200+ Positive Words of Affirmation You Can Use Today

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Bring plenty of good vibes and a sense of self-worth to someone’s day with these thoughtful and positive words of affirmation, ideal for helping a loved one or close friend get on track, either face-to-face or over text.

Words of Affirmation

Positive words of affirmation (list of 1-10 from the article).


1. Everything is working out the way it’s meant to be. 

2. Good things are coming. 

3. The world is lucky to have you. 

4. There’s always another day ahead. 

5. You are important. 

6. Today is going to be a good day. 

7. The future is bright and full of goodness. 

8. You can trust your intuition. 

9. You deserve the life you want for yourself. 

10. It’s all worth it. 

11. Life is good. 

12. Your hard work is noticed and appreciated. 

13. You can handle it. 

14. You are growing stronger every day. 

15. The universe has your back. 

16. This life has abundant blessings in store. 

17. You are radiant. 

18. Your effort is more than enough. 

19. You are right where you need to be at this moment. 

20. Your dreams will become your reality. 

21. You are creating your best self every day. 

22. The past does not determine the future. 

23. It is okay to change. 

24. You can let go of what no longer has a place in your life. 

25. Things are looking up. 

26. The planet is watching out for you. 

27. You can release the negativity and stress from this day. 

28. You are in a safe environment. 

29. You make the universe brighter and fuller. 

30. The sun is shining for you. 

31. People love you and care about you. 

32. Younger you would be so proud of you today. 

33. Success is in your path. 

34. You can choose happiness. 

35. You are allowed to take a break. 

36. The universe is happy you’re here. 

37. Asking for help is good for you. 

38. You deserve respect. 

39. There is always space for you. 

40. You can lean on the earth, and it will support you. 

41. There is beauty in change.

42. Today is another step closer to greatness. 

43. Your future will come to you when it’s ready. 

44. There is nothing you cannot overcome. 

45. Your resilience is taking you where you want to be in the universe. 

46. You can stay true to yourself, even when others are hurtful or try to tear you down. 

For Him

47. You are strong and capable. 

48. The best days are yet to come. 

49. You inspire me every single day. 

50. I love the life we have together. 

51. You are worthy. 

52. I value your judgment. 

53. You make me laugh. 

54. You are so talented. 

55. You impress and inspire everyone you meet. 

56. You have learned so much since I met you. 

57. You are so thoughtful. 

58. Your presence is comforting and reassuring. 

59. I believe in you. And I always will.

60. You are doing an amazing job. 

61. You always encourage me. 

62. You have taught me so much while we have been together. 

63. You are a positive role model. 

64. You create a positive impact in this world. 

65. Your masculine energy is powerful.

66. You are great at showing love. 

67. People look up to you. 

68. You deserve success. 

69. Good vibes are coming your way. 

70. Today is going to be the best. 

71. You are my safe person. 

72. You have great style.

73. You can trust me. 

74. You can be yourself around me. 

75. You are good for me. 

76. You are an amazing partner. 

77. It is healthy to be afraid. 

78. Your perspective is unique and worthwhile. 

79. You can always pick up and start again. 

80. I respect you. 

81. You make me proud. 

82. I trust your advice and wisdom. 

83. You are fun to be around. 

84. You deserve to be shown off. 

85. You are doing good now and improving with every day. 

86. I have your back. 

87. You are a positive influence for so many. 

88. You attract success. 

89. You are worth taking care of. 

90. You are significant. 

For Her

91. You radiate positivity. 

92. Your dream life is on its way. 

93. You are beautiful. 

94. You are a light in the universe. 

95. You will heal from hardship. 

96. You dazzle me more and more each day. 

97. You are inspirational. 

98. You make me want to be a better person. 

99. Big things are in your future. 

100. You attract kind people into your circle. 

101. You are loved.

102. You are a great partner. 

103. The future is worth working towards. 

104. You make me smile. 

105. I trust you and your judgment. 

106. You make smart decisions. 

107. You are valued. 

108. You will succeed. 

109. You are perfect just as you are.  

110. You are doing amazing. 

111. I look up to you. 

112. Your feminine energy is powerful. 

113. You are creative. 

114. You can be whoever you want to be. 

115. Your smile is contagious. 

116. You are a work of art.

117. You don’t have to pretend around me. 

118. You bring out my best self. 

119. You are important to me. 

120. Your life is overflowing with potential. 

121. You deserve to be treated with kindness.

122. You are valuable in your highs and your lows.  

123. I love spending time with you. 

124. Goodness follows you wherever you go. 

125. You make me happy. 

126. I love your sense of humor. 

127. You are strong and independent.

128. You are so caring. 

129. You will get what you want.

130. Today will be a positive day. 

131. You are the definition of both inner and outer beauty. 

132. You impress me on a daily basis. 

133. You are heroic. 

134. There will always be space for your voice. 

For Friends

135. You are a great friend. 

136. You are a good supporter. 

137. You can make it happen. 

138. Wonderful things are in store for you. 

139. I see your hard work.

140. You make every day more pleasant. 

141. You are worth it. 

142. People count on you. 

143. You are admired. 

144. You are appreciated just the way you are. 

145. You are achieving great things. 

146. Your energy is infectious. 

147. You are intelligent. 

148. My best memories are with you. 

149. You are worth making time for. 

150. You give amazing advice. 

151. This life will reward you generously. 

152. You will receive all the love you give and more. 

153. You are more than what people think of you. 

154. Great things are in your future. 

155. You will reach all your goals this year. 

156. Your friendship helps me feel confident. 

157. You are often in my thoughts. 

158. The universe is watching out for you. 

159. Your friendship is invaluable. 

160. So much joy and beauty are ahead of you in this life. 

161. You are understanding and empathetic. 

162. You can choose you. 

163. You fill my days with laughter. 

164. You deserve to find pure and unfaltering love. 

165. I enjoy your personality. 

166. I like every version of you that I’ve gotten to know. 

167. You are successful.

168. You are a great listener. 

169. You have many positive attributes to be admired. 

170. You make an impact in my life. 

171. You are tough. 

172. You will make it through. 

173. You will reap many blessings. 

174. No one but you is in charge of your thoughts. 

175. I admire your care and compassion. 

For Yourself

176. I am doing a good job. 

177. I am making a difference. 

178. I love myself the way that I am. 

179. I am valuable. 

180. I am all that I need. 

181. I am on the right path. 

182. I like myself. 

183. Every challenge I face is really an opportunity for greatness. 

184. I am proud of my past self. 

185. I am worthy of love. 

186. I will enjoy today. 

187. I am capable of making smart and well-informed decisions for myself. 

188. I am allowed to take breaks. 

189. I accept my body as it is and give it the rest and nourishment it needs. 

190. I am empowered to create change in my own life. 

191. I choose happiness. 

192. I am the best version of myself. 

193. I am courageous. 

194. I am not defined by what other people think of me. 

195. I am my biggest supporter. 

196. I am not responsible for anyone’s actions except for my own. 

197. I attract positive energy into my life. 

198. I know what is best for me.

199. The world is a better place with me in it. 

200. I can accept change. 

201. I am allowed to feel my feelings. 

202. I am in control. 

203. I will give myself all the time I need to get where I am going. 

204. I can let go and live in the moment. 

205. I am satisfied with where I am. 

206. I choose to protect my own peace. 

207. I know what I deserve. 

208. My work ethic will be rewarded. 

209. I am at home in my body. 

210. I trust my intuition.

211. I am releasing the negativity from my body and choosing to restart. 

212. I am safe. 

213. I am at peace. 

214. I believe in myself. 

215. I accept myself today and every day. 

216. I am grateful for life’s blessings. 

217. I am deserving of good things in this life. 

218. I am good enough for myself. 

219. I am honoring my past selves and still allowing myself a new beginning. 

220. I am getting better every day. 

221. I am ready for the next step.  

222. I will remember to take care of my body, mind and spirit. 

223. I am thankful for the world around me today, and I am lucky to be in it. 

224. I have no limits beyond the ones I choose for myself. 

225. I give myself the time I need to think, process, and heal from any hardships set before me. 

226. I am comfortable with my emotions.

227. I am proud of all my accomplishments, whether big or small. 

228. I trust myself. 

229. I choose forgiveness for myself and for others. 

230. I prioritize myself and my happiness. 

231. I respect myself and I respect my effort. 

232. I know that I cannot always give 100%, and I acknowledge that trying my best is enough. 

233. I am open to positive changes in my future. 

234. I act with intention. 

235. I choose security and peace for myself. 

236. I am destined for good things.

237. I am creating the environment I need to become the person I know I can be.

A few words of encouragement and reinforcing positive feelings can go a long way to helping someone feel confident, loved, and ready to take on the world.

If you want to give someone close to you some words of affirmation but can’t think of what to say, this list of 200+ words and messages should be able to help you out.

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Positive words of affirmation (list of 1-10 from the article).