The Big Game Party Games for the Commercial Lovers!

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There are two types of people at the Big Game party: those watching the game and those watching everything else!

For me, the commercials are a huge part of it. They can provide laughs, thrills, emotion, and confusion, sometimes all at once!

If you’re hosting, you can also use the commercials as an opportunity for some fun and games. Plus, because the commercials are on-off, lots of these games can carry on throughout the evening.

Love the Big Game Commercials? Try These Games!

Super Bowl Party Games for the Commercial Lovers

Judge the Commercials

Give everyone a set of 1-5 or 1-10 scorecards. Let everyone score the commercials by raising a number based on categories you shout out. Categories could include ‘originality,’ ‘humor,’ and ‘impressiveness of celebrity featured.’

Shout the Catchphrase

First person to shout out the brand’s catchphrase gets points. Shout the wrong one and do a forfeit!

Fun Commercial Bingo

Put together bingo cards with classic cliches to spot, like ‘cute animal’ or ‘super emotional scene.’ First one to spot them all wins. To prove it, you could ask everyone for photo or video evidence on their phone.

Brand Commercial Bingo

Same as above, but instead fill the card out with famous brands, like ‘Coca Cola’ or ‘Hyundai.’ Or, you could give everyone a blank card, and ask them to write in brands they think will be featured. Whoever has the most at the end of the game wins.

Name the Celebrity

Score points for being the first to shout out actors, actresses, or famous celebs featured in the commercials throughout the night. Keep a tally and hand out a prize to the winner.

Name the Brand

Same as above, but instead try to name the company or brand being advertised. As the Big Game commercials are often cinamtic and creative, it can take a while to figure it out!

30-Second Pitch

Hand out paper with names of brands on. Put people in pairs and get them to act out an improv-style commercial for the brand during the commercials. Everyone watching can score.

Ad Memory Game

How many ads can you remember at halftime or full-time? See who can write down and recount the most.

Hot Wings Challenge

What better time to host a quick 1 vs 1 hot wings challenge than during the commercials?

Go Long

Pair everyone up. During each commercial break, each pair takes it in turns to complete as many passes as they can before the game comes back on. Use a soft or inflatable ball, and place each pair on either side of a room with space in between.

What I love about this list is that most of these games are low effort. Plus, if you have people who are watching the game intently, they can still take part.

Did you try these games? Do you have some commercial-themed classics of your own? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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Super Bowl Party Games for the Commercial Lovers (list)