24 Bachelor Party Games the Groom and His Friends Will Love

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Add plenty of laughs, fun, and some memorable moments to the groom-to-be’s night out or weekend with these bachelor party games, and let the good times roll no matter what the activity!

Bachelor Party Games

Bachelor Party Games (List of ideas 1-14 from the article).


1. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a popular style of game suitable for any occasion. They work particularly well on a bachelor party though!

Depending on the size of your party, you may want to compete as individuals or teams. Make a list of items to find while you’re out on the town or a list of tasks to complete. Here are some examples:

  • Collect a souvenir from each bar
  • Encourage a stranger to buy drinks for your team
  • Who can get the most phone numbers

It’s up to you how wild you go! 

2. Flip Cup

A classic from our college days! Set up a line of plastic cups filled with beer along two sides of a table. 

In two teams, one player at a time must chug a beer, then place the cup upside down, hanging off the edge of the table. The cup must be flipped and land before that player can move on to the next beer!

3. Knickers

‘Knickers’ is a great punishment game! The name is actually derived from the British word, meaning ‘underpants.’ 

The main concept behind Knickers is to have someone wear a pair of ladies’ underpants on their head the whole night! It’s a great forfeit for anyone who loses a game.

It’s up to everyone else to make sure the loser keeps the panties on their head. If you see them take them off, they have to buy everyone a drink!

Drinking Games

4. Beer Pong

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Beer pong is a classic, and it works just as well at a bachelor party as it does at any other event! To play, you need some plastic cups and ping pong balls. Bonus points if you have a beer pong table as well!

Set up the cups in a triangle formation at either end of the table, and split the group into two teams. Then you have to try and bounce a ball into the opposing team’s cups, which they then have to drink.

The objective is to make the opposing team drink all of their beer first. For extra fun, or to really punish the groom, have it him vs. the rest of the party!

5. Arrogance

Get an empty cup and place it in the middle of the group. To play, the first player pours some of their drink into the cup – this is a measure of their ‘arrogance.’ Then flip a coin. 

The player who poured has to guess heads or tails. If they’re right, the drink stays in the cup, and the next player has to pour their drink and guess. 

As soon as someone calls the flip incorrectly, they have to drink whatever is in the cup! 

6. Ring of Fire

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Similar to arrogance, Ring of Fire relies on a disgusting mix of drinks as a punishment! You can get the set online but really all you need is a deck of cards.

To play, place all cards face down in a stack in the middle of the playing area, and have everyone pour a little of their drinks into the cup in the middle, known as the ‘King’s Cup.’ Players then take turns flipping a card. 

Each card you reveal dictates a rule:

  • Ace – everyone drinks with you until you stop!
  • 2 – Choose a person to drink.
  • 3 – You must drink.
  • 4 – The girls must drink (this may be difficult at a bachelor party! Make up your own rule for this card).
  • 5 –  Place your thumb on the table. Everyone else has to copy, and the last to do so has to drink. You can do this any time until someone else draws a 5 – then they become the thumb master!
  • 6 – All the guys drink.
  • 7 – Point to the sky – all other players must copy you. The last to do it must drink! This power stays with you until someone else draws a 7.
  • 8 – Choose a drinking buddy. This person must always drink when you do.
  • 9 – Pick a word. Go around the circle, each player picking a word that rhymes with your word. When someone messes up – they drink!
  • 10 – Pick a category. Go around the circle, each player picking a word associated with that category. When someone can’t – they drink!
  • Jack – Make a rule (anything you like!) that must be observed for the rest of the game. For example, your left hand must stay on your head. Any time someone removes their hand, they have to drink!
  • Queen – Ask a question to the next player in the circle. They must ask the next player, and so on. As soon as someone says something that is not a question – they drink!
  • King – Pour a little more of your drink into the King’s Cup. As soon as the last King is drawn, that person has to down the contents of the King’s Cup!

For Small Groups

7. Escape Room

Escape rooms are great for smaller groups of up to 8 people – any more than that, and the room may not accommodate you all.

Wonderful for team building and bonding between the group – perfect for getting everyone together before the drunken shenanigans begin!

8. Get Down, Mr. President!

This is a good one for catching people out and subjecting them to your own hilarious punishments.

The game can be started by anyone, anywhere, simply by putting your finger to your ear and pretending to talk like a secret service guy. 

Other players then copy this when they notice it. The last person to do it gets tackled to the ground while everyone else yells, ‘Get down, Mr. President!’

9. Drunken Jenga

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This one is similar to Ring of Fire and other games that feature a ‘punishment drink.’

Play resumes in the normal fashion, removing blocks from the Jenga tower Players add a little of their drink to the communal cup each turn. 

The player who causes the tower to fall has to chug the punishment drink!

10. Trivia

Slightly tamer than some of the others on this list, but fun all the same! Better for a small group as you’ll all get a go, and the game will last longer. 

Devise a list of questions about the groom and the groomsmen, and take turns answering. Be as devious as you like with punishments for incorrect answers!

For Large Groups

11. 3-Legged Pub Crawl

Strap together your right or left leg to the left or right leg of another member of the party – then stay like that for the rest of the evening! 

It can make getting around the bars a lot of fun, especially once you’ve got a few drinks down you! To win, be the team that finishes their last drink at the last bar first.

12. Fancy Dress/Costumes

It might sound silly, but if you’ve got a lot of people attending, one way to have a real laugh is to tell everyone to dress up in the most outrageous costumes possible! 

You can compete for who has the best look, and the loser buys the first round!

13. Go-Karting

If there’s a load of you, participating in something more organized is a great way of keeping everyone entertained and making sure the fun doesn’t stop!

Go-karting is tons of fun, and sure to keep everyone in high spirits. Just make sure you do it before you get drunk!

14. Paintball

What could be more fun than shooting each other with hard pellets that cover you in paint?! 

This may be the perfect pre-drinking bachelor party activity!

At Home

15. Bachelor Bingo

This is a great and easy game, and perfect to play at home. There are many easily printable bingo cards available online, or you can always make your own. 

Simply fill out the cards with common phrases and sayings that the groom might say. As these phrases pop up through the course of the night, mark them off until someone has a completed card. They then yell out BINGO to win!

16. Shipwreck Drinking Game

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In this game, you and another player take turns calling out the target locations of the shots, and as soon as a shot-boat is hit – drink up!

You can also DIY this at home with a bit of crafting. Assemble a battleship-style board game out of cardboard boxes, then place your shots on your boats and your board.

17. Vintage Video Games

If you have to stay at home, what better way to inject some fun than video games? The classics are the best (Mario Kart!), but anything that you and your friends like will work. Something 2- or more -player is ideal. 

You can set up any kind of competition you like – winner-stays-on, punishments for losers – be imaginative!

18. Home Casino

This takes a bit of forward planning, but it can turn a house-bound bachelor party into a massive success! 

Enlist some of the groomsmen (or some ladies!) as croupiers, invest in extra decks of cards and an imitation roulette wheel, and bring Vegas to you!

More Games

19. Skeet Shooting

A great warmup activity!

20. Tackle an Obstacle Course

Like paintballing and go-karting – great for bonding, and definitely something you could do after a couple of drinks!

21. Karaoke 

Not as much of a game as an activity, but definitely something you can make challenging! Who will sing (terribly) to a room full of strangers? Sure to get a laugh!

22. How Well Does the Groom Know the Bride?

Set up a list of questions for your groom to answer based on his knowledge of the bride. For extra fun, get the bride on the phone to tell her how well (or badly!) he did!

23. Last Man Standing

This can be played any way you like – simply get two dudes to go head-to-head in a wrestling match, drinking challenge, who can get the most girls’ phone numbers, etc. The winner should have a crown to wear for the rest of the night!

24. Lyrical Gangster

Everyone gets some song lyrics to try and slip into casual conversation throughout the night. If you get caught, you get a forfeit, like buying everyone a drink!

Whether it’s helping some of the guys at the bachelor party get to know each other or just adding plenty of fun and thrills to the event, there are some great game ideas in our list you can use on the big night or weekend out.

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Bachelor Party Games (List of ideas 1-14 from the article).