10+ Fun Virtual Mother’s Day Ideas to Give Your Mom the Perfect Day

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Wondering how to celebrate Mother’s Day from afar? I’ve put together a list of great virtual Mother’s Day ideas for adults, so you can give your mom a really fun day to remember.

infographic with 8 ideas for having a virtual mothers day

Virtual Brunch

You may be used to brunching at fancy restaurants or swanky hotels. But that doesn’t mean you can’t brunch from home on Mother’s Day.

Order delivery or takeout from your mom’s favorite restaurant for both her and you. Set up a video conference call, and enjoy a virtual Mother’s Day brunch together.

Want to make it extra special? These glamourous glasses for your mimosas are perfect for creating that luxurious restaurant feeling.

Virtual Movie Night

Streaming services have thousands of movies to choose from. Bringing the magic of watching a movie into your home has never been easier.

Maybe your mom loves a good rom-com. Or, maybe she enjoys the thrill of a high-paced action movie. Whatever she loves, make sure you pick one of her favorites.

Personally, I watch movies from Amazon Prime. I’ve found so many good current and classic movies on Prime Video. And now you can get a Prime 30-day free trial.

Decide on a movie she’d like to watch. Set a time. Then get comfortable and watch together over Zoom and champagne.

Go on a Virtual Trip Together

Ask your mom for a few destinations she’s always loved to visit. Once you have your list, look online for virtual tours of those places.

Over video conferencing, you and your mom can experience the magic of her dream trip, together.

Pour yourselves a glass of wine or champagne, sit back, and enjoy the journey together.

Virtual Mimosas or Happy Hour

Mimosas are so easy to make. All you need is champagne or Prosecco and orange juice. Make sure both you and your mom have purchased both.

You can send your mom a grocery store gift card ahead of time so that the mimosas for Mother’s Day are on you.

To create the luxurious feel your mom deserves, get some trendy metallic wine glasses for you both. Or you can pick a wine gift set designed for Mother’s Day like this one.

Choose an hour in the late afternoon or early evening, join a call together, and toast to your mom. Then, enjoy a fun and relaxing evening together.

Start a Virtual Book Club Together

Book clubs are a brilliant way to get together on a regular basis. And, you can focus the conversation on something you can both talk about.

Maybe your virtual book club could expand to include more people. Or maybe it can just be you and your mom’s secret club. It’s entirely up to you.

Choose a time to meet every week. Start with a book you know she would be interested in. Each week, discuss what you loved about the book, and what you would change.

Book clubs meet weekly. However, if you want to experience the book with your mom, audiobooks are an amazing way to do this.

Audible has 1000s of titles to choose from. If your mom loves audiobooks, you can get her an Audible subscription.

Set aside an hour or two. Invite your mom to a video call. Once you’re online, play the audiobook from your computer.

Now, the two of you can enjoy listening to a range of amazing stories, together.

Have a Virtual Spa Day Together

Who doesn’t love a spa day? This is a memorable way to treat your mom on Mother’s Day. And you don’t need to worry about going to a spa.

It’s never been easier to bring the spa to your own home. And thanks to the beauty of video calls, you can have a spa day together. Maybe you could have a mani-pedi together and try these foot peel masks. Or you could both wear face masks and watch a film in bed.

Whatever you choose, your goal is to make Mother’s Day relaxing. Plan out a schedule for you both, and let aromas and essential oils take your stresses away.

Take an Online Cooking Class Together

If you miss cooking with your mom, you can still do it together in your own kitchens. Classes such as learn to cook Mexican salsas or cooking with a Moroccan family are great fun to do together.

Be sure to choose a class she would enjoy. You’ll also need the right ingredients. Make sure to buy them beforehand.

Finally, pick a class time for the two of you, and get creative with international cuisines together.

Online Board Game Night

Through apps such as Zoom, it’s very easy to play virtual board games. You can play many of the classic games, such as Scrabble or Monopoly, over the internet.

Think back to your childhood or weekend evenings together. Think of the board games your mother enjoyed playing. Find a virtual version online, and invite her to play. Fun, simple, and relaxing.

Take an Online Dance Class Together

Dancing can be a wonderful thing to do on Mother’s Day together. Many dance classes exist online and cover a wide range of styles and dances.

A class such as salsa will be more structured and about the movement. And some classes just want you to turn the music up high and let yourself go.

You know your mother better than anyone, and you know what she loves.

Book an Online Activity

You’ll be amazed at how many activities you can do online. Maybe your mother loves arts and crafts. Or maybe she has a thrill-seeking side and likes to try new things.

Online Experiences from Airbnb offer a wide range of experiences from all over the world. From coffee-tasting workshops to yoga classes, there is something you will probably love on there.

This can be a great way to surprise your mother. A virtual activity you can do together gives you so much choice. You know your mom and what she loves.

Buy a Gift Card or Voucher for a Future In-Person Activity

The activity you do together doesn’t have to be on Mother’s Day. To give each other something to look forward to, you could buy an activity to do in the future.

Lots of restaurants and hotels do gift cards and voucher experiences. Buy it now, then tell her about it over video.

That way, you’ll have a fun thing to do in the future together. You can both get excited about it.

With a little bit of effort and planning ahead, spending Mother’s Day virtually can be just as fun as spending it in person.

And no matter what you choose to do, remember to tell your mother that you love her and that you appreciate everything she does for you.

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infographic listing 8 ideas to host a virtual mothers day