June Bucket List: 50 Fun Activities Perfect for This June

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My June bucket list will help you make the most of this wonderful month. They say spring is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings, but I’ve always felt June is just as impactful to my life and well-being.

June marks the start of summer, and a season of holidays, time off with loved ones, and lovely weather. This list is packed with ideas you can do on your own, with family, friends, and loved ones, to make the most of longer days and summer sun.

printable of 50 things to do in june split into categories with a pen on a colored background

Casual Outdoor Outings

Sometimes, the nice weather alone is enough to get you excited to go out and enjoy yourself. These ideas are relatively low effort, and can provide you with hours of fun in the sun.

  • Plan a Picnic in the Park
  • Have a Barbecue in the Backyard
  • Plan a Casual Lunch by a Scenic Spot
  • Go Berry Picking
  • Go on a Family Bike Ride
  • Enjoy Outdoor Live Music at a Café
  • Have Fun at an Amusement Park
  • Go on a Casual Hike and Explore Local Trails
  • Enjoy an Afternoon at the Local Botanical Garden
  • Go on Walking Tour of Your City or a Nearby City You Want to Explore

Simple (but Fun) Activities

These ideas might sound simple, but there’s easy to organize and can make for some really enjoyable afternoons, evenings, or days.

  • Create a Summer Dance Playlist
  • Visit a Farmer’s Market on the Weekend
  • Make Some S’Mores
  • Go for a Relaxing Walk in the Park
  • Plant Some Summer Flowers
  • Try an Outdoor Fitness Class
  • Take a Sunset or Sunrise Photo
  • Get Some Binoculars and a Bird Guidebook and Go Birdwatching
  • Go on a Scenic Drive or Walk
  • Enjoy Happy Hour on the Patio at a Local Restaurant
  • Play a Game of Frisbee with Friends or Family at the Park
  • Set Up a Hammock in the Backyard or in the Park and Enjoy the Outdoors
  • Plan a Day of Outdoor Games like Cornhole, Badminton, Bocce, and Horseshoes.
  • Have an Outdoor Movie Night
  • Go on a Camping (or Glamping Trip)

Try Something New This June

With warm weather and holidays come new hope and optimism. So why not take advantage, get out of your comfort zone, and try something new in June?

  • Try a New Ice Cream Flavor
  • Try Different Lemonade Recipes to Find Your Favorite
  • Try Different Ice Tea Recipes to Find Your Favorite
  • Order a Drink You’ve Never Had Before at a Local Outdoor Beer Garden or Rooftop Bar
  • Go on a Road Trip to a Place You’ve Never Been Before
  • Try Your Hand at a New Skill by Signing up for a Class (art, cooking, surfing, rock climbing, etc)
  • Get Really Good at Hula Hooping
  • Try a New Sport
  • Try Foods from Various World Cuisines
  • Join a Community Garden

Water Fun

What’s a hot summer day without ocean waves, slip ‘n’ slides, or cold plunges, right?

  • Go on a Day Beach Trip
  • Have a Pool Party with Friends and Family
  • Play a Game of Beach Volleyball
  • Go on a Fishing Trip
  • Try Paddleboarding
  • Go on a Kayaking Tour
  • Try Flyboard Flying
  • Get a Slip ‘n Slide
  • Play Water Tag
  • Go Tubing

See more ideas for water sports and water games to try.

June Holidays

June is also a time to celebrate some fun and important holidays, like these ones.

  • Go Barefoot on National Go Barefoot Day (June 1st)
  • Have a Donut on National Donut Day (1st Friday in June)
  • Plan Something Special for Dad on Father’s Day (3rd Sunday in June)
  • Attend a Local Juneteenth Event (June 19)
  • Celebrate the Summer Solstice (depending on the year, June 20-22; in 2024, it’s on June 20th)

Feel free to get this printable below. Print it off, stick it to your fridge or noticeboard, and use it to plan some amazing outings and activities.

Get it here
printable list of 50 ideas of things to do in june next to a pen on a colored background

Have an amazing June, and let me know in the comments if any of these ideas inspired you!

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