10 Simple Habits of Happy Couples

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These ten habits of happy couples are perfect for building a strong relationship and bringing happiness into both of your lives.

Habits of Happy Couples

1. They Value Each Other

Happy couples accept each other for who they are. They learn to love everything about their partner. They embrace each other’s quirks and flaws and see them as positives.

They don’t try to change the other person. And they don’t long for them to be someone different. They don’t use celebrities as their benchmark for beauty, making the other feel insecure.

2. They Communicate Openly About Everything

Happy couples learn to talk to each other openly all the time. They make their partner feel like they can talk to them about anything.

This includes difficult conversations. Happy couples learn to talk about problems and uncomfortable topics. It is difficult, but it gets easier with time.

This means they don’t bottle up emotions. They don’t let small problems grow over time, which would lead to resentment.

3. They Know the Little Things Matter

Happy couples don’t need to make grand gestures for each other. They learn to appreciate each other in everyday life.

Little things like bringing each other coffee in the mornings go a long way. Or watching a movie that your partner loves with them.

Happy couples make an effort to do thoughtful things for each other every day. That way, they don’t need to do over-the-top gestures once every few months.

4. They Work Towards Their Shared Dreams

Some couples operate as two separate people. They don’t talk about a future with the other person. They have their own goals, and their partner is secondary to that.

This leads to a lot of friction. And it means you can’t grow together.

Happy couples talk about what they want to achieve together. They share their dreams. But most importantly, they want to fulfill those dreams together, not alone.

5. They Don’t Keep Score

Keeping score only builds resentment over time. It strains the relationship. And it encourages you to operate as two people individually all the time, not together as a team.

Happy couples want to do nice things for each other without keeping a tally. And they are quick to forgive, move on, and not bring up past mistakes.

6. They Make Time for Each Other

When life gets busy, you can quickly stop spending much time with your partner. Having a job, running a business, and being a parent all take up so much of time.

But happy couples understand that a relationship stays healthy when you’re together. No matter how busy their days are, they make time for each other. They prioritize time spent together.

This could be going for a walk together. Or booking that spa weekend you’ve both been talking about.

Most importantly, happy couples make time for each other every day.

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7. They’re a Team

Happy couples help each other. They present an united front to all outsiders.

They make important decisions together. Their goals, aspirations, and dreams are shared.

This doesn’t mean that they can’t have their own interests and friends. But they approach life together as a team.

8. They Set Their Egos Aside

Constantly trying to one-up your partner is not healthy. When two very competitive people have to live together and build a life, it can become difficult.

Happy couples learn to put their egos aside. They learn to let things go. They don’t hold grudges.

They see the bigger picture. They realize winning an argument or proving a point is not that important. What’s important is learning and growing together.

9. They Speak Each Other’s Love Languages

Happy couples understand each other’s love languages. The five love languages are:

Knowing your own love languages is important. Once you do, you can help your partner understand how to make you feel loved. But knowing your partner’s love language is also just as important.

If someone’s love language is words of affirmation, giving them a gift isn’t going to feel as meaningful to them as a compliment. Happy couples know these love languages well and speak them every day.

10. They Feel Extremely Lucky to Have Each Other

Happy couples cherish every moment spent together. They understand how lucky they are to have found the love of their life.

They don’t take each other for granted. They realize that, in this big wide world, they could have very easily never met each other.

This allows them to love each other with all their heart. They can’t imagine life without the other. So they make the most of every second they spend together.

Habits of happiness can be built if you’re with the right person. No matter what stage of the relationship you are at with your partner, you can build these habits.

Embrace your partner’s flaws. Make time for them. Share as much as you can with them. And make sure they do the same for you too.

A happy couple can only be happy if both partners are building these habits together.

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