Over 30 Graduation Party Games to Bring Rib-Tickling Fun to Your Graduation Bash

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With graduation season in full swing, it’s time to start planning for your special celebration! Whether you’re planning a big party or a small get-together, these games can add a lot of fun to your graduation party.

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Super Fun Games

Graduation Jenga 

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It’s Jenga, but with a graduation twist! Write down the names of your guests on the pieces. When someone’s name gets drawn from the pile, they must share a college memory. One more thing: the person drawing the piece decides if it has to be a happy, funny, or embarrassing memory!


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There’s no party without Limbo. While two people hold the stick at shoulder height, your guests have to lean back and shimmy under the stick.

Lower the stick after each round. Anyone who touches the ground with anything but their feet is out! Limbo to your favorite college tunes for extra fun. 

College Mess

This might get a bit messy! Fill some buckets with gooey or dense material, such as slime, uncooked rice, shaving cream, or shampoo. Add a few classic college items to the buckets, such as erasers. Have your guests dive deep into the buckets to find all the items.

Balloon Challenge

Each team of 2 gets one balloon. Facing each other, the players must hold the balloon between them while dancing and jumping to nostalgic college beats. Whoever keeps the balloon between them the longest wins.

Pin the Grad’s Tassel

Put up a poster of the party graduate. While blindfolded, your guests must try to pin the tassel in the right spot on the poster. Whoever pins it most accurately is the winner. 

Creative Ideas

Charades: College Edition

Act out a typical phrase from college, like stressing about exams, partying with friends, or downing energy drinks. Give smart clues to help your team guess the most phrases and win the game.

Make Your (College) Meme

Memes: the one thing that kept you smiling throughout those stressful exam periods. So why not have a meme contest? Look up a meme creator website on your phones and get creative! Whoever makes the funniest meme about college wins.

Mad Libs 

This one requires a bit of preparation. Create your own story about the graduate with some blanks, or find one online. Get your guests together and let them fill in the blanks to write an unforgettable story about the graduate.

Graduation Photo Booth

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Not really a game, but definitely a party favorite! Design your own photo booth with college-themed props. All those funny photos will not just bring plenty of laughs, but will also be wonderful memories for the guests to take home.

Two Truths and a Lie

This one is pretty straightforward. Everyone takes turns telling 2 truths and 1 lie. Let’s see which player can see right through the lies first. Make it more interesting by having everyone tell truths and lies from their time in college.

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Name the College Tune 

Play the karaoke version of your favorite songs and see if your guests recognize them. Whoever sings along the best (or loudest) is the winner.

College Trivia

This one’s great fun if you’re hosting a party on a rainy evening! Prepare some academic or college-related questions and divide your guests into teams. Shout out the questions to your guests and see which team gives the most correct answers. 

Picture Perfect

Print out 15+ of your favorite pictures together and make two teams. The team that places them in the correct chronological order wins! 

Sentence by Sentence

Have your guests sit down together and give someone a pen and paper to write down the first sentence of a story about the graduate. Go around the circle and have everyone contribute one sentence for 1 to 3 rounds. The graduate gets to read the finished story out loud!

Graduation party games (list of ideas 1-14).

Darts of Fortune

Don’t know what’s next after college? This game will solve that! Prepare some balloons with creative future experiences, jobs, or destinations for your guests. Give everyone some darts to pop the balloons and see what their future holds! 

Games to Play Outdoors

Cap and Gown Scavenger Hunt

Scavenge for your graduation ceremony! In preparation, write down clues and hide graduation items (tassel, cap, diploma, gown, etc.) in secret locations. Divide your guests into teams and see who collects their entire graduation outfit first. 

Graduation Toast

Place 10 cups of water per team on the edge of a wall or a table. Make 2 or 3 teams and have them stand about 10 feet away from the cups. Give them ping pong balls to knock down the cups and see who knocks them over the fastest.

Water Ball 

It’s paintball, but refreshing! Make sure everyone has enough water balloons to throw. If you get hit, you’re out! The last one standing wins.  

Toss Around the Globe 

After college, many grad students go traveling. Why not inspire them with a game?

Buy a giant world map and have your players stand about 5 to 10 feet away. Blindfold them and let them toss rings on the map to discover their next destination!

Find the Graduate 

Reverse hide and seek, graduation style! The graduate hides and the other guests have to find them.

When someone finds the hidden graduate, they must hide together until there’s only one guest left looking for the rest of the group. 

For Small Groups 


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Erm, do we need to say more? Twister is a classic for any graduation party. Put on your best college tunes, spin the arrow, and let’s get twisted! The last person standing wins.

Cap Decoration

If you and your grad friends love getting creative, this is the game activity for you. Everyone adds one design to each person’s cap. In the end, you will all have a grad cap with memories of your best friends.

Graduation Drawing

Grab a sheet of paper and give every guest a pencil. One person draws the first line and every next guest has to draw another line to work towards a drawing. Believe me, you will create the craziest masterpieces – try to keep it graduation-themed!

Heads Up

You can download this game on your phone. Choose a college-themed category, and let’s start guessing!

The player puts the phone against their forehead, which will show something related to the category. The others give clues until the player guesses what’s on their head!

Grown-up Grads 

If you celebrate your graduation with fellow grads, this game is perfect for you. Collect childhood and teenage pictures from your guests, print them, and mix them all up.

Ask your guests to arrange them by person and chronologically. Cute pictures and laughs are guaranteed!

For Large Groups

I’m Going to College…

This is a great game to find the smartest cookie among your guests. Start the sentence with “I’m going to college and I will bring …”.

If the first person says laptop, the second person must say their item and laptop, and so on. When someone gets any of the items wrong, they’re out!

Post Grad Piñata

Ideal for a large group of guests. Everyone takes turns hitting the piñata. Whoever breaks it gets what’s inside! Fill it with graduation essentials or party items for more college-themed fun.

Never Have I Ever

Chances are you probably know your college friends pretty well… or do you? Let’s find out! One person states a typical (or not so typical) college experience, like “cheated on an exam.” Whoever has done the action takes a drink! 

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College Nominations 

Prepare some nominations in advance (best dancer, skipped class the most, biggest flirt, etc.) and have your guests vote for one guest per nomination. Prepare a small award for each nominee! This is a perfect game to get nostalgic with your college friends.

Who Are We?

One player leaves the room, while the other players decide to be one character as a group. Once decided, the outside guest can come back into the room and ask every player a yes or no question. They win if they can guess the character.

Even More Games

College Memories 

Give all players a piece of paper and a pencil. Have them write down their favorite college memory, place all the papers in a bowl, and shake well.

Each player draws a piece of paper and reads the memory out loud. Others have to guess who wrote the memory. Whoever matches the most memories with the right person wins.

Graduate in the Dark

Make sure your surroundings are completely dark by switching all the lights off and playing at night.

Have your guests hide around the house and let the graduate find every guest. When found, they have to help the graduate find the others, until one hidden person is left.

Celebration Painting

This is not exactly a game, but definitely tons of fun for the graduate throwing the party. Get an extra large canvas and have every guest write or draw something meaningful for the graduate. A wonderful way of celebrating their graduation milestone!

Steal the Cap

Make sure you have a large space to play. Divide your guests into two teams and have them stand on opposite sides. Place the cap in the middle and have the teams run toward the cap on your sign.

If one team captures the cap, the other team can tag them to steal it. Whoever steals the cap the most times is the winner.

Graduating college is definitely one of those “once-in-a-lifetime” moments, and as such it should be marked and celebrated in a super fun way.

Use these graduation party games to add bounds of fun, energy, and laughs to your graduation party, no matter what the theme or where it is.

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Graduation party games (list of ideas 1-14).