37 Best Things to Talk About with Your Crush to Get to Know Them Better

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Quash the nerves and let the sparks fly by bringing some of these things to talk about with your crush into the conversation, helping you get to know them better and see if things get a little more romantic.

Things to Talk About with Your Crush

Best Things to Talk About with Your Crush to Get to Know Them Better (list of ideas 1-14).


1. Favorite Movies and TV Shows

What’s worse than scouring Netflix for hours until you finally agree on something you both might like to watch?

Finding out the types of TV shows your crush loves is a great way to find out more about their personality, and if you’ve got similar interests.

2. Hobbies and Interests in Their Spare Time

Everyone spends their spare time in different ways. Finding out about your crush’s hobbies, or their lack of, is a good way to get to know them a little better and find common ground.

You or they may have a unique hobby, like some of our interesting hobbies to try, which can make for a great talking point.

3. Sports Teams You Support

If you’re both into the same sport, that’s great – you could make plans to go see a local game or set a time and place to practice together.

On the other hand, if you love sports but your crush doesn’t that’s okay – not everyone is into it. It’s always good to have hobbies and interests that are just for yourself when you’re in a relationship. It’ll help you keep a healthy balance of doing things together, and apart.

4. Childhood Memories and Shared Nostalgia

Childhood memories are a great way to get to know someone. It’ll tell you a lot about their personality and what’s most important to them.

It can also lead to different conversation topics for you to explore, and connect over common eras, things you did as a child, and nostalgic moments.

5. Travel Bucket List

Not only will you learn about your crush’s travel goals, but you’ll also find out if they’re compatible with yours.

Maybe you both love the idea of backpacking around the world, or maybe they love skiing in the Alps and that’s always something you’ve wanted to try.


6. Bucket List Experiences and Activities

It’s always intriguing to find out what other people’s milestones are in life. Whether your crush’s list involves skydiving, or simply going for a moonlight picnic, this question is an easy conversation starter – and who knows, maybe you can make a plan to do one of those things together one day.

7. Something You Couldn’t Live Without

This type of question is a great way to understand what’s most important to someone, and how they prioritize things.

A sentimental photo of a passed relative shows they have a sensitive side and care about family while saying their mobile phone points to a fast-paced, connected lifestyle they live.

8. One Person You Would Be for a Day

This question could open up a lot about your crush’s personality. Would they choose to be royalty for a day or their favorite singer? This could spark further conversation – what would they do while they’re that person?

9. Time Travel Dates and Destinations

It’s always interesting to hear what someone would choose to do if they had the opportunity to time travel.

Would your crush go back to a major historical event, or choose to venture into the future to see if inventors ever made way with flying cars?

10. How You Would Spend Lottery Winnings

Whether it’s setting up a business, giving to charity, or if it’s enough, buying your own island, this is an interesting question that will truly allow you to find out what’s most important in your crush’s life and their aspirations.

11. What You Like and Would Improve About Your Personality

Self-reflection is a great trait to have. It can show that someone is passionate and driven.

You can talk about what you like about your own personalities, and then one thing you would like to work on and improve.


12. What You Like About Each Other

If you’re feeling confident, you can use this question to learn not just what they thought of you when you first met, but how their perception has since changed. It might also lead to them listing some things that they really like about you.

13. Things You Look for in a Partner

Don’t be afraid to go searching for those confidence-boosting comments. Ask them what they find attractive in a partner, and tell them about the physical features and personality traits you absolutely love to look for.

14. Perfect First Date

This could give your crush more than a subtle hint that you’re into them. With an eye toward asking them out on a date, ask them about what their perfect date setting would be.

That way, when the time comes, you’ll be well prepared and be able to plan something special you’ll both enjoy.


15. Funny Personal Stories

We all have some real rib-tickling stories from recent memory or childhood. Sharing funny personal stories can be a fun way to get closer to your crush and enjoy each other’s company.

16. Weirdest Habits

If you feel comfortable bringing it up, talking about some weird and funny habits you both have can be a great way to bond, open up to each other, and have a laugh with each other.

17. TV and Movie Guilty Pleasures

We know it feels so wrong it feels right, but everyone has that cringe or trashy show or movie (or several) they just can’t get enough of. Be sure to bring about plenty of laughs when you share your TV and movie guilty pleasures with your crush.

18. Biggest Pet Peeve

We all have those little things that just drive us crazy, which can be a great topic for plenty of laughs and funny conversations. You could use this material to spark flirtation in the future – if you know how to play your cards right!

19. Embarrassing Moments

Although we might not like to admit it, we all have those moments that we think about and cringe over. Although those things can be so hard and embarrassing to admit, you’ll both bond and laugh about them – it’ll also help to open up and get a little closer to each other.

20. Party Tricks

This will give you and your crush an opportunity to impress each other and have a laugh doing so. Party tricks are often unusual and very funny. You could ask your crush to teach you how to do their trick, or you could explore how they learned to do it in the first place.


21. Favorite Foods

Food is such an easy topic to talk about and brings about such positivity and great memories. Plus, it can set the stage for a super fun first date.

For example, if you and your crush are both massive fans of Italian food, why not suggest going out sometime for a pasta and wine night?

22. Dream Job

It can be as out there as you like, but dream jobs are a fun way to learn more about each other’s aspirations and goals and understand someone’s true passions.

23. Favorite Childhood TV Shows

It’s always nice to feel nostalgic. Our childhood shows play a huge part in shaping our personalities, and they hold some of the best memories. And who knows, you and your crush might end up having the same favorite childhood show!

24. Perfect Night In vs Perfect Night Out

A great way to get creative, describing your perfect night in, your perfect night out, or both, can always help conjure up ideas for a potential first date.

25. Things You Like to Buy

Whether it’s food, skincare, or clothes, we all have that one thing that we just can’t help but spend a lot of money on. This topic will allow you to get to know your crush a little more, and find out about their hobbies and interests.

26. Countries or Places You’d Love to Live

We’ve all dreamed of what it’d be like to live in a completely different country, and maybe your crush has a goal in life to make that happen. If they could move anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?

Deep and Meaningful

27. Relationship with Family

This question can feel very personal, but will very much ignite meaningful conversation. Everything from discussing current family dynamics to thoughts on the role family plays in both your lives can help you connect on a deeper.

28. Proudest Moment or Achievement

This type of question will get your crush to really open up, and get a little sentimental. As well as you both opening up about what you’re most proud of achieving, it’ll also give you insights into passions and interests.

29. One Thing Your Parents Don’t Know About You

Confiding in each other can lead to a much deeper connection. As long as you’re both comfortable talking about it and it’s safe to do so, this can be a very deep and meaningful topic to connect over.

30. Biggest Life Goal

Personal goals are a great way to get a deeper understanding of the type of person someone is. This topic will give you an insight into what your crush wants to pursue in the future, and also help to identify if you two are compatible.

31. Person That Knows You Best

This question will help you understand who in your crush’s life is most important to them. It might be a family member or a best friend.

You’ll also get to find out how much of a caring and considerate person your crush is by how they talk about them.

32. Most Difficult Challenge You’ve Gone Through in Life

This type of question can really increase the intimacy of your relationship. Your crush might open up to you in ways that they never have to anyone. You’ll get to know them on a deeper and more personal level as well as build trust.

33. Most Important Things to You in a Relationship

Everyone has their own love language, and it’s important to know what your crush values most in their relationships. This type of conversation can introduce intimacy into the conversation.

To make things a little easier, suggest choosing three things each, and then take turns discussing why they are important to you.

Over Text

34. Favorite Songs and Music

Asking about your crush’s music taste over text can be a super-easy way to get to know them, and music is a great source of intimacy and connection.

You could even send over your latest Spotify playlist, and ask them to suggest some of their favorite songs.

35. Movie or TV Show Recommendations

Any easy segway into a conversation is to ask if they have any show or movie recommendations. From there, you can start watching the same movie or show and share your thoughts and feelings on it over time.

36. Guilty Pleasure Foods or Snacks

Everyone has that go-to food that they crave when tired or late at night on the sofa. Bond over your love of guilty pleasure foods in a fun and casual way.

37. Cats or Dogs?

For many, this is the ultimate question! Share your love of one, or both, of two of mankind’s most beloved furry friends, and if you both have pets be sure to send plenty of pictures of them.

It can be nerve-wracking to drum up conversation with your crush, especially when you want there to be more than a little romance brewing in the air.

Use these great topics, conversation starters, and things to talk about to chat casually with your crush, while at the same time learning more about each other and, fingers crossed, growing closer to each other.

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Best Things to Talk About with Your Crush to Get to Know Them Better (list of ideas 1-14).