15 Cool Kitchen Organization Gadgets and Accessories You Need

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Use these cool kitchen organization gadgets and accessories to design a kitchen that not only functions flawlessly but wows your friends and guests.

Kitchen Organization Gadgets

Cool Kitchen Organization Gadgets and Accessories

Don’t let disorganization run riot in your kitchen. Your kitchen should be a place of calm and order, that brings joy into your life.

We spend so much time in the kitchen, from preparing food to entertaining guests and the family. Therefore, more than any other room, it should be a place of order, that looks beautiful and feels comfortable.

These amazing organizational gadgets and accessories will go a long way to making your kitchen a place of style, happiness, and order.

Countertop Organization

1. Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand

Simple but breathtakingly beautiful, this reclaimed wood cookbook stand is perfect for adding a welcome dose of rusticity to your humble home kitchen.

Be you reading from a cookbook, iPad, or another device, seamlessly dart your eyes between pot and recipe, as this sturdy stand holds up your reading material with ease and elegance.

Say goodbye to sauce-splashed screens and pages, and the constant bending over to read from a flat countertop. This wood cookbook stand is beautifully simple while making your life easier when cooking.

2. Floating Aerospace Desk Caddy

Lightweight and brimming with elegance, orgazining the paperwork in your kitchen has never been easier with this floating aerospace desk caddy.

You can seamlessly attach its frame to your kitchen table or work surface and use it to store any documents, from letters to recipes and cooking materials.

No longer will your kitchen table be covered in piles of papers. Now you can store all of it in a simple way, that looks great in your kitchen.

3. Steep and Serve Bamboo Tea Tray

Need a simple and stylish way to organize your tea in your kitchen. This bamboo tea tray has everything you need to delight you, your family, and your guests when it’s tea time.

Comprised of gorgeous bamboo, this box comes with a drawer, top tray, and several compartments, to store tea bags, containers, and your favorite mugs and teapot.

Suitable for storing in the kitchen, and for carrying into the living or dining room to serve tea, this bamboo box will elevate the excitement of tea time to another level.

4. Just Ripe Fruit Bowl

Tired of all your fruit piled into the same bowl? An organizer as smart as it is stylish, this jupe ripe fruit bowl takes storing your fruit to a whole new level.

The glass bowl allows you to store fruit that needs more time to ripen, while the wooden top is where fruit that is ready to eat can be stored.

If that wasn’t clever enough, the hook allows you to ripen your banana bunches in isolation, without them taking up any room in the bowl or on the tray.

5. Containers for Flour, Sugar, Coffee, and Tea

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Bring that iconic farmhouse feel into your kitchen with this set of rustic metal storage containers, perfect for adding a vintage feel to your kitchen worktop.

This set of 4 comes with labeled containers for coffee, tea, sugar, and flour. The gorgeous galvanized metal glistens against kitchen light while keeping your dry goods sealed and fresh.

Adorned with beautiful vintage typography, one glance at these stylish containers will make you believe you’ve woken up in a rustic countryside farmhouse as you drink your morning coffee.

6. Countertop Utensils Organizer

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Storing cutlery and silverware can become problematic, particularly as you collect more sets. Drawers only have limited compacity, and can often become a chaotic home of cutlery.

So set your best and most beloved silverware apart, with a countertop utensils organizer. Beautifully smooth and adorned with handwritten typography, you can separate your spoons, forks, and knives with ease.

This set is not only great for your kitchen countertops but can also be used to organize silverware on picnics or at gatherings and dinner parties.

Sink Organization

7. Sea Stone Dish Brush Holder

Give your trusted dish brush its very own home in your humble home kitchen with this gorgeous and rustic sea stone dish brush holder.

An important tool at the sink, so often we end up leaving the dish brush on the counter or in the sink. With this simple kitchen accessory, it can sit proudly above your sink, while keeping your counters dry and dirt-free.

Complete with a divot to catch any water, the beach stone and granite base adds a natural feel to your kitchen. Why choose style or substance, when you can have both?

8. Sponge Holder

Give your kitchen sponge the home and dear friend it’s always longed for, by storing it in this gnome-guarded sponge holder, and make yourself a new friend while washing the dishes.

Hand-crafted with a strong, stylish clay, this sponge holder fills your home kitchen with rustic, woodland vibes, while keeping your wet sponges off the kitchen counter and the sink.

Cabinet & Drawer Organizers

9. Bamboo Storage Organizers

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These bamboo storage organizers are great for organizing all the items that you can fit in an average-sized refrigerator or pantry.

Beautifully designed from bamboo, an eco-friendly and odor-resistant material, you can use these dividers to organize a wide range of foods and tools, in boxes, bags, and tubes.

Ideal to use on the kitchen counter, in the refrigerator, and also multi-purpose throughout the house, organize your kitchen space in a stylish, natural way.

10. Magnetic Spice Wall and Jars

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A magnetic spice wall is a kitchen organizer’s dream. Say goodbye to frustrating moments trying to locate spices at the back of your cabinets or drawers, and instead use the magnetic jars to stick them to the wall, easily found and dislodged in seconds.

A kitchen accessory that not only saves lots of space and time, the magnetic spice wall is also beautiful to behold. Arrange your jars and spices in a way that adds plenty of decadence to your kitchen.

With this magnetic spice wall set, you’ll have all of your delicious flavor possibilities at eye level, easily reached, taking mealtime and cooking prep to new levels of ease.

11. Bamboo Drawer Organizer

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Have you ever taken a look at your drawer and thrown your hands up in the air like, “oh yeah, I’ll get to that!”

Organizing should be an exciting experience, not a dreaded one. Help bring order to your silverware and other kitchen utensils with a bamboo drawer organizer.

Made from stylish bamboo wood, this drawer organizer gives you spacious apartments to separate your cutlery with ease and purpose. Maximize storage with minimal fuss, and make your drawer a place of calm, not chaos.

Cool Accessories

12. Hanging Pot Rack

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To make sure you’re never banging your head against the underside of the cabinet while trying to find your pots again, this ceiling-mounted hanging pot rack can save you space, time, and stress in your kitchen.

Made from stylish wrought iron that glistens against the light, a hanging pot rack can revolutionize the way you store your kitchenware.

This rack makes it so easy to grab any pot, pan, or saucepan while utilizing space in the kitchen and freeing up cupboards and drawers for other kitchen accessories.

13. Hanging Cocktail Bar

This fold-over shelf serves as a cocktail mixing station or display area for your best-looking bottles and barware; all while saving kitchen space. Watch as guests marvel at your elevated home mixologist skills!

With a stylish Paulownia wood exterior and a raw, artisanal bar feel, this hanging cocktail bar can store both bottles and drinks, and recipe books on the top shelf.

You’ll mix like a prize-winning barista and drink like a king or queen with your nearest and dearest, all while keeping your kitchen tidy and organized.

14. Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder

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Keep your knives within close range and out of the reach of children while adding an elegant feel to your kitchen with this walnut magnetic knife holder.

Ideal for storing knives without chipping or rusting, this knife holder’s walnut exterior helps add a generous dash of rusticity to your home kitchen.

Using a magnetic knife mount with a modern space-saving design, you can safely store all your knives while saving precious countertop space, while also keeping your knives safe from rolling or getting misplaced in messy cabinets or drawers.

Refrigerator Organization

15. Storage Containers

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It’s easy to organize all of your cans in the same space with this clever organizer bin, ideal for use in both your pantry or your refrigerator.

Comprised of sturdy transparent plastic, these containers are ideal for mini water bottles, tall skinny sports drinks, energy drinks, flavored waters, juices, and baby food in jars.

Use them in the fridge for chilled drinks, on pantry shelves, or on the countertop. You can even stack them and store products and drinks in the garage.

In addition, see our full list of refrigerator organization gadgets & cool products here.

Organizing your kitchen doesn’t have to be a chore. With the right tools and products at your disposal, your kitchen can become a place of calm, order, and bliss with relative ease.

Not only do these products organize wonderfully well, but they also look beautiful, too. From rustic materials to sleek designs, these gadgets and accessories bring both function and style to the forefront.

Don’t settle for a disorganized, stressful kitchen. Use these tools to help, and bring a healthy dose of order and organization to one of the most important rooms in the house.

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