The Big Game Halftime Show Activities and Games for the Whole Party

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The Big Game show, for lots of people, is the main event! It’s already a spectacle, but you can make it even more fun with these easy activities and games.

The halftime show is only 15 minutes. This is just the right amount of time for some fun antics and friendly competition before the football comes back on.

Make it a Halftime Show to Remember with these Activities and Games!

Super bowl halftime show activities and games

Lip-Sync Battle

Perfect for kids and adults alike, anyone can join in the lip-sync battle. You could do a one vs one, where the performer changes with each song. Or, for a larger group, everyone gets one song to wow the judges!

Karaoke Competition

Make the halftime show a proper sing-a-long. Either let everyone take turns, or pair up for duets. When the song changes, the singer or couple changes.

Guess the Tracklist

Get everyone to write down which songs they think will be sung. Points can be awarded at the end for number guessed, and even the order.

Dance-Off – Make a Football Fanatic the Judge!

Great for adults and kids alike, give everyone a minute to strut their stuff during the songs. Want to get even the football fanatics in on the fun? Make them the judges!

Halftime Show Bingo

Fill your cards with cliche moments, like ‘camera flashes in darkness’ or ‘performer enters from above.’ Or, make it about the tracklist and fill the bingo cards with some of their greatest hits.

Find the Funniest Tweet

The memes and quips fly during the halftime show. Keep an eye on Twitter, and see who can find the most rib-tickling memes or tweets.

Look-a-Like Costume Competition

The artist(s) are announced way before the Big Game. Host a costume competition based around the performer or band. Judge everyone’s costume during the halftime show, and take plenty of photos!

Medley Musical Chairs

It’s the same concept as musical chairs, except you sit down when the song changes, not when the music stops! Once someone is out pull a chair away and go again.


Try to guess the next song before it comes on. Anyone who guesses right gets a point. Most points at the end of the performance wins.

Commentator Challenge

Lots of people would love to be in the commentary booth! Give everyone anywhere between 15-60 seconds to summarize the first half in the most entertaining and epic way they can. Assign a judge, or get everyone to vote on their favorite.

Thank You. Next!

During every song, everyone has the opportunity to shout ‘thank you – next!’. The person who shouts it the closest to the song change wins that round.

It’s quite amazing what a little creativity can do for a situation. I love the halftime show, especially if it’s an artist I used to dance to when in college or out on the weekend.

But, with some willing guests and some simple challenges, you can make it even more fun.

Give some of these games and activities a try. Any go down really well? Let me know in the comments! Oh, and don’t forget to save these activities to your Big Game planning board.

Super bowl halftime show activities and games