10 Underrated Self-Care Rituals that Only Take a Few Minutes

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Try these self-care rituals for just a few minutes every day to gradually move toward a happier, healthier, and better you.

1. Enjoy a Cup of Tea

Hot drinks can soothe the body and bring calm you feel frustrated or stressed. Various hot teas, such as green or camomile, come with many nutritional and medicinal benefits.

But it doesn’t have to be a cup of tea. Coffee, a fruit smoothie, or a cup of hot water with ginger, lemon and honey are all drinks to try.

Many tea drinkers agree that, often, it is not even the drink they look forward to. The act of making tea at certain times of the day is calming and therapeutic.

2. Take Deep Breaths

Taking deep breaths is a self-care ritual you can easily do on your own, every day, with no equipment needed.

Just taking a few minutes to breathe in and out fully can do wonders for your mental health. Apps like Calm can help guide you.

Deep breathing is also a great entry point for controlled meditation, once you are comfortable.

3. Take in Some Fresh Air & Sun

After a long day spent indoors, even just a few minutes of fresh air can help reduce your stress, agitation, and make you feel calmer.

If you can, try to schedule walking breaks or a little outdoor time in the middle of your day. Light and sun are good for your skin, brain, and wellbeing.

Getting some fresh air is a very easy self-care ritual to stick to. Many people instantly feel better as soon as they step outdoors and breathe in a big breath of air.

4. Stretch

Regular stretching and practices like yoga and pilates can keep your body mobile, functional, and ache-free.

However, hour-long yoga or pilates sessions can be overwhelming if you have a packed day. So aim just to do a few minutes of stretching every day.

Even simple stretches like reaching for the ceiling, or moving your head side to side, can make a difference.

5. Start a Gratitude Journal

Positive thinking is one of the most underrated ways we can take better care of ourselves. However, in a world of bad news, social media, and busy lives, switching your mindset can be difficult.

Gratitude journaling is a quick and easy self care method you can do first thing every morning, and it only takes a few minutes.

Keep a pen and journal next to your bed. When you wake up, write at least one thing you’re grateful for, each day.

Just the act of thinking about what is good in your life, rather than the worries, will over time help you think more positively about life and yourself.

6. Play Your Favorite Songs

Most of us have favorite songs and artists that make us feel happy or nostalgic. Maybe it’s your first dance song, or a song that reminds you of a summer spent abroad.

Every day, build the habit of playing your favorite song or artist, even just for a few minutes.

Hearing that music will trigger positive thoughts in your head. This will help you feel calmer, optimistic, and more in control throughout the day.

7. Hydrate

The fitness industry is constantly talking about the latest liquid diet or superfood smoothie that you should be drinking. Yet, the most important liquid in our bodies is always water.

So many of us forget to drink water throughout the day. Simply pouring and drinking a glass of water takes only minutes, even seconds, but can have a huge impact on us.

Staying hydrated will help you stay focussed, positive, and energized. When it comes to self care, drinking water is one of the important things we can do.

8. Take Bubble Baths

Few activities are as soothing and relaxing as taking a hot bubble bath. Particularly after a long day, a bubble bath of oils and soaps is an excellent way to unwind.

If finding the time for a long, relaxing bath is difficult, try a shower instead. The feeling of hot water and bubbles against your skin still has a relaxing effect.

In the bath or shower, try singing too. Singing will help release any pent up frustration or energy, and feel much better.

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9. Go Barefoot

Ever gasped and felt relief when taking off your shoes and socks, freeing your feet from their cotton and leather prisons? You should try going barefoot for a few minutes every day.

Going barefoot is freeing and relieving. It allows you to connect your energy to the ground below you.

Best of all, spending even just a few minutes barefoot every day requires no extra time or effort. Just take off your shoes and socks at home, and go about your day.

10. Dance

Dancing is a wonderful way to get physical activity into your day without needing to change clothes or drive to a gym.

Simply plug in your music or turn on the television, and dance away. If you feel embarassed about people seeing you, dance in an empty room, or draw the curtains.

You can dance however you want. Dancing is all about releasing energy and making yourself feel happy, positive, and energized. Even a few minutes of dance a day can make a big difference.

When it comes to self care, we often think too much, too soon. We try to go to the gym, change our diet, read more, meditate, and so on until it all becomes too overwhelming.

Change needs to be gradual. You have to start with very small changes in your day, then work toward bigger changes.

These self-care rituals are just ten of many very small, easy, and time-sensitive things you can do, every day, to feel happier and healthier.

Don’t try to do two hours at a gym. Start by dancing for a few minutes. Don’t overhaul your diet overnight. Start by drinking more water.

Taking better care of yourself is a marathon, not a sprint. Start today with these simple rituals, and make them a habit. Soon enough, you’ll notice positive changes in your health and wellbeing.

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