Things to Do for Foodies – A Foodie Bucket List for Those Who Love All Things Delicious

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If you’re a foodie, this is most definitely the bucket list for you! This curated selection of things to do for foodies starts in your beloved home kitchen and takes you all over the world.

Whether you love to cook, eat, experience new food, or all three, there’s a lifetime’s worth of food-themed activities and adventures here to, quite literally, chow down on. Start making those plans today!

a printable list of 40 things to do for foodies split into 4 categories with a pen on a colored background

Why not get this list, pin it to your fridge, and spend the rest of your life ticking them off? Get it at the bottom of this article.

Food to Learn to Make at Home

There is something just truly magical about trying a new or iconic food, then replicating it at home – even if it takes months of practice. These foods to make at home will put you to the test, and are oh-so-rewarding.

  1. Learn to Make Homemade Pasta
  2. Become an Expert in Breadmaking
  3. Have a Pizza-Making Day at Home
  4. Learn the Art of Pickling
  5. Make Artisan Chocolate at Home
  6. Try Molecular Gastronomy
  7. Learn How to Make Sushi Rolls
  8. Experiment with Various Cuisines from Around the World
  9. Learn to Work with Choux Pastry
  10. Learn How to Can and Preserve Food

Foodie Tastings

Tastings add a whole new dimension to traveling. Whether it’s cheese in France or whiskey in Scotland, there’s plenty here to excite you. Oh, and the wine vineyards alone could be a lifetime’s worth of adventures!

  1. Tea Tasting
  2. Coffee Tasting
  3. Cheese Tasting
  4. Olive Oil Tasting
  5. Afternoon Tea
  6. Wine Tasting
  7. Champagne Tasting
  8. Whiskey Tasting
  9. Beer Tasting
  10. Gin Tasting

More Fun Foodie Classes and Activities

Food is a big part of my life, and I’m sure you feel the same. It’s more than the food itself – it’s culture, family, experiences, and much more. Give some of these activities a try, some of which you can make a monthly thing.

  1. Take a Street Food Tour
  2. Host a Themed Potluck with Friends
  3. Plan a Progressive Dinner Party with Friends
  4. Try a New Restaurant Every Month
  5. Try a New Cuisine Every Month
  6. Take a Cocktail-Making Class
  7. Take a Knife Skills Class
  8. Sign up for a Cake Decorating Class
  9. Go on a Vineyard Tour
  10. Try a Unique Dining Experience (like dining in the dark)

Lifetime Bucket List Items

Lastly, these are the foodie experiences you’ll never forget, and can spend a lifetime looking to experience.

  1. Make One Food from Every Country at Home
  2. Make One Food from Every U.S. State at Home
  3. Travel to 10+ Countries to Try the Food
  4. Go on Street Food Tours in 10+ Countries
  5. Take World Cuisine Cooking Classes (10+ Countries)
  6. Eat at a Michelin-Starred Restaurant
  7. Participate in a Cooking Competition
  8. Visit a Famous Food Market from Around the World (e.g. Borough Market in London, Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, etc)
  9. Create Your Signature Dish
  10. Attend a Food Festival from Around the World

There is so much to, excuse the pun, chew on here! So why not get the list below. You can always have it on-hand, ready to tick off your next food-themed experience.

Get it here
a foodie bucket list printable listing 40 ideas with a pen on a two color background

What have you done on this list, and what would you love to do? Let me know in the comments!

Here are a few more ideas for foodies:

And don’t forget to save this foodie bucket list to one of your boards. When you’re ready for your next food-themed activity or want to cook something new, you can take a look at this list.

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