100+ Thoughtful Engagement Wishes and Messages

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Use one of our 100+ thoughtful engagement wishes and messages when you want to send love and congratulations to a friend or family member on a recent engagement but can’t quite find the words.

Engagement Wishes and Messages

Engagement wishes and messages (messages 1-10 from the article).


1. Congratulations on a lifetime of happiness for you and your future spouse! 

2. Happy to hear about your engagement, and I can’t wait to hear all the details. 

3. I just knew you two were perfect for each other! This is so exciting! 

4. You’re going to make the most perfect bride/groom! 

5. Watching you two together makes me believe in love — a huge congratulations to both of you. 

6. The most photogenic couple ever got engaged! 

7. I am overjoyed to hear about your engagement! 

8. I hope you two know that you have a supporter in me! 

9. I’m so thrilled to hear the news, and seriously looking forward to your big day! 

10. If there is anyone who deserves true love and happiness, it’s the two of you. Congratulations! 

11. Congratulations on moving into this next phase of your life — you two are so lucky to have each other. 

12. Happy engagement y’all, I’m so delighted for both of you. 

13. Cheers to a beautiful engagement and an even more beautiful wedding! 

14. Sending lots of love to you and your future husband/wife!

15. Congratulations to both of you, and here’s to a lifetime of happiness. 

16. The love songs got more than one thing right, and you two are the proof. Congratulations! 

17. Best wishes for you and your person on this next great adventure! 

18. Congratulations on the engagement and on taking this next big step! 

19. I am thrilled to hear the news of your engagement, and can’t wait to meet the lucky man/woman! 

20. It fills me with joy to see how happy you are! Congratulations on the engagement! 


21. So happy for you! 

22. Happy engagement and congratulations! 

23. Sending good wishes your way! 

24. You two are the cutest! 

25. I can’t believe the amazing news. 

26. Here’s to your future together! 

27. Best wishes! 

28. Congratulations on your engagement!

29. You’re engaged! Congratulations! 

30. Best news I’ve gotten all day! 

31. All the best to you! 

32. Love is in the air! 

33. Glad you found your soulmate. 

34. Best news ever! 

35. Congratulations to you two. 

36. So thrilled for you! 

37. Warmest wishes to you both! 

38. Congratulations on your future of happiness! 

39. You two make a great couple. 

40. Congratulations to the happy couple! 

For a Family Member

41. Couldn’t be happier for you or for our family circle expanding! 

42. Congratulations on finding the happiness you so deeply deserve. 

43. Another step towards your future, and I couldn’t possibly be more proud. 

44. Congratulations on this new chapter of your life. 

45. From learning to crawl to learning to walk, and now this — time sure does fly! I’m so excited for your next adventure. 

46. Is it too soon for me to get emotional over this? Because I’ve been holding back tears of joy since I heard the news! 

47. I’ve told you from the beginning that I liked this one, and my judgment is never off. Congratulations on your engagement! 

48. I can’t wait to watch you start your own family — I really am happier than words can express. 

49. So proud of you for taking this step. I couldn’t be more excited about your decision. 

50. Congratulations on your engagement, and I am ready to start helping you plan the wedding whenever you are! 

51. I am so happy for you and the love that you’ve found. I always knew you’d find something this perfect.

52. We all knew this one was meant to be part of the family! Cheers to the engagement!

 53. Family truly is everything, and I am so glad to see ours getting just a bit bigger! 

54. No couple deserves this happiness more than the two of you.  

55. I might’ve known the engagement was coming, but it’s still so exciting to see it become a reality. Congratulations, you two! 

56. Here’s to the happy couple and a future of super exciting family get-togethers! 

57. My heart is so full of love and happiness for the two of you. I can’t wait for the wedding! 

58. Congratulations on starting this new stage of life — I can’t decide who’s luckier out of the two of you. Just know you both made an amazing choice! 

59. So happy to hear the news of your engagement, and I’m so glad you’ve found someone so special to do life with! 

60. Wishing you heartfelt congratulations and sending you all my love and support, always and forever. 

For a Friend

61. After everything you’ve been through, no one deserves this happiness more than you. 

62. Happy to hear the news and so excited to see the ring! 

63. My friend is getting married!! I could not be happier for you! 

64. The world’s biggest congratulations on your engagement! I was the first person you told, right!?

65. My favorite couple in the world is engaged, and this calls for celebration. Cheers to you two! 

66. So happy that you’ve found the one, and so proud of you for making it official! 

67. I know this means less quality friend time, but I’m just happy to see you happy. 

68. I swear I haven’t been this excited in a long time! Congratulations friend. 

69. Congratulations on your engagement, bestie! Let me know if I can help with any of the wedding planning! 

70. Wishing you two nothing but love and happiness during your lifetime together! 

71. Happy engagement to my smart, thoughtful, and hilarious friend. 

72. Here’s to the happy couple! Now when are we celebrating!?

73. I know you two will be happy together — it’s what you deserve. Congratulations! 

74. Congratulations and well wishes for this next big adventure! 

75. I always thought y’all were perfect for each other, and I’m so happy I was right!

76. I couldn’t be happier for you and your engagement. You are so lucky. 

77. I can’t wait to give you a hug and congratulate you in person, but until then — congratulations on your engagement! 

78. So thankful to you for being an amazing friend to me all these years, and I know you’ll be an even better soon-to-be spouse! Huge congratulations! 

79. Just remember, this isn’t even the best part — now you have your wedding to look forward to. I am over the moon for you, friend!

80. I am so happy and excited for you, and I can’t wait to hear everything! 

For a Coworker

81. Congratulations on finding your forever person! 

82. Wishing you both the best! 

83. Your fiancé/e is one lucky man/woman! 

84. Now, you’ll always have someone to bring to our work parties! Congratulations. 

85. Heard about your engagement, congratulations! Wishing you all the best! 

86. Congratulations on the engagement, I bet you’re going to make your special person very happy! 

87. So excited for you and your recent engagement!

88. You’re the hardest worker, you totally deserve this! Best wishes for everything! 

89. Super thrilled to hear the big news! 

90. So that’s why you took all that time off! Congratulations! 

91. Sending good wishes to both of you, and looking forward to hearing about how well everything goes. 

92. Super excited to hear about your engagement! We should definitely celebrate sometime. 

93. Wow, congratulations, and I hope I get to meet the lucky man/woman sometime soon! 

94. Cheers to you and your partner! Super happy to hear the news! 

95. I hope this part of your life is everything you could hope for and more, congratulations to both of you! 

96. Congratulations to the happy couple from me and the rest of the crew! 

97. Hyped for you both, and sending you good vibes for the future! 

98. I couldn’t possibly be happier for the two of you — seriously, congratulations. 

99. Saving for a wedding means putting in some extra hours, right? All jokes aside, what amazing news! 

100. Super happy for you and this next stage of your life! 


101. Happy for you and even happier that I finally have a wedding to look forward to! 

102. So who’s helping you plan the wedding, because you know I’m terrible at making plans. 

103. Congratulations, and good luck!

104. Congratulations on your engagement, and here’s to many more years of me being just a little bit jealous of your love. 

105. You finally have an excuse to move out! 

106. I know you don’t need my approval… but just letting you know I definitely approve either way! 

107. It’s about time! Y’all know I’ve been planning your wedding since before you even met. 

108. Congratulations on a life of true love and getting to know each other’s worst habits. 

109. I am so happy for you and hope that you don’t expect an extravagant gift from me because I’m broke. But don’t forget how happy I am for you! 

110. I promise I’m excited for more than just the open bar — there is going to be an open bar, right? Anyway, congratulations! 

111. I hope the two of you don’t mind having a third wheel for a little bit longer because I’m not going anywhere! 

112. I can’t believe you’re getting married! Except I definitely can, you’ve been planning your wedding since you were a kid. But still so excited! 

113. Congratulations on the engagement! Now you can finally rant to someone that isn’t me about your problems! 

114. You are lucky I wasn’t there for the proposal — I probably would’ve cried more than either of you. 

115. We’ll finally be able to end our marriage pact from years ago! Congratulations on making it out! 

116. So happy for you, but are you sure your fiancé/e knows what they’re in for? 

117. Congratulations on successfully being the first friend to get engaged! We always knew you were the responsible one. 

118. This is the best news ever — unless you want to invite me on your engagement cruise with you. Still no? Well then, I guess this is the best news ever! 

119. Congratulations on proving to me that true love is real and maybe I’m the problem. 

120. Congratulations on unlocking a bunch of new tax benefits!

Show a special friend or family member your happiness and excitement for their engagement with these thoughtful wishes and messages, especially if you need a little help putting your feelings into words.

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Engagement wishes and messages (messages 1-10 from the article).