant, and records what is going on.

Between your cozy walls, your smart home should be a place where you feel safe and protected. Indoor cloud security cameras go a long way to making this a reality.

9. Outdoor Cloud Security Camera

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Security should stretch beyond the walls of your smartphone. An outdoor cloud security camera allows you to keep a watchful eye on your garden, driveway, and your outside premises.

Outdoor security cameras are compact and robust, built to stay on and record even in the toughest of weather for several months at a time.

Wire-free, these cameras can be cleverly concealed in trees, corners, and other parts of your garden or premises.

Anyone who tries to break into your home will have to come from the outside. An outdoor cloud security camera is one of your first lines of defense against such thieves.

10. Smoke Alarm Listener

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A simple but potentially home-saving device, an alarm listener will instantly alert you if the smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detectors are set off.

Easy to set up in minutes, an alarm listener will alert your smartphone, allowing you to return home or take action to bring the situation under control.

This simple smart home gadget could make all the difference if, on the rare occasion, fire or gas leakage were to occur in your home.

11. Home Security System

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Prepare to elevate your home security to new levels with a multi-piece wireless home security system.

Home security systems give you a wide range of tools to monitor, alert, and protect yourself, thwarting intruders along the way.

Wireless entry sensors, which can be placed on doors and windows, alert you to any movement that may occur.

Motion sensors can be used to monitor places like your hallway or front room, alerting you to any movement at night or when you’re away from home.

Armed with an arm and disarm keypad and a panic button to alert for help, you’ll be able to sleep peacefully knowing you are being protected at all entry points in your home.


12. Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

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Hate being away from your beloved pets when you’re at work? A pet camera and treat dispenser will allow you to keep a loving eye on your pets via a live stream on your smartphone or device.

A pet camera can also be set up to send alerts to your phone if your dog starts suddenly barking. This allows you to quickly check on them and talk to them through the speaker if they need to be calmed.

If your pets have behaved well, you can also reward them by releasing a treat for them from the dispenser.

This smart home accessory is ideal if you have to leave your beloved pets at home for many hours at a time.

The beauty of smart homes is the sheer world of opportunities for convenient, comfortable, and safe living, all from your lips or fingertips.

These cool and secure smart home gadgets can seamlessly streamline your routine, save you time, and help you feel safe and secure.

That way, you can focus your energy on the things that bring you joy in life. Spending time with your family, playing with your pets, or having fun and games after work, are all made easier courtesy of these amazing accessories.

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