25+ Best Drinking Games for Two

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Whether you’re looking to break the ice or up the fun factor, these drinking games for two are perfect for you and a best friend, acquaintance, or date to let off some steam and get the party started!

Drinking Games for Two


1. Piccolo

Picolo is an excellent app for those looking to focus purely on drinking games without needing any equipment or planning.

Picolo is a free mobile game (with paid in-app purchases) you can play on iPhone or Android. With this app, players are given instructions such as “swap drinks with the player to your right” or “nominate someone to down their drink”.

It’s fun, easy, and free! You can purchase a variety of paid add-ons and make the drinking consequences even more savage.  

2. Beer Pong

Of course, it wouldn’t be right to create a drinking article without the mention of beer pong. Although this game is typically played in groups, you can easily play it as a pair.

You’ll need 12 plastic cups, beer, and a couple of ping pong balls to play. To set up, place six plastic cups full of beer on opposite ends of the table.

The two players must then aim to successfully throw a ping pong ball into one of the opposition’s cups to try and get them to down their drink.

If a player is successful, the empty cup must be removed to make it harder for the other player to score again. The first player to get rid of all cups wins!

3. Drunk Jenga

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You’ll need to purchase traditional Jenga playing pieces and a sharpie for this drinking game. Then, on each block, write drinking tasks for each player to do once they pull the block out of the tower.

Add a couple of truths and dares in for good measure. 

4. Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever is a drinking classic, perfect for two people looking to break the ice. While taking turns, each player must say statements such as “never have I ever been arrested” or “never have I ever lied to a friend.” Those that have done the phrase mentioned must drink. 

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Card Games

5. Higher or Lower

Higher or lower is a great game to get the ball rolling. Shuffle a traditional deck of cards and pull out the first one.

You and whomever you’re playing with must take turns guessing whether the next card is higher or lower than its predecessor. If one of you guesses correctly, the other must drink, and vice versa. 

Quick Tip: Missing a deck of cards? Try a virtual card dealer.

6. Red/Black

This drinking game is similar to higher or lower, except it involves colors. Both take it in turns to predict whether the card being pulled is red or black.

If either of you gets three guesses correct in a row, you are then given the opportunity to create a new rule, such as “can only drink using your left hand.” 

7. Suicide Game

Don’t be put off by the game’s name; this drinking game is great for those looking to get drunk fast! To play Suicide, two players must have an equal amount of cards dealt between them.

On the count of three, both players must flip over the card on their top deck; if the card matches via numbers or suites, both players must drink!

Movie Games

8. Santa Hat Drinking Game

This one is great for the festive season! You’ll need a Santa hat, your drink of choice, and a festive film for this drinking game.

To start, place the hat on the corner of your television, then whilst the movie is playing, drink every time a character is visibly wearing the hat. 

9. Twilight Drinking Game

Whether or not you like this cult classic, the drinking game is absolutely hilarious!


  • Drink every time Bella hesitates / stammers.
  • Drink every time Edward is uncomfortable.
  • Drink every time Bella strokes her hair and/or bites her lip.
  • Drink every time there’s tension between werewolves and vampires.
  • Take a shot when Jasper finally speaks.

As you can tell, this movie drinking game with its rules will probably get you drunk within the first five minutes. If you want to make an evening of it, why not watch all five movies with adapted rules?!

10. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Drinking Game

As if this Netflix special wasn’t interactive enough! There’s now a drinking game you can play alongside it. 


  • Take a sip every time someone mentions “Bandersnatch.”
  • Take a sip each time Netflix is referenced.
  • Take a sip each time you have to make a decision.
  • Down your drink each time you have to repeat a part of the episode.
  • Take a sip every time a character dies.
  • Finish your drink when you reach the end.

11. Bee Movie Drinking Game

Fancy getting buzzed? This drinking game is arguably the most savage out of the movie drinking games. 


  • Drink every time someone says “bee” or when a bee pun is made.
  • Drink every time someone says “honey.”
  • Drink every time someone gets stung.
  • Drink when there’s an uncomfortable amount of tension between the romantic interest and the protagonist.

For Couples

12. Truth or Drink

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s a typical game of truth or dare, except when the person doesn’t want to answer, they must be given a drinking consequence of the other player’s choosing. 

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13. Battle Shots

Like a classic game of battleships, both players need to draw up a 7×7 grid on a plain piece of paper, with a cardboard divider between the two of them so they can’t see each other’s shot placements.

Both players must then place their shots on the grid, as they would with ships in a traditional game of battleships. Finally, players must call out coordinates to each other if they manage a hit; the other player must have to down their shot. 

14. Spin the Bottle

Ah, a slumber party staple! Instead of it being a traditional kiss, have the bottle spin onto objects such as shots, whipped cream, and dares, among other ideas. Whatever the bottle’s head points towards the player spinning the bottle must do.

15. Russian Roulette 

Ooof! You don’t want to get caught out on this one! To play Russian Roulette, players must fill up multiple shot glasses with a clear spirit such as gin or vodka. Then, they must also fill up some with water.

Then, while taking turns, players must determine whether the shot they choose is water or alcohol. Finally, the player who gets a shot of alcohol must have to complete a dare of the other players’ choosing. 

For Friends

16. Power Hour

Spirits or shots, not your thing? Opt for a power hour instead. Both players must take a sip of beer every minute for the next sixty minutes to do a power hour. Of course, you’ve got to be careful; you’ll get a headache in the morning!

17. Flip Cup

Fancy something a bit more hands-on? Try Flip Cup for size! Although this game is typically made for larger parties, it can easily be played with two players.

When given a cue, both players must start downing their drinks in plastic cups simultaneously. After doing so, both players must try and flip their cups successfully. The first player to do so wins!

18. Quarters

This is similar to beer pong, except you’ve got to successfully bounce a quarter off the table and try and get it into a shot glass. If a player is successful, the other player must take the shot the player has put the quarter in. 


19. Drinking Watch Party

Did you know platforms such as Netflix and Facebook now include a watch party feature, allowing friends to watch movies virtually?

Choose one of our movie drinking games listed above and host your own drinking game watch party with a friend or acquaintance online.

20. Screen Share Pictionary

It’s time to unleash your inner Picasso or Van Gogh! To play Pictionary virtually, you’ll need to use Zoom’s screen share feature and load up a drawing app or program, like Microsoft Paint.

In ninety seconds, players must guess what the other player is drawing. If the times are up and they haven’t guessed correctly, they must down their drink.

21. Drunk Pirate

Ooh Argh! It’s recommended you pour a glass of rum for this virtual drinking game. Drunk Pirate is a virtual card game; players are given cards with instructions such as “last person to touch the floor must drink.

Although this game is excellent to play in person, it’s also great to play via Zoom as it encourages players to get up and out of their seats.

So, if you are looking for a bit of fun when it comes to hosting a virtual Zoom drinking session with someone else, we totally recommend this one. 

More Games

22. Roxanne

This drinking game is popular amongst college students. While playing the song “Roxanne” by The Police, players must sip and spin every time Sting sings “Roxanne.”

This drinking game is deceivingly heavy as the more the song plays on, the more times Roxanne gets mentioned. Plus, it’s super simple to play with two people.

23. Tic-Tac-Toe

Fancy adding a fun twist to this playground classic? Like a typical game of naughts and crosses, players must compete to see who can get three X’s or O’s in a line diagonally, vertically, or horizontally.

However, to make it a drinking game, swap out the X’s and O’s for different colored shot glasses. The person who loses the game of Tic-Tac-Toe must down all the shots on the board. 

24. Heads Up

Heads Up is the virtual equivalent of Guess Who or Charades. Players must describe the phrase, celebrity, or word shown on the other player’s phone screen.

If the player holding the phone guesses correctly, they then must tilt the phone up to move on to the next question. The player with the most amount of correct phrases guessed wins.

To incorporate a drinking element into this game, have the least amount of points face a drinking consequence of the other players choosing. 

25. Text or Drink

This drinking game is entirely dependent on creativity and trust! To play text or drink, fill up a bowl full of potential texts and/or social media statuses for both of you to send.

Then, while taking turns fishing texts out of the bowl, both of you must decide whether they’ll send the text given or take a shot instead.

Drinking games are a great way to break the ice, have lots of fun, or get yourself ready for a night on the town with a date, best friend, or acquaintance.

While many drinking games are designed for groups of people, these games show that even with two of you, there’s plenty of fun and creativity to be had.

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